Metal Gear Solid Remake May Not Happen

Hideo Kojima tweeted recently that the rumor that he was looking for a studio to utilize the new Fox engine to recreate Metal Gear Solid 1 was a miss translation in an interview. He said that people have been asking for remakes for all the early titles of the series, but he replies, " I cannot do, I wish if only someone could make MGS1 on the Fox engine."

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2pacalypsenow1094d ago

Good ...don't ruin a classic The twins snakes already did.. Better graphics doesn't make the game better

boybato1094d ago

What if its just a cosmetic upgrade a la Bionic Commando Rearmed™ ?

skeletons1093d ago

the atmosphere of the ps1 game is so perfect... why risk tainting it

MikeMyers1093d ago

Who cares if they offer both the original and updated version? I don't see how giving consumers the option of the original classic plus a remake matters.

Blacktric1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Metal Gear Solid is still a masterpiece and does NOT need a remake. Twin Snakes is the sole example why remake of such game can be disastrous.

Firan1093d ago

TTS could have been a great game without those meaningless matrix stunts and better voice acting.

ChipChipperson1093d ago

I definitely agree. No one can come close to Greg Eagles' delivery as Gray Fox during the Metal Gear Rex fight.

Summons751093d ago

I was going today that too. I'd rather play the original anyway of the week then have to suffer through another twin snakes. Granted a remake could come out stellar if they so it right, it should stay as is because fans will tear it apart if one tiny thing changes (again I use twin snakes as a reference.)

elhebbo161093d ago

I agree with you but TTS wasnt only cosmetic, if I can recall they added a FPS mode.

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Donnieboi1094d ago

It's too soon anyway. But never say never. Besides, Kojima said the Big Boss saga might have at least 3 more games before it's done. I'd rather he focus on that instead. IF ever he gets to the mgs 1 remake, he can give it to another team. The main game is already made, just needs a fresh new coat of Fox Engine paint, and some slightly modernized (but not too much) additions to the gameplay.

ANIALATOR1361093d ago

Remember most the levels are in closed rooms unlike MGSV open world. The game would certainly look amazing and great performance wise without worrying about draw distances and such. It could look almost real

MichaelLito791094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I played twin snakes and I thought it was awesome game. That was my first entry into Metal Gear series it combined the excellent graphics and gameplay of part 2 into the best metal gear story in my opinion.

GMoneyChuck1093d ago

I don't want a remake of Metal Gear solid. I want a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. I wanna see big boss meet solid snake.

Shadow Man1093d ago

I want a remake because theres no way im gonna play MGS1 with ps1 graphics i refuse too. I know theres twins snakes but i want HD graphics.

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