PS Vita on sale for as low as $119

That's right folks. You can get a PS Vita WiFi system today from $119 to $130 used.


People seem confused by this post. It isn't just about the $119 sale, it is about this retailer selling them "as low as $119" while having other sales that are still active. For example, the PS Vita is still on sale for $129. It isn't about one sale, it's about multiple auctions. The post has been updated to better reflect that.

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jeb691576d ago

these are pre-owned by the way with "significant scratches or scuffs"

Loki861576d ago

And doesn't come with charger, usb cable, or owner's manual.

McScroggz1576d ago

So is this site advertising for eBay or something?

jujubee881576d ago

Sub approval by committee isn't effective all of the time. :P

NexGen1576d ago

Genius idea to post this the day after the sale/promotion/deal is over.


mrbojingles1575d ago

The story isn't about the $119 sale, it's about how they were selling them from $119 to $139, which there are still on sale for $129.

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cero551576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

This site is legit i got my vita for $119 a couple months back on cowboom,not one scratch on it.

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