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Cerny: PS4's 'time-to-triangle' to rival PS1

The tech housed inside the PS4 makes it as easy to swiftly bring games to the system as it was to do so for the original PlayStation, according to the PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny. Speaking at Spain's GameLab conference this week, Cerny explained how he took Nolan Bushnell's mantra of good games being easy to learn but difficult to master, and applied it to developing the PS4's technology.

"My variation on this was that the hardware should have a familiar architecture and be easy to develop for in the early days of the console life cycle," Cerny said, "But that also there needed to be a rich feature set which the game creators could explore for years. (Mark Cerny, PS4)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   659d ago
I watched this conference yesterday.

This is very, very, very good news. In practical terms, it means that the days of "PS3 is too hard to develop for" are officially over.

When devs like Cerny and the Guerrilla devs say stuff like "developing for PS4 cut a year off the total development time", it really is true based on what Cerny is saying. The faster you can get a working graphical skeleton (that is essentially what "time to triangle" means), the faster you can go into production, and that increase in development pace goes up exponentially as development goes on.
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TheTwelve  +   659d ago
Dang. The PS3's "time to triangle" was up to a year. And it came out a year later than the 360.

(Still beat the 360 out in sales...it's baffling, really.)

Sono421  +   659d ago
OMG now we can get 2 Call of Dutys a year!!!! YES!! :D

I keed I keed ^_^
yewles1  +   659d ago
That's actually more true than you can ever imagine...
miyamoto  +   659d ago
Its Over Before It Started
I enjoyed every second of Mark's presentation.
Everything is is falling into place.
There is no stopping this train of perfection!
Nothing can prepare anyone for the arrival of the PlaySavior 4.

Its like Mark is amassing this Genki Dama of positive energy ready to dissolve all the bad and wrong (bad-ong) that exist in the gaming industry and give it a long time of peace, positivity, progress, and prosperity.

Clearly the PS4 is designed to solve tons of problems with in the gaming industry and provide the much needed solutions for game makers. PS4 is designed to make game development a level playing field for small and big developers and publishers.

And that means more awesome games from the east and the west.


You are Playing With the Gods
You Are Not Ready
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   659d ago
I feel your flow bro.
hellzsupernova  +   659d ago
The indie dev behind warframe took that pc build and ported it to ps4 in three months and that's an indie dev! Playstation 4 is going to be the second coming of consoles
nosferatuzodd  +   658d ago
this guy is really smart that's what i like about him good job Sony this is the right man for the ps4 project
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majiebeast  +   659d ago
He talks about time to triangle at the 41 minute mark.

Time to triangle means the time it takes to get a games graphics engine to work on PS4.

Also Yosp is even more awesome then he is now with his masterplan.
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s8anicslayer  +   659d ago
Hard to develop for means just that, you have to work hard and not be lazy to get the job done! Hard does not mean impossible!
KwietStorm  +   659d ago
Alternatively, hard to develop for means unconventional and unnecessarily complex.
s8anicslayer  +   659d ago
If you would've commented with a full description of what "Hard to develop for" meant we wouldn't be having this issue of what you had a biased understanding of complexity.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   659d ago
You never want to restrict creative flow.
iceman06  +   659d ago
@KwietStorm....it was admitted many times that it was unconventional, but unnecessarily complex? Compared to? Sony always strives to get the most out of their chip design. It WAS complex. But, Sony felt that it was indeed necessary to design the type of games that they saw for the future. It's hard to argue with the future argument seeing the kinds of games that are being released at the end of it's life cycle. Sure, it put developers behind the 8-ball in the beginning. But, once they began to learn and SHARE the tricks of the trade...we were able to see some pretty great things.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   659d ago
Gotta love cerny, man.I wish someone from MS would just come out and explain their tech.So much vague phrasing and word mincing.Cerny came out and gave a deep, detailed and close look at PS4 specs back in febuary and again just the other day.

No BS with him.It's all out in the open for anyone to see.But MS is just constant confusion and PR fluff.5 billion transistors? Cloud magic and esram theoretical peaks as standard output now? really MS?

Their lack of honesty will be their downfall this gen.Gamers aren't as stupid as they think.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   659d ago
Microsoft isn't explaining their tech because they know that the X1 is completely inferior. Back in 2005, MS was more than happy to go into pages upon pages of explicit detail regarding the 360's hardware design and how they believed it would be superior to PS3

Source: http://majornelson.com/2005...

And yet with the X1, they use fluffy non-info like "5 kajillion transitors" and "power of the cloud" and "300,000 servers" to explain why - inexplicably - the X1 is a powerhouse. That should prove to any casual observer that even Microsoft knows X1 is weaker.

EDIT @ below

Specs are just numbers, but specs are also real. You can't run GTA5 on the Super Nintendo, even though "specs are just numbers on a piece of paper", true?

As such, it would be best to look at these two companies' history. Between MS and Sony, who is known for first-party support? Who is known for long-term console support? Who is known for pushing hardware? Who is known for having the best-looking games between the PS3 and 360?

And as a car guy, I find your example of Lambo vs Ferrari laughable, because you CAN draw conclusions when comparing specs. When various car magazines compare specs on new/upcoming cars, they also compare very practical statistics like real-world times (0 to 30, 0 to 60, etc), they count 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile times down to the 100th of a second, they track G-forces around curves, they track horsepower as well as torque.

To say that specs don't matter is beyond silly. To say games matter is even sillier when the company who is saying it has the worst track-record of game support out of the Big Three.
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Destrania  +   659d ago
Considering you haven't seen games running on an actual Xbone, and only on a far more powerful PC (look it up), you can't say anything about how they look. Don't expect games running on the actual X1 hardware to even come close to (almost) all that pre-rendered and PC ran stuff they showed at E3. M$=BS, end of story. Inferior hardware for an inflated price.
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nycgamer4ever  +   659d ago
@iron spider

Please just stop with the spinner and defending already. The hardware is inferior period. If it wasn't you can bet your ass MS would be out in force touting every spec they have. Now on to the games. The last gen and the one before shows a pattern of which company has more of an inclination and willingness to continue pumping out games throughout the lifetime of a console, amd it certainly isnt MS. I mean seriously what big game are people playing on the 360 right now. What exclusives came out this and last year?

360 and MS have a lot of pluses. They advertise great, they leverage there presence in usa great but only the biggest defenders would say they are better at games than Sony.

And they have a long and checkered past when it cpmes to shady business practice that includes misrepresenting their products, lying, bullying, and the works.

I'm not saying they need to gtfo of the business, nor do I want them to cause competition is necessary but please stop defending everything they do.

The writing is so clear on the wall with all that has been going on in the last several months and couple of years that you would have to either be blind or a devout fanboy to not see it.

I get that all companies need to make money and they don't love us but there are different ways to earn the consumer's money. A right way and a wrong way. I happen to think MS is doing it wrong.

I urge you and all the other defenders should just stop. You are not going to change anyone's mind. If you guys can see no wrong in the way MS is going about their business then more power to you. Buy the console of your choice and just enjoy your hobby. I for one know won't be touching that One with a ten foot pole.
miyamoto  +   659d ago
Historically hardware companies that say specs don't matter usually end up having their console not so dominating.
PSjesus  +   659d ago
It's sad but the truth is MS consider gaming industry as pure business and never dedicated to support hardcore gamers.When Conan O'Brien asked M.Nelson what will make me buy your console over PS or Wiiu he answered immediately Kinect
nosferatuzodd  +   658d ago
indeed they are not showing their spec its the same thing with the smart glass they didn't show how much hardware sold because they was ashamed Google and apple would laugh at them typical Microsoft they denied the whole red ring fiasco i just don't know how ppl can trust a company like this
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Blankolf  +   659d ago
@Dayz and @dedicatedtogamers I couldn't agree more, Sony's has an excelent path since the reveal, almost as if they learnt with their mistakes, yet Microsoft seems they have taken a more 'cocky' position and neglected most of their fanbase.

We can see that with Sony's Cerny, explaining everything, being completelly open, I feel like I am being treated as the main target here and it is quite the transparent powerful machine.

With Xbox1 e see this is made of rocket science stuff, i feel like I am being treated as an ignorant <.<
Nineball2112  +   659d ago
This is actually pretty interesting stuff...
Garrison  +   659d ago
It's great to see this type of presentations. It gives people who are genuinely interested on "how" our favorite hobby comes to life that sneak peek we crave.
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PositiveEmotions  +   659d ago
What does this mean tho? Its complicated to me
majiebeast  +   659d ago
They cutdown the time it takes for a graphics engine to work on ps3(6-12 months) to the time it takes for the ps4(1-2 months like the original Playstation). It means the ground work is done much much faster and can cut dev time down by as much as 8-10 month this also means porting time from PC to PS4.

As example it took the Octodad devs 3 weeks-1 month to get their PC version of the game to work on PS4. Indie devs will really benefit alot from this easy architecture. Its easy to learn hard to master so its gonna take some time before developers really manage to tap into the power of the system.
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Wintersun616  +   659d ago
I'll try.

"Time to triangle means the time it takes to get a games graphics engine to work on PS4." Thanks majiebeast, full credit to you for this part.

Time to triangle was 1-2 months with the PS1, 2-6 months with the PS2 and 6-12 months with the PS3. In another words PS1 was very fast to develop for, PS2 was slower and PS3 was very slow compared to PS1. And now PS4 is very fast to develop games for again.

Edit: majiebeast beat me to it and his explanation is better. :)
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Lannister  +   659d ago
This is rocket science level stuff.
Blankolf  +   659d ago
You just made me laugh, good one sir.
n4g_someone  +   659d ago
Yep, good one; good one. haha
cell989  +   659d ago
well all this tech jargon has nothing on a water cooler
cell989  +   659d ago
Sony couldnt have picked a better guy to take on the herculean task of developing a nexgen console, Cerny is a hell of an engineer

PS: Tune in on November 2013 for The Cerny Show
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majiebeast  +   659d ago
He was the man for the job not just because he is an hell of an engineer. But because he is a a jack of all trades.

He has been a
-game director
-written books about game development that are still used today.

He didnt think like Ken as a engineer solely but also as a game developer and that what makes him a great system architect for PS4.
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cell989  +   659d ago
well said, he has been there done that, for over 30 years, I think we can trust that his baby "orbis" will be successful, I wish more game companies did this kind of presentation where they give us a full insight of how "things are made"

Seriously, no kidding, ever since the PS4 reveal Sony has been doing everything a gamer could ever ask for, they have yet to give us any bad news, its unbelievable. No, paying for online wasnt a bad call, it will be worth it
OhReginald  +   659d ago
All this Ps1 talk about the PS4....it makes me wonder...mgs1 remake on ps4 with fox engine.....and....Final fantasy VII remake perhaps? Oh my...
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   659d ago
Remember though everyone, when it's EASIER to develop for, the increase in graphics won't be as significant this generation later on in the cycle.
s8anicslayer  +   659d ago
Both companies made it very clear about "Teh Cloud" and later in the 4 and the One's console life graphical prowess will not matter as much when the lead platform is being utilized to maximum potential. Except for 1st party exclusives of course.
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   659d ago
True, I watched his video afterwards. I just think we will initially see a huge jump (KZ anyone?) and than it will be incremental updates ala framerate, resolution, textures and effects. I don't think in 5 years we're going to see a game and say "WHOA! KZ looks last gen in comparison"

maybe we do, I will very much embrace that.
Blankolf  +   659d ago
Easier to develop isn't the same as easier to master, good sir.
Blankolf  +   659d ago
Cerny you are quite the humble genius.

Octodad approves.
kingmushroom  +   659d ago
Doesn't matter if people admit that the ps3 was hard to develop, @ the people in the above comments. The Ps4 has been created and its almost out. Sony new and correct it and thats all that matters.
MadMen  +   659d ago
PS1 is where it happened its where they got it, they weren't cocky they weren't overly charging.

PS1 = Success
PS2 = dominance on the shoulders of PS1
PS3 = The fall of the success of what the PS1 Created
PS4 = Success
mochachino  +   659d ago
Wel PS3 still sold more than 360 and will likely sell around 90 million consoles before it's done.

Not to mention what's most important, single console gamers who purchased PS3 successfully picked the right console. My 360 hasn't been in 6 months, MS abandoned the old xbox again.

Even on the eve of next-gen it's releasing some of the best games ever created exclusive to the system.
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Relientk77  +   659d ago
Mark Cerny is the man
Garrison  +   659d ago
I almost can't wait to play Knack. I'm tired of so many shooters and haven't played a game like that in a long time.
Big-Bruizzer  +   659d ago
Great! Quicker games means more incomplete games and more DLC they can charge for. Woohoo! Can't effin wait!
mochachino  +   659d ago
I'm confused, I thought PS3 was easier to develop for than any other console prior with the exception of 360.

Well according to Carmack
cell989  +   659d ago
double post
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DivineAssault  +   659d ago
This guy created a fantastic console! The PS4 is exactly what i imagined it would be... I couldnt ask for a better nx gen home console.. I just cant wait until more of their exclusives start surfacing.. If They made those wonderful games on the complex PS3, i know theyre going to make instant cult classics with this thing..
shadowsatey  +   659d ago
So, basically, the days of Square releasing a new Final Fantasy every year is back?! :D

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