Project Cars, the racer for everyone, made by everyone


Just €25,000 will buy you a senior manager’s position in Slightly Mad’s World Of Mass Development, plus a couple of advertising hoardings and liveries, and access to a patching schedule that alters the makeup of Project Cars daily. With 80,000 backers investing anything from €10 to €25,000 for access to early builds of Project Cars, the studio now has an army of QA testers and advocates, and their influence is shaping a game that already does things Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport never have.

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ATi_Elite1998d ago

This has already shaped up to be the BEST RACER i ever played outside of iRacing League (which is dam near real) and the game is not even finished yet.

YES Gran Turismo is still up there but Project Cars does way too much thanks to unlimited resources of the PC.

I expect Gran Turismo PS4 to catch up to Project Cars but right now Project Cars is the new benchmark.

HammadTheBeast1998d ago

With 80 000 players giving feedback, I believe you.

MajorLazer1998d ago

I love that the boundaries are always pushed further and further. This is why this industry is the greatest :D