Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD Review | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "Equally excellent, these three games are worth buying for a tenner on iOS if you have never played them (or if you have a real need to play them again and your DS makes you sad). They are charming; part of the adventure game genre that everyone likes to pretend is dead, but is just reawakening. They are strong, story-led payoffs, each laden with intrigue and character-based eyebrow-raising. But they had more charm on the DS, they don't have much replayability, and though they're enjoyable in this form, the games suffer from a lack of responseiveness. One pines for the old days when you could excuse a stylus for that sort of behaviour.

But what am I saying? There's so little to lose. You can try the first two chapters out for free. If only for the objection music. I rest my case."

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