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Celebrating 1 Year of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

The PS Plus Instant Game Collection is now one year old and take a look at all these free games you got with your membership. What a great deal! With the upcoming PS4 on the horizon can you afford not to get on board? 3 platforms, same price. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   790d ago
WOW! Sony is really pushing PS+. Can't argue against all those games.
Kanzes  +   790d ago
Only insane people who doesn't subscribe PS+... you gets a lot of free games on your Vita, PS3, and soon PS4
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RGDubz   790d ago | Trolling | show
xHeavYx  +   790d ago
Nice try, you must work for Sony since you know so much, otherwise I'd just think you are a big fat troll.
People keep using that excuse that you "rent" the games, even though you have a whole year to complete them. Those same people talk crap now that they get AC2 and Halo 3, please.
I can't be any happier with my PS+, even though I have a backlog of games because of TLOU
WhittO  +   790d ago
Do you get as many games in the EU? UK Store

I tried looking the other day and it looked like they only offer like 8-10 games? lol

Couldn't find the list of free titles
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BabyTownFrolics  +   790d ago

do you have any sources to back up that claim or are you speculating just to be provocative. If you can share a citation with the class I would love to see it. Seriously, I'm interested.
Ritsujun  +   790d ago
PS+, at the moment, offers 5 to 6 free games per month. That's 60+ free games per year.
Lots of discounts.
1GB cloud storage for PS3, 1GB cloud storage for PSVITA.
Auto firmware/gamepatch update. Auto gamesave upload.
Free themes, free avatars.
Access to closed betas and early demos.
Full game trials.

It seems that PS+ will be offering 3 PS4 games for free on PS+ at PS4 launch.
I'm expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS+ on PS4.
PsychOff  +   790d ago

That is only Drive Club. You clearly are assuming every other PS4 game will be like that on PS+ which it won't be.

The fact they are giving away anything PS4 in PS+ right away should be enough for people but as always it never is. I mean what do you expect for PS4 games in PS+ right away? Use some common sense please.

Hell we probably won't get that many PS4 games if anything it will be like the PS Vita for a while. A mix of old games and PS4 ones occasionally until later on.

Regardless you people can complain about PS+ but it is one sub for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. I don't care how you flip it or try comparing it to some rental service it isn't the same thing sure there are similarities.
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RGDubz  +   790d ago
Prepared to be disappointed next-gen, if you think DriveClub will be the only trial/half game you're gonna get.

A whole year is still a rental, see rental in the dictionary.

@whitt0 no those are the games they've been given since PS+ started if you weren't a member then you only get a few games at a time, you cannot join US PS+ today and download all those games.

I can get links but if you search about DriveClub not being a full game for PS+ members on google I'm sure you'll find that what I'm saying is true. & the sources.

You can expect 3 to 4 half games/trials at launch for PS+, don't expect free full game rentals next-gen like it was with the PS3.

SONY is pulling bs as well next-gen but they're being subtile about unlike Microsoft.
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Koyes  +   790d ago
PS+ is easily the best videogame service of all time. I just finished Demon's Souls yesterday, a game I rate as my top 3 for this gen and without PS+, I would never have even considered playing it. I also played Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and inFAMOUS 2, all for free and that is just a small portion of what there is. With the new update, we get Battlefield 3 and Saints Row 3! Two blockbuster games for free and the former, I have not played yet so with PS+, I can play it for free :D
Thegamer41  +   790d ago
Well I can prove you wrong right now since Outlast is already confirmed to be free with PS+ and the PS4 is not even released yet, so yes, its safe to assume we will get more full games for free in the near future.
Why o why  +   790d ago

Ps plus games are indefinite rentals....whats your point though. You seem really bitter people are enjoying the best rental service know on consoles. Maybe you should use your energy finding some data to back up the crudd you pulled from your rare. All you're doing is projecting....all you're looking like is a bitter troll.......get back under your bridge of hate
gaffyh  +   790d ago
@WhittO - PS+ is an area where so far, the EU offerings have tended to be even better. They always offer a certain amount of games for a while (I think 6?, can't be bothered checking), and then rotate other content each month.
WhittO  +   790d ago
its not really an instant collection if you can't even download all them titles since they are only up there for a month or so at a time.

So if I delete a game due to space and it is no longer available can I re-download it?

*Edit Also why was I getting disagrees for asking a question? lol is it because fanboys didn't like the answer?
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   790d ago

If you downloaded it into your download list then you can get the games back from there whenever you want (whether you have deleted the games on your hard drive or not)
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MysticStrummer  +   790d ago
One word to prove RGDubz wrong :


Edit - @WhittO - While a title is available for no extra charge, click to download then cancel. After that, you can download it whenever you want, as long as your membership is active.
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sweendog  +   790d ago
reply to whitto. yes once you have initially downloaded it you can delete it and download it as many times as you want. also if it is taken off the instant games list but you have downloaded it you can still play it. not sure where this one year thing keeps getting mentioned though
gaffyh  +   790d ago
Also if your PS+ lapses, you can't play the PS+ games, but if you resubscribe, you get them all back. They're stored under your download list in the account settings.
WhittO  +   790d ago
^^^ Thanks thats good to know.

I would download them all anyway and just delete the ones I don't want.

Just sorry that I'm not going to get to play any of these games for free since they wont be available when I get PS+ :{
Or......... people who don't have the money to support the subscription atm... Hence, me. lol
Rachel_Alucard  +   789d ago
Make sure to finish the job and down bubble all trolls! Keeps the site pest free and your day more enjoyable!

Thank you for listening!

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TheTwelve  +   790d ago
PS+ is one of the reasons why Sony is coming into this next gen with so much momentum, and viewed as a "good guy" by media these days.

Thantalas  +   790d ago
When PlayStation Plus was first launched I didn't see any benefit to me - just discounts of stuff I didn't want. Then last year the Instant Game Collection was announced, I tried it and I was stunned by the value it offers. The standard price is about the cost of ONE new game, for that you get at least three top quality games a month. Games like Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Arkham City, Ico Collection, Uncharted 3. These are not 1 dollar games! I now have a backlog of titles to clear before the next gen.

Somebody mentioned about the PS4 not having any games on PS+. But as a new console its obvious there won't be any library titles at launch. However as the year passes games will be added - this is what happened with the Vita. In fact I don't own a Vita, but I already have a library of games for it. Honestly, if you have a PlayStation console and an internet connection it's worth trying.
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devwan  +   790d ago
Exactly the same experience here - discounts and online saves didn't really appeal when it launched, but once the instant game collection appeared I jumped in and never looked back. I bought a Vita day one but never expected plus to come to Vita so strongly and at no extra cost... this bodes really well for ps4.

Another great thing is I know I'll still get use from my ps3s around the house for some time to come even when I have ps4.
imdaboss1  +   790d ago
xboxlive what?? playstation + thats where its at..worth every penny!
GribbleGrunger  +   789d ago
62p per rental for one year
31p per rental for two years
15p per rental for three years

I'm taking that! Thank you very much.
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Majin-vegeta  +   790d ago
Excuse me while i pick up my jaw from the floor.
RGDubz  +   790d ago
Rentals, nothing more.. Gone when your PS+ expires.

Had they been actual "free" games I'd been a PS+ member a long time ago.
Makasu  +   790d ago
Why in the world would you get rid of PS PLUS? Its amazeballs!
RGDubz  +   790d ago
Ask some of my friends who said they never stop being a PS+ member but are no longer PS+ members today, every game they had was a rental in the end.
Why o why  +   790d ago
Let me see. Did you have a problem being locked out of the multiplayer sections of games this gen.

How much does it cost to rent half of these games for a whole year. Lmao...bitter bitter bitter..
NukaCola  +   790d ago
Weird, I lot of my PS+ games and content stayed when I lapsed a month. I guess they aren't rentals after all there mr negativity. I used to rent multiplayer, Netflix, and demoes from Xbox, but then I decided that was stupid and canceled that LIVE highway robbery of a bill. But you joined less than 2 weeks ago so you know whatever you say isn't biased.../s
Philoctetes  +   790d ago
When you rent a game, you're required to return it by a particular date (or pay a late fee). That's not the case with PS+ games. They're yours forever as long as you have a PS+ subscription.

A better analogy is to music subscription services like Rhapsody or Spotify.
RGDubz  +   790d ago
You contradict yourself as soon as you say "as long as you have PS+".

So which is it? do they last forever or expire with PS+? Both? lol

That's an oxymoron if I ever seen one.

The games you actually buy don't expire or require PS+ to play them, so how can you say PS+ "free" games are yours to the same equivalent of you going out and having purchased them yourself?
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Makasu  +   790d ago
Exactly. Besides, 64 games for $50. Win win win.
moparful99  +   789d ago
@RGDubz Why are you soooo hung up on the fact that PS+ is tantamount to a rental service? Fact of the matter is that as long as I am a subscriber I get instant access to a growing list of Great games, not mediocre games.. Call it what you want but at the end of the day PS+ actually gives something back to the gamer whereas Live requires you to "rent" the multiplayer portion of your game..
dedicatedtogamers  +   790d ago
And what is wrong with rentals? Even if I decided to cancel my PS+ subscription after one year, that's 60+ games for an entire year, less than $1 per game, with no time limits (I don't have to "return" those games like I do for a rental).

People call PS+ a "rental service" as if that's a bad thing. It's actually the best and cheapest rental service in the gaming industry right now. The fact that you don't keep your games is insignificant when you consider you're "renting" each game for less than a dollar per year.
Veneno  +   789d ago
Ps+ Is the netflix of gaming. What's not to love?
cpayne93  +   790d ago
Even if it is a rental service its a damn good value.
Veneno  +   789d ago
Exactly. Like I said above you get acces to a huge library of games just like you do with netflix movies. Everybody loves netflix. Only fanboys hate ps plus.
thebudgetgamer  +   790d ago
Yea, that's how it works. Netflix won't let you keep watching movies when you stop paying, Gamefly does not let you keep their games when you stop paying ect ect.

Besides just based on the discounts it pays for itself within two months.
ExPresident  +   790d ago
Work harder on being a better troll.

It doesn't matter if its a 'rental' service when the value is far more than the entry cost. PS+ as it stands is the best deal out there for the consumer and gamer. When I can get several hundreds of dollars worth of games out of my $50 entry cost, I'd call that a steal.

Sony hasn't tried to trick anyone with what the games are, its made beyond clear that you lose those games when your subscription expires, just like they make it beyond clear that anything you purchase, even via PS+ discount, you keep forever, even after your subscription expires.

Your statement at the top of this article's list of replies is trash as well. You make a speculation of what will happen with all games, and have absolutely nothing to even back up the claim that the future of PS+ games are half games/trials. PS+ users already get 1 hour trials of various games, and those are obviously trials compared to the full games we do get. Its pretty evident that Sony is using the launch title of Drive Club, along with its already apparent attention/popularity to push PS+ and ease the transition into PS+ being required for multiplayer. Because its a launch title / new IP, they aren't given the entire game away in PS+ just like no other company would give a brand new IP away for no cost.

Here's an idea for you. Just stop trying to be a troll and work on pointing out the good things, and providing constructive criticism.

Have a good day.
majiebeast  +   790d ago
Go rent all those games from gamefly im pretty sure it is alot more expensive.
Kryptix  +   790d ago
You don't understand and trying to spin a positive into a negative. Did you see what Playstation Plus had to offer for the past year? The proof is in the article. You're getting way more than what you pay for which is $50 a year for more than that of quality games. Why not subscribe again and expand that library even more since more games are given the month after? I was foolish till I subscribed a year for the first time some weeks ago. I got Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Uncharted 3's single player in one month and those couple of games are more than 50 dollars already. And there's more I didn't mention like Saints Row 3, Vanquish, and so on. And that covers one month of my year subscription, can't wait for next month for the next quality titles. That's love right there, and Microsoft has taken the same route now on giving free games. I'm thinking someone at Microsoft got a PS Plus subscription and figured what free means. lol
PsychOff  +   790d ago
First that comment makes no sense, so you expect to pay for PS+ lets say a year and keep every single game for a mere $50 that you got in that year? How does that make sense? If you were running Sony, please explain to me how that would be ethical in a business standpoint?

It also defeats the purpose you are willing to pay for a subscription but you expect it to not be a subscription service.

Anyway every person with the ability to think knows how PS+ works. I don't get why you try to make it sound any different than it is.

We are all aware of how the service works. What you don't seem to be aware of is that the service is optional, so you make it seem that it is forced or something. Even for the PS4 it isn't technically needed.

Oh please.. Where are your friends to back you up?
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   790d ago
Gone when your PS+ expires. --Only to reappear or download(since they are still in your DL list) when you re-subscribe.. trust me, I do 3 month ones all the time.
Anon1974  +   790d ago
Yep, and that's why Netflix is a waste because it's only good as long as you're a subscriber. You don't own those movies and show so it's a complete rip off.

Oh wait...
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Thegamer41  +   790d ago
Well what do you expect Sony to do, allow people to subscribe for PS+ just for 1month, download all the free games, then cancel the subscription? Its not any different to services like Netflix. People that complain about PS+ obviously are not subscribed.
Why o why  +   790d ago
Of course......thats what everybody else is doing o_0
Pro_TactX  +   790d ago

In addition to the rentals, you also get discounts and free DLC that you do get to keep after the subscription. You can attempt to downplay the value of PS+ if you want, but people are going to see right through you.

Who cares if they are rentals anyway? The amount of content connected to the subscription increases every month, so every month the subscription becomes more valuable. Why would you unsubscribe?
devwan  +   790d ago
"The amount of content connected to the subscription increases every month, so every month the subscription becomes more valuable. Why would you unsubscribe?"


I honestly can't figure out how they make it pay.
DVAcme  +   790d ago
"Who cares if they are rentals anyway? The amount of content connected to the subscription increases every month, so every month the subscription becomes more valuable. Why would you unsubscribe? "

EXACTLY. As long as you check the game as "purchased" on PSN, the game will always be available for download as long as your PS+ subscription is active. You just need to, once a month, make sure you check the games and your library continues to grow and grow for the same fixed price. The Instant Game Collection, as it stands right now, is LEAGUES beyond any other subscription service on sheer value, and that value continues to grow each month.

PS+ is not an expenditure, it's an INVESTMENT, and the more people that subscribe and support it, the more value that will come down the line. Don't be surprised if, around the 1 year mark of the PS4's launch, Sony does some kind of huge PS+ thing to reward the fans.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   790d ago
So you're saying to rent and complete 64 games in a year for $50 isn't worth the asking price?
Not to mention the discounts and exclusives you get.
If that's what you're saying then I'm sorry my friend you don't know a good deal when you see one.
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MWong  +   790d ago
i think that's what he's saying.

I don't care I have my PS+ now, will be playing BF4 in the future and will be able to rent more games. So I guess they will be mine forever!!!
MysticStrummer  +   790d ago
"Ask some of my friends who said they never stop being a PS+ member but are no longer PS+ members today, every game they had was a rental in the end."

Yeah we'll get right on that as soon as you provide a way to contact them.

I'm curious though...

Did you ever have a membership somewhere that allowed you to rent movies or games? Paying a membership fee, then paying extra to rent the movies and/or games? Blockbuster or something like that?

If so, are you saying that if you were offered the chance to have various games at no extra charge every month you'd say no? Granted, you don't choose which titles are included, but there are so many of them chances are good that you'd find something you like throughout the year.

Then add on top of that other things that are either included at no extra charge or discounted for members, free full game trials, and early beta invites.

All of these things added together have a higher value than what you pay to be a member, yet it's a bad deal?

Everyone has to judge the value of PS+ for themselves, but I find it hard to believe that a gamer would have a problem with it. A casual might I guess.
HiddenMission  +   790d ago

1st off you just created your account a couple of weeks back so I'm assuming this a 2nd or even 3rd account.

2nd what rental service do you know of allows you to keep building your library of games each month...with no limit?

3rd you spend $50 a year and get tons of free DLC, avatars, early betas and save over $500 a year on game purchases...so yeah you say rental WE say smart consumer friendly service that saves smart people money.

But what the hell do I know go pay for XBLG just to get online MP and NOTHING ELSE...lol
extermin8or  +   790d ago
Well yeah you have to have the active subscription but if you drop the subscription then resubscribe you get all the content you previously had back swell... And as its going to be required to play online next gen its a pretty good deal really. Oh and your earlier comments on ps4 plus games are slightly incorrect Drive Club is getting a slightly reduced feature version for PS plus (think its missing some single player stuff) but otherwise its the full games free son games like outlast the full game is free they did announce others but I forget-it'll be one ps4 title a month and after a year the PS plus edition of drive club will be replaced with a different game-but the complete version.Would be unreasonable to expect a full copy of Drive Club effectively free on its release date though wouldn't it?
Gamesgbkiller  +   790d ago
I don't have to worry about my wallet any more :)
tweet75  +   790d ago
ps plus is a great deal if you delay your purchases. I think sony realizes that most games they put up for free gamers have already bought anyways. If you are patient and pay the yearly subscription fee its a great deal.
despair  +   790d ago
For me its more the games you will eventually get to but just didn't that gets put there, so instead of buying it and putting it down for a later date now you can wait for it to show up on PS+.

Of course there will always be the titles that everyone who wanted it already bought it but usually there is something for everyone.
mrdeli  +   790d ago
PS+ is a very hot service - this is from a Xbox lover.
Roper316  +   790d ago
I basically joined PS+ day 1 for the cloud saves and Sony has done nothing but impress with their service ever since. While most of the IGC PS3 games I already own on disc I was really excited and happy to get XCom and will start that as soon as I finish my time with the TLOU.
Old McGroin  +   790d ago
Unbelievable service, long may it continue!
Slysi  +   790d ago
And this why I will continue my ps+ on ps4
PersonaCat  +   790d ago
I always have to laugh when people tell me I'm just renting games with plus as if that's somehow a negative. So? I have Spotify for music, Netflix for videos, and Plus for games. Plus is a service just like the others I mentioned. People don't ever seem to complain about those.
Veneno  +   789d ago
Yeah just tell them they are idiots for paying for netflix. That'll shut em up.
PerryCaravello  +   790d ago
I need to beat Uncharted3 before playstation plus free trial runs out.

From my experience--avatars and themes are the only PS+ offerings that are functional after your PS+ membership runs out. So there's that.
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Williamson  +   790d ago
60+ games in on year with games like uncharted 3, xcom, sleeping dogs, and spec ops the line. Even if I stop being a member I could always renew it later and still have access to the 60+ games on my download list.
matrixman92  +   790d ago
Its not their fault in any way, but I wish ps+ had games that I havent already played lol. I have literally played every big game they have had on ps+...the only ones i havent played are the psp games, which I have no desire to play. The way I see it, PS+ is for people who dont buy a lot of games on day 1 and want to save money...im not one of those people, I buy most huge games or games I want on day 1
OllieBoy  +   790d ago
PS+ is the best subscription service of all time. Go ahead, try and argue that it's not.
Veneno  +   789d ago
No one can argue it. All im hearing is ps plus sucks cause i'm an xbot.
greenlantern2814  +   790d ago
To all the Xbox fans hating on ps+ you get a total of 12 games free on360 and no mention of free anything on Xbox.
So jealous much. I think so. Not only will ps4 continue to have free games with ps+ it has f2p games that don't require the service at all but any f2p games on Xbox will require Xbox live gold membership.
GABRIEL1030  +   790d ago
Ragthorn  +   788d ago
What about Origin you can't forget that! /s
I tend to favour towards Steam and PS Plus as my favourite services. Though Origin had this really good sale, and I couldn't resist buying BF3 again (bought it for consoles, when I didnt have money to buy a PC, also BF3 Premium Edition costed 30 USD), and it was SOOOOO worth it. Never played a BF game on PC since the days of BF Viet Nam lol.
GABRIEL1030  +   788d ago
Sorry, I forgot, also Steam is great! :D
tigertron  +   790d ago
I bought a Vita a couple of days ago because I have so many Vita games as a result of Plus. It'll also make a nice little companion to my PS4. Cheers Sony.
Relientk77  +   790d ago
PS+ ftw
Ragthorn  +   790d ago
Though they were technically rentals (The Free games can only be played as long as you have subscription with PS+), they are going to be like full games, cuz I wont stop buying PS+. There is too much value being given away, that I can't possibly fathom.
Get ready for year two!
moparful99  +   789d ago
I've been a PS+ subscriber since day one, it was E3 2011 if memory serves me right and now my hard drive is completely full :(
This is the only negative I've found with the service lol...
Ragthorn  +   788d ago
I bought a new internal hard drive right after I bought my PS3 Super Slim (my launch day PS3 lasted me 5 years, so no biggie!) bought a 1TB slim hard drive!
Kos-Mos  +   790d ago
Still not paying for this. I pay for real games, not a marketing tool that forces me to buy games I don`t want.
ExPresident  +   790d ago
Lemme run off and check all the games I filled my HDD with... yep they are real. Keep telling yourself its not worth it, your loss.
Kos-Mos  +   790d ago
You had to check? You don`t know what games you have on your HDD? Real games are rare to see these days unfortunately.
devwan  +   790d ago
@Kos-Mos I bet you don't like the idea of trophies because, you know, Sony don't send you a real bronze, silver or gold ornament through the post.

The game is the -experience- not the box it comes in or the 0s and 1s you download.
Kos-Mos  +   790d ago
??? I don`t think you got my point...
moparful99  +   789d ago
Please don't tell me that you are an XBOX Live subscriber Kos-Mos.. If you are then you're entire statement becomes invalid..
Kos-Mos  +   789d ago
Haha, no. I will never pay for a ms product again. What the hell? People are raging because I don`t want to pay for a service that doesn`t suit my needs. Isn`t this a place to express opinions.
GABRIEL1030  +   788d ago
Kos-mos Come on you're a Xbox fan, but you should try the service for 14.99 USD and later you can give your opinion, Plus is an amazing service 2000 USD in games for only 50 USD, this month for free Deus Ex, Uncharted 3, Xcom, lot of PS vita games and for the next month could be Battlefield 3 or Red Dead Redemption!

I received Xcom for free, I never had interested in this game, but after play it I can't stop to enjoy it. Thanks Plus. :D
#20.4 (Edited 788d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kos-Mos  +   788d ago
I`m terrible sorry, but I am not a ms fan. Maybe if you take a good look at my picture you`ll believe me. Kos-Mos is from a PS2 exclusive; Xenosaga.
I am a fan of great games and great services.
GDDR6_2014  +   790d ago
I never bought a single Vita game because of ps+, my memery card is already full, good for me but not sure Sony or game developers want to hear that
Silly gameAr  +   790d ago
PS+ has been one of my best gaming investments I've made since I've been gaming. I'm going to keep subbing as long as they keep bringing the content.
buynit  +   790d ago
I've only had it for bout 2 months and I already can't keep up with all the free games.. I'm kicking my self on the ass wondering why I been paying for liv for so long...

But it's all good I plan on keeping the sub. Into my ps4 when it launches.
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kingPoS  +   790d ago
You get more than what you pay for when you subscribe to PS+.

Retro Style

All but two in my genre list are populated with at least ten PS+ titles.
It's quite the unique feeling to have so many populated genres.
But then again, what do I know about rental services.
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TriangleOffense  +   790d ago
I want someone to do one of these with all the EU games instead, showing the much better value that they get

Here is a thread showing all of the UK freebies
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InTheZoneAC  +   790d ago
people don't have ps+?
D-riders  +   790d ago
Kanes you want games that don't exist yet???if sony can give away part of a game that is a launch title it tells you they have a large catalog of games comming
LazyMinion  +   789d ago
Attention Sony fanboys: I have both current gen consoles they both have their own reasons for having them. But right now I'm wondering why after installing the new ps3 patch I can't play last of us now. I know you guys get sand in your vagina whenever any one talks bad about Sony but you would think that after 8 years these asshats would be able to put through a firmware patch that wouldn't fuck up the whole damn system
LazyMinion  +   789d ago
Also everyone's all like look at all the free games we get with ps+ but that's the only reason to have it so yeah....
shamon  +   789d ago
i took advantage of there ps plus special a few months back when they gave extra months everytime you renew it . mines don't expire until late 2016 and i love ps plus .
Spontogical  +   789d ago
People who call this 'renting' need to look inbetween the lines. A game like Arkham City that was given as part of the PS+ Instant Game Collection... will you honestly be playing that game in 5 years time? Or even Uncharted 2?

Nope. I sure won't either. And that's the beauty of it - you're always given new games to play. After you renew your subscription.. you get all 64 games back again. You don't start from scratch. It's inbetween renting and owning imo. It's a brilliant strategy.

How much money would I have spent if I went to the cheapest places online now to look for those 64 games. Tell me right now, how much would I have spent?

Nothing less than $1000 minimum.

49.99 or 1000 - your choice, use your heads.
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