Iwata: More unannounced games coming to Wii U by 2014

Most of what Iwata said actually pertained to new titles for Wii U. Iwata said that additional, unannounced titles for the console are planned by 2014.

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BullyMangler1908d ago

E3 continues. . not long before sony and the rest step it up instead of announcing new games only at E3's.

cool huh, nintendo still leading.

AngelicIceDiamond1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

No Tokyo Game Show? Gamescon?

Another year until we get new games announced. Honestly there's no point in speculating. Gotta wait till next year, sorry its just a little disappointing.

Development for Wii U seems to be not nearly as fast as PS4 and X1.

Prime_281908d ago

Nintendo are at TGS and Gamescom this year.

thaimasker1908d ago

First of all they will be at TGS and Gamescom.
Secondly even if they weren't they could easily announce them anytime on a nintendo direct just like with many other games.

Realplaya1907d ago

You should read the article. Plus this is there first year in HD and from my perspective they will be in a good place next year.

Rusty5151908d ago

You do realize that there's unannounced games coming to the Xbone and PS4 in 2014 too right? This isn't news. This should be expected.

Knushwood Butt1908d ago

Apparently it's big news if you are a Wii U owner...

thomasmiller1908d ago

the Nintendo directs are going to be killer from now until next year!! cannot wait!

leemass241908d ago

some may not agree with you but i surly do :)

LOL_WUT1907d ago

I don't agree with him ;)

Nintendo's last big ND was very lackluster so i'm sorry if I sound so excited

PopRocks3591907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Nothing from Nintendo ever excites you.

Realplaya1907d ago

It's funny because one article he hates Nintendo and the next he praises them. He trolls where he can the best where it will get the most attention. Look through every Nintendo article you'll def see what I mean.

_QQ_1907d ago

Nintendo just Loves us.

leemass241908d ago

wonder what games they still have to announce hopefully a new ip and atleast another killer ip star fox/metroid something of that magnitude, damn you nintendo >.< it could be anything i want to know now stop teasing us :)

antikbaka1908d ago

Sure we can't wait for more mario games

Kos-Mos1908d ago

Or soulless killzoners...

ThaBlackBaron1908d ago

Yea pretty much common sense Wii taking over U!

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The story is too old to be commented.