8 things I've learned from Crisis Core

From the article: "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a phenomenal game, but it is really more than that. It provides educational information about the culture and lives of people living around Midgar. There are profound truths revealed to those who take the time and effort to explore environments and become acquainted with the population. This quick list provides eight of the most essential Crisis Core facts. Be forewarned - there are some spoilers in this list. They're minor, even miniscule, but they're there.

Also, before anyone asks, I can hear you thinking, "But why eight? Why not narrow it down to five, or expand it to ten?" Well, I'm 7/10ths of the way through the game. Perhaps if I waited until I finished, I'd have an addition three lessons. Well, I'm easily distracted by shiny things or new games, and if I waited until I completed the game, then I might forget previous lessons and the list would be down to three or five. So here, in no particular order, are eight things I've learned from Crisis Core."

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decapitator3706d ago

One thing I have learned from playing it is that, there will be a remake of FVII..for a nextgen console.

Danja3706d ago

couldn't agree more....PS3 FF7 remake....Square hurry up and just announce it..

Homicide3706d ago

Yeah after playing this game, I want to play FFVII again. SE should make a remake with HD graphics and possibly voice overs (if they don't suck). I want to see Tifa in HD :)

sumfood4u3706d ago

Absolutly Awesome with Easter Eggs Galore! Also hug the Wall makes u Avoid unnessarry battles!

AllroundGamer3706d ago

yeah the wallhugging was necessary during the harder missions, but sometimes you just can't avoid the battle. I am playing it on hard difficulty now for the second time and i stopped at the mission 9-3-5, because of one of such unavoidable battles - the opponents are just extremely hard even with almost the best equipment...

Skerj3706d ago

Hah I figured out the wallhug on accident during one of the first missions, I use it now when I'm trying to speed through with minimal battles in side missions.

Mariye3706d ago

Also a handy tip is to always stay behind your enemies. I've noticed that if you back attack opponents, almost every attack dealt will be critical.

Aleusia3706d ago

I've learned that this article is a mockery of FFVII characters, the guy that wrote it isn't a fan.

He seems to like to attack the sexuality of the male game characters and that just angers me.

F**k this stupid ass article.

Mariye3706d ago

1. The writer is a woman.

2. The writer also reviewed Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the site and gave it a 9/10.

3. The only commentary on sexuality is when the writer states that Tseng looks pretty like a girl. The whole article is written in a humorous manner, so it should be pretty clear that it was intended to be written as a joke.

Aleusia3705d ago

Yeah, well I don't like jokes about my favorite characters. Don't tell me to get a thicker skin, nobody should be talking sh!t about Cloud, Seph, Zack, or Tseng...the b!tch that wrote the article probably draws yaoi..that's what's ruining the image of JRPGs in the west...fangirls.

Sony sucks balls3705d ago

Cloud is a homosexual and that is okay. I don't see why Aleusia has to hate on homos. It just happens that one of your favorite characters is gay and maybe that's a sign from your subconscious. Zack and Cloud are a happy couple and I say whatever toots your horn right Aleusia ya horn tooter.

Aleusia3705d ago

Sony Sucks Balls, you filthy you have any proof to back this up other than hideous fangirl creations?

Zack is not canon gay
Sephiroth is not canon gay
Cloud is not canon gay

Barret might be though.

Sony sucks balls3705d ago

The proof is in the pudding. Look at them and it's not hard to see they go home at night after a hard day of turn based role playing and do some role playing in the bedroom if you know what I mean.

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Mr_Kuwabara3706d ago

Everytime I finished a main mission I used to go to Midgar and see what other peeps had to say. Found some interesting stuff. Replaying the game again on hard, I'm at Mako Reactor 5 with Sephiroth, boy or boy did that place bring back memories, that valve that was at the end of a bridge was nostalgia at its finest.

Strife Lives3706d ago

And im going to hold out until they remake FF7. I didnt even watch advent children cuz I feel its all riding on FF7s sucess.Red 13 was running up on the cliff.and the game ended. Thats the story to me.btw,did u forget, FF7 was pc and ps1 ,they mite make it multi platform. Bt for me, its reason to pick up a ps3. The nostalgia of being 10 again with that controller..going through Midgar.

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