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Forza 5 Anti-Aliasing Still An Issue Unless Developing At 4k, Says Turn 10

Forza 5 has had a bit of spit polish over Forza 4 and according to Turn 10′s Dan Greenawalt, the next-gen title run swimmingly on your big TV, but don’t expect anti-aliasing issues to be non-existent unless you are running 4K. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

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Septic  +   765d ago
I think we can forgive minor jaggies if the game runs with fidelity already shown with Forza 5.
liorishot  +   765d ago
4k ya right lol u need 2 titans to play at around 30fps on most games on pc. consoles can only do video playback in 4k for next gen
Prcko  +   765d ago
TI_21  +   764d ago
Games run better than you think at 4K, but there are other problems surrounding 4K PC games. For example, HDMI only supports 30 FPS at the moment so you'll need a 2 screen solution which can be problematic with Nvidia cards. (If that hasn't been fixed by now)
You can read about it here:
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elhebbo16  +   764d ago
but a console is not a PC, developers can optimize there game to run there best for the hardware. on PC is not possible since its an open platform and not everyone has this same configurations. if you build a PC similar to a PS3 (a shitty PC in today's standard) it wouldn't be capable of running TLoU because the devs made the game so it could run on the fixed hardware of the PS3 efficiently. so never say never, but chances are it wont run on 4k.
MikeMyers  +   764d ago
"if you build a PC similar to a PS3 (a shitty PC in today's standard) it wouldn't be capable of running TLoU because the devs made the game so it could run on the fixed hardware of the PS3 efficiently."

But TLoU would actually run better on the PC in the end if you had capable hardware. That's the thing, the PC can scale to your hardware. You could get higher resolutions and better frame rates and better anti-aliasing options on the PC than you do on the PS3. So yeah, console have the advantage of being static hardware to make the most use out of the consoles but those systems have a ceiling which developers hit. You can push beyond that ceiling on the PC. So of course a crappy PC could have an inferior version of TLoU but better PC's would run the game better than it is on the PS3. The problem is you will never know how good that game will be because it's not in Sony's interest to release it on the PC platform since they want to sell PS3 hardware.

The same thing with Forza 5, they could push the game in certain areas on the PC but the game will be exclusive to the Xbox One.
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SDS Gamerfiend  +   764d ago
Why not 2 7990's?! Screw nvidia!
Hicken  +   764d ago
The talk wasn't about gaming PCs, but a PC with the same specs as a PS3. As usual, Myers tried to shift the focus to suit his argument.

The comment he responded to: "if you build a PC similar to a PS3 (a shitty PC in today's standard) it wouldn't be capable of running TLoU because the devs made the game so it could run on the fixed hardware of the PS3 efficiently."

His response: "But TLoU would actually run better on the PC in the end if you had capable hardware."

Damn the fact that the premise was about comparable hardware; when MikeMyers gets involved, the actual point goes out the freakin window.
liorishot  +   764d ago
People please listen, the ps4 and xbox one are machines built with pc hardware that are redesigned by sony and microsoft with their own OS
BallsEye  +   764d ago
1080p and 60 fps is more than enough.
windblowsagain  +   764d ago
Minor jaggies are not a problem.

Lack of Weather/Day/night cycle for a racing game are.

So far behind.
hennessey86  +   764d ago
Iracing is doing fine without them.
elhebbo16  +   764d ago
weather wasn't introduced in GT until GT5. dont mark me as a fanboy just saying.
hennessey86  +   764d ago
they did have a wet surface track as early as gt3 but the gt fans make way to much out of it
ZodTheRipper  +   764d ago
^GT5 came out in 2010, Forza 4, Forza Horizon and Forza 5 have no weather or day/night cycle until today.
hazardman  +   764d ago
Not a big deal. Most online races are daytime good weather anyway.

But your comeback will probably be that the races your in are night time bad weather right?? Stick to whatever racer it is you like. Forza will be just fine without it. Im hoping PGR5 hits X1. PGR4 has some great weather effects and night racing. Imagining what it would look like next gen!
Belking  +   764d ago
Looks much better than GT6 and Drive club which is only 30FPS.
aaron5829  +   764d ago
lol @ belking... haha...

congratulations.. xb1 game looks better than ps3 game... yay for xb1.
SignifiedSix91  +   764d ago
yeah i never use AA. I prefer fps over fine edges to be honest.

Running games at the max resolution on your setup makes the game look pretty damn smooth, too. But people like it smoother haha.
XisThatKid  +   763d ago
@Belking, you do know that most FT games have run at 60 right GT5 at 1080p not picking side at the moment just a fact
greenpowerz  +   764d ago
What's with the trolling in here? DAN said the game isn't perfect despite its technical prowess basically LOL
dumahim  +   764d ago
I gotta say I'm actually a bit impressed with Dan's comments lately. He seems more subdued and not over-stating everything in Forza as being the greatest there is. Rather, he's telling us what's there and what to expect out of the game instead of telling people what they should think.
2pacalypsenow  +   765d ago | Funny
But why won't they use the Power of the cloud to fix it?? /S
liorishot  +   765d ago
lol I know that was a joke
2pacalypsenow  +   764d ago
Lol yes it was sarcasm :-b
aaron5829  +   764d ago
it shouldnt be a joke... it seems certain
group of people here are convinced teh powerz of teh clouds are capable of increasing the quality of the graphics.
Halochampian  +   764d ago
There will always be people that don't understand something completely.

The cloud can help with the calculations of lighting and fog. Although it may not be much, it can definitely add to a game.

The cloud is very beneficial to developers. Whether it's for dedicated servers, or pushing off some calculations.

People shouldn't make it out to be the most amazing thing ever but it is a benefit that many developers will utilize.
Bigpappy  +   764d ago
The graphics aren't directly affected by the cloud. But, the cloud can be used to offload jobs as a way to free up resources, so you can have those resource to focus on outputting better graphics.

Hope that was easy enough to understand. Sony wants to do this also, by the way.
2pacalypsenow  +   764d ago
@Halochampian why would it help with Servers now ? games have been able to use servers since as far as i can remember i know games like Quake had them back in 1995
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Funnymonkey013  +   764d ago
Cause the cloud can't do shit all it does is save ur games and a good server to play online. People need to understand the cloud is a joke and it in no ways make games better.
CoLD FiRE  +   764d ago
Are you serious? It's just furstrating seeing most people like you on N4G talking about things they don't understand...all the time.

I'm in the IT field and can assure you the cloud is no joke. It's where technology is heading wether you like it or not. You have no idea how offloading processing to the cloud can help and improve how things are done. Think of when you use Google/Bing to search for something, do you have any idea how much processing that requires to bring you what you want in a split seconds?
elhebbo16  +   764d ago
@cold if it was Sony having the "power of the cloud" fanboy would react differently so dont sweat it. I dont even think it has to do with the technology at all, its just plain hate.
SniperControl  +   764d ago
Working in the IT field, then you should know that the world's broadband infrastructure just can not handle the kind of information exchange that that MS and it's blind fanboys are stating. Most if not all devs have said they are using cloud to run basic calculations such as AI and weather computations to free up the CPU to run other physics intensive calculations and i agree with that.
Cloud, however does not increase graphics performence, hell fanboys think with the power of the cloud, that they will have the performence of a Nvidia Titan under the hood. Lol
i agree with you, cloud has a massive future, but only once the infrastructure is updated to handle it.
Before you ask, i am a Network engineer and have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years.
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CoLD FiRE  +   764d ago
@SniperControl That's exactly my point. The cloud won't be used for bandwidth intensive operations but just like you said for things like AI computations and such which would be relatively small in terms of bandwidth.

And those who think this will give them graphics performance that's even slightly compareble to a Titan need to just shut up and have a reality check.
SniperControl  +   764d ago
Unfortunately there is a small minority on here who refuse point blank to acknowledge the REAL truth. I am in disbelief at the mount of exaggerated PR bull crap MS is putting out at the moment for eg: http://n4g.com/news/1292583...
"Da Cloud" is there dream ticket to top end graphics, well, sorry chaps, it's not gonna happen till next gen I'am affraid.
N4realGMRZ  +   764d ago
@ CoLD FiRE and SniperControl you have both contradicted yourself if the cloud can handle small operations like Ai,weather and physics then that mean the XB1 local hardware no longer has to do those calculations, That being the case this mean the XB1 cannnnn.......????? yessss!!!!!!!! use more local hardware for?????? yesssss.....Graphicsssss!!!!!! ! seeee?????? lol talk about dull lightbulbs .....
CoLD FiRE  +   764d ago
@N4realGMRZ That's exactly what I meant! hence the word "offloading"! By offloading operations that aren't bandwidth heavy to the cloud you could free up local resources to do other things. It might not be clear now but once the consoles are released and developers utilize the cloud it will be clearer how it all works.
SniperControl  +   764d ago

haha moron. Are you for real?

Cloud has nothing to do with GRAPHICS! The CPU in both X1 & PS4 is a AMD Jag 8core running at 1.6ghz,(PS4 rumored to be 2.0ghz).

Off loading intensive graphics computations to very weak CPUs is just not gonna happen, that is why they have relatively mid range powered GPUs, which optimized will produce good graphics.

The PS3 GPU offloaded calculations to the Cell CPU, but the Cell was clocked at 3.0ghz and could handle those computations, hence why the slightly better graphics on first party titles.

Once again cloud does not aid the increase in graphics power, it just eases the load on the CPU to run other important calculations such as physics and environmental computations.
PFFT  +   763d ago
No Ps4 CPU is 1.6ghz. In what Sony fanboy site did you hear it was 2.0ghz....???
AngelicIceDiamond  +   764d ago
@2Pacalyspe Making fun of something that your not even gonna notice in game?

Yeah your cool.
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Hicken  +   764d ago
His cool what?
snipab8t  +   764d ago
I commend you for your humorous comment.
Axonometri  +   764d ago
This thinking is counter intuitive to resolving aliasing though. The current tech for AA is demanding, even for high end PC cards. The higher the resolution rendered the more demanding. 4K in itself would deal with a lot of jaggies, even with "louvered" objects or wire objects, but even that would not remove the rendered result of certain objects and especially in relation to their position from camera. A new post process or internal process written specifically to deal with these issues would make more sense and would be much more efficient.

True 1080p looks fantastic already...
RegBlank  +   764d ago
At 4k there shouldn't be a need for AA provided your assets are designed for 4k and you render natively at 4k rather than upscale.
3styler  +   764d ago
Yes but 4k assets are costly on the texture budget, so as of now it's not an option.
Haules  +   764d ago
Really mr.Dan? there are games this gen that have no Anti-Aliasing issues....
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DoomeDx  +   764d ago
Like what?

Every console game has those issues. Even (for me) the best game of this generation has anti-aliasing issues and im talking about The last of Us here. PC is the only platform that does not have these issues currently. Maybe next-gen will solve them.. I sure as hell hope so.
MidnytRain  +   763d ago
I haven't seen any... To be perfectly honest, I'm starting to think I'd rather have 720p and and no jaggies than 1080p with jaggies everywhere.
Blankolf  +   764d ago
Uhm the question is... will Forza do a one eighty?
LocutusEstBorg  +   764d ago
This is where a PC destroys consoles: image quality.
The_Infected  +   764d ago
Who cares. Why does PC always end up in console articles?
loulou  +   764d ago
kratos. the question should be.. why do known hardcore sony fanboys end up in xbox 1 articles???
garos82  +   764d ago
@loulou where the hell did he mention playstation.you seem like you have issues.you should check it out.

on topic,I don't mind a few jaggies as long as 1080p and 60fps is the the norm
Tundra  +   764d ago
It's people's nature to shit on other people's beliefs. See: Religion.

It is a never ending cycle of fanboys, fighting fanboys, fighting fanboys.
clouds5  +   764d ago
Because the only bad thing about forza is that they wont release it for PC!
He thing about the power of the new consoles is that they already need alot of the power to increase the resolution and fps. Not that much left for additional effects.
They should just release the game for PC there you can decide for yourself if you want max details or less jeggies.
FlunkinMonkey  +   764d ago

I just happen to be looking at multiple comments of yours in Sony articles doing the exact same thing..

Sort yourself out you wild ass hypocrite.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   764d ago
Its said the X1 can support 4k resolution. http://www.polygon.com/2013...
Haules  +   764d ago
Only movies i think...
greenpowerz   764d ago | Trolling | show
SniperControl  +   764d ago

Are you dumb or something?
A top of the line PC with multiple NVid Titans struggles to run 4k games, how do you expect a poncy little console to run 4k games.

Oh yeah sorry, I forgot about "Da Cloud"

Stop beliveing everything MS says.

Go here for a more (truthful) technical explanation.

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Blankolf  +   764d ago
PS4 and Xbox1 support 4k playback resolution, not actual gaming.

I am affraid only next-gen will be able to do so, but it's a good thing, I am already happy with 1080p and 60 fps, I think its the best resolution and quite satisfying, 4k is just to much, i am fine waiting 10 or 20 years for that.
CoLD FiRE  +   764d ago
Although I play PC games at 1440p I'm not really concerened that Xbox One and PS4 won't support 4k gaming. Heck, I still play my Xbox 360 on a 5 year old 720p HDTV! Because specs are not why I buy or play on consoles in the first place.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   764d ago
Ok I'm ignoring this post. Sony fanboys just ruined it. I put up a source the X1 can supposedly support 4K.

And the fanboys runnin around unfairly disagreeing. Man you fanboys need to stay in your own posts. Once again the discussions are tainted.

It's annoying...
saint_seya  +   764d ago
Now you know what sony fans feel when you are ruining playstation news. Keep it in mind next time before going to troll a playstation related new.

On topic: Who cares about aliasing, as long as the graphics, physics and its a solid game all around should be ok. I mean, im sure those jaggies will be minimal, since i didnt even got annoyed by the ones on this console generation (and i game on pc).
TI_21  +   763d ago
Since you don't want to understand the technicalities, people react to your posts the way they do - the same goes for green.

Both consoles are capable to have games at 4K, just like they are capable of having games running with 240 FPS...

But the games which actually will be rendered at 4K will be very simplistic from a technical standpoint.
M-M  +   764d ago
I just hope Forza 5 looks as good as it does running on the Xbox One considering it was running on beastly "development kits" at E3.
PFFT  +   763d ago
All those tech demos you saw at E3's conferences were too running on beastly Development kits XBO and Ps4 alike. They werent running on the actual console. The only demos running on the console were on the ground floor of E3.
SpecialK  +   764d ago
Honestly this isn't a cause to worry.

The fact is that new sports cars are ridiculously curved, and your trying to replicate that on a TV based on square pixels. So even with loads of AA it'll still be there a bit.

Once you look at 4K though, the sheer resolution makes the jaggies un noticeable.

I thought Forza 4 looked great, the cars looked great. They'll beat that with the xbox one, so anyone getting that game should be really excited.
solidboss07  +   764d ago
MIKEMYERS, why would SONY invest in a console and then bring their exclusives to PC. The point that you are arguing is pointless. We will find out how good TLOU would run on a PC when ND release a PS4 exclusive. You cant game with the same quality for the same price on PC as Playstation. Sorry, but you cannot.
Belking  +   764d ago
yea, but gaming PCs doesn't struggle to get games running at 1080p and 60FPS.
PirateThom  +   764d ago
Not that hard to get Minecraft, The Sims and Facebook running at 1090p/60fps.

See, I can troll too.
DivineAssault  +   763d ago
Ya well then there will be jaggies cuz this wont be running 4K on xbox one.. Nor will anything else
ufo8mycat  +   763d ago
If you want to stare at the screen and look for jaggies, you will see them.

If you load up the game to PLAY it and ENJOY it, the jaggies won't be there.

It's that simple.

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