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Submitted by TheArabGamer 956d ago | video

The Xbox One wasn't ready for this generation

Did the Xbox One jump the shark on purpose? Or was it trying to pull something more creative out of its hat? (DRM, Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Hufandpuf  +   956d ago
I don't think the gaming world were ready because we are not technically on that level yet. There are still some people out there with unreliable internet and a vast majority with no internet at all. Connecting everyone together is an amazing idea, but one that isn't ready for us yet. I would've liked to see what MS would do with their ideas, but they were slammed to the ground before it could take off because of the consumer's fear and the companies obligation to provide for the consumer.
TheArabGamer  +   956d ago
Soldierone  +   956d ago
Its not broken. They patched it out, but then went "well games will still do it."

Instead of saying its always online, they say "games use the cloud," now. Just look at anything they talk about.

I think Microsoft would have been smarter to ease into it. Make this available, but not 100 percent yet. Let people see the ease of use and then go "okay a majority of you like it, our next update makes it standard."
Hufandpuf  +   956d ago
"Instead of saying its always online, they say "games use the cloud," now. Just look at anything they talk about."

Well, yeah because MS pitched the DRM to the publishers, so of course the devs would produce games according to the Console policy. But now that the DRM is gone, I hope the devs don't get lazy and refuse to take advantage of the cloud's benefits to maximize profit return.
komp  +   956d ago
Folks have to look at the unique features and contemplate the value of the features vs cost involved.

From a gamer perspective all I care about is the games.
, the rest I already have at a press of a remote button.
PsychOff  +   956d ago
"consumer's fear and the companies obligation to provide for the consumer."

Yea I will just stop you there. Especially the consumer part, Microsoft didn't change their stance because people complained.. They changed their policies because they saw how many people weren't going to purchase this Xbox One.

Every poll there was the margins weren't even funny how piss poor they were for the Xbox One.

People complained about the Xbox One's policies before it was even released we knew about it all. Microsoft had plenty of time to cater to the consumer then, they also had plenty of time in between that even after it was announced but they held their ground until they saw first hand themselves how poorly it could sell with these policies.

Being afraid of something is one thing, standing up for what you know is right is a complete different situation. People weren't afraid of Microsoft, they simply weren't going to buy Microsoft's Xbox One and that is why they changed their policy. Not to appeal to consumers but to make sure they can secure our cash..

I am not trying to say who is the best or what but Sony busts their balls for the consumer, even when it is their own mistake, they really don't even have to give anyone shit but they will anyway. Even when they are at their all time low, they still give and give.

If Microsoft was ever in that position I can promise you that it would be far from giving. They only give for their own benefit. Again there is a difference between someone who is sincerely giving with no expectations in return other than good will, versus giving and expecting something out of it.

Microsoft gives and expects, hence why they gave up on their policies and now expect everyone to jump back on the Xbox One ship. They didn't do it out of kindness or to better their name, they did it purely to save their asses.
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Hufandpuf  +   956d ago
This is hard to put in words but I'll try my best.

MS reacting to low X1 sales (Which aren't low) IS also a reaction to consumer complaints. The reason they changed the policy is because of the complaints they were getting not sales. If they wanted to sell more consoles couldn't they just simply lower the price? Instead they just changed the features that the consumers had problems with. Also Selling tons of units was not an issue for MS, every console has a relatively successful launch. But if the stigma of the product is negative from the jump, it'd be harder for MS to sell more units down the line and turn a profit. So I think MS's move was a decision to ensure profit in the long run.

Think about it: The problems people had were fixed and now since MS removed features, it's more profit they gain instead of lose. So even though gamers think it's only a win for them it's also a win for MS because they can be seen as a listening corp. and save money and make money in the process.
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Soldierone  +   956d ago
The cloud is the DRM though.

Sure games are not 100 percent digital now, but that will come back down the road and we will get those sharing features back.

However it will be hard to steal a game that needs the cloud to function. Thats why software developers like Adobe are turning to cloud features. You can lock the disc or put in codes, but those always get broken. Having to connect to a cloud to use the software though has new barriers that will take time to break.
HugoDrax  +   956d ago
Exactly! students and professionals alike have used and continue to use pirated Autodesk, Adobe, Ms Office software due to the extreme price points.

Eventually, all games will be digital and DRM will return. My thoughts exactly when Adobe announced their design suite would only be accessible through the cloud lol. Soon games will only be accessible in this manner, aka Gaikai.

I still would like to see sharing features amongst XB1 digital downloaded titles, as I would always download my titles instead of running to the local GameStop to purchase a physical copy. People tend to forget that disc can get damaged and have to be replaced. Wouldn't have that concern if we had access to our game library digitally similar to steam service.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   956d ago
"The Xbox One wasn't ready for this generation."

If it wasn't before then it is now.
slivery  +   956d ago
Had nothing to do with previous sales. They knew it wasn't going to sell like they hoped so they changed their policy. What is hard to understand that it had nothing to do with our complaints really. We pointed out our problems with the system before it was even released and what did we get from Microsoft?

"Deal with it!"

Now all the sudden that it turned out to be the worst console reveal in history upsetting probably millions of its own fan base alone. Not even being able to compete with the Wii U in terms of appeal which is in a pretty bad spot right now itself as well.

They want to change their policy? I wonder why. Yes I am so sure it was because of our complaints that existed long before it was even announced. I respect you looking on the bright side but sometimes you have to see reality for what it really is and that is the reality of it.
sensor21  +   956d ago
Whats interesting is the ps4 was suppose tohave 4gb of ram but they heard what microsoft was doing not ready tho?
Kingthrash360  +   956d ago
imo strictly imo.....the whole drm thing was to win over devs and get more exclusives. piracy is a problem to devs and this was a way to kill the problem and make money in one stroke. the problem was console gamers like freedom and these new policies were too restricting. and like the vid says the internet isnt stable enough to rely yeah greed, restrictions, unreliable service, ads = unhappy consumer that= no profits
PerryCaravello   956d ago | Offensive
badvlad  +   956d ago
i hate these youtube narrators so lame, didnt even look at the video but i guess
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Rhythmattic  +   956d ago
The Xbox One wasn't ready for this generation "of new casual gamers"

The core is really where its at for a GAMING console...and the core made them listen.
ExtoVert  +   956d ago
the way i see their idea's were good but they were doing to much to soon. Think of it like sex, you meet a new girl she looks, feels, and sounds great. You need to play around with her, find what gets her more excited. Take your time to enjoy in long term. Dont go in like a dog in heat, its too much too soon you can't handle it then you BUST way too early. Your satified and happy but then who's the one not satified and not happy, she'll never call you back to use your services.

hope you understand, if you dont get off the game and go out
Lwhit6  +   956d ago
Either way the PS4 is going to be better. Haha end of discussion end of story. PS4>Xbox One
Lwhit6  +   956d ago
To me the whole "One" name just pushes me away. Sure theyve been making consoles for a loooong time, but the name "One" shows me that they are trying something new and possibly risky (which they are), and not focussing on making a great console. PS4 on the other is hand, is the perfected console from a long line of already great consoles. I'm really excited to see the PS4 kill the Xbox One in sales.

(By the way I did buy an xbox 360 over the ps3 because it was in fact better for me at the time. I played on that Box (actually no, i played on three different boxes and two new hard rives because they broke) over the course of two years so im not just a Playstation fanboy.
AceofStaves  +   956d ago
XB1 was ready for this generation for a U.S. audience. However, it lacks global appeal because of bandwidth caps and complex content licensing processes that make its TV and all-digital gaming features impractical, and in some cases unavailable, in other parts of the world.

MS should have had two versions of XB1. One for the home market with digital entertainment/TV, etc., and one for international markets that functions as a game console instead of a set-top box.

They've removed some of the most irritating aspects of the system (DRM/always online, online check-in, etc.) but I'm sure those policies could be easily reinstated if XB1 garners a large install base out of the gate.
D-riders  +   956d ago
family share sucked, extended demos that blockother players??
theWB27  +   956d ago
It was the full game and it blocked another player within your family. Just like lending a game in real life...only digital. If you leant your disc out to a friend...wouldn't you be blocked from playing unless you bought another copy?
adventureghost124  +   956d ago
ya think?
maniacmayhem  +   956d ago
The Xbox One wasn't ready for this generation
No we weren't but MS decided to shove a bunch of restrictions down our throats.

Listen, I understand what they were going for and the "supposed" upsides to all digital did sound promising IF they were implemented (family sharing, lower prices). But lets be honest, it seemed that not only MS but also the stories (MEDIA!!!) emphasized what you couldn't do on the Xbox One anymore.

this was a big warning sign to everyone coming off of the 360. All this freedom to do whatever we like and then when the newest system drops we get halted by rules and regulations. The average person is not going to take that well and revolt.

MS made a huge mistake by not emphasizing the benefits of all digital and their competition took full advantage of that like a lion on a broken, sick elk. If MS would have said listen, you get family sharing plus all retail games will be 10 to 15 bux cheaper then maaayabe more people would have been willing to accept.

Instead it appeared that all we got were Can't, Don't and Will nots.

It was a very bad move that cost MS a lot and will be talked about from now until the end of its cycle.

I agree with a poster above, there should have been two versions. One with all the bells, whistles and TV stuff that would have been strictly digital and another that would have had some of the One's features like Skype and snapping but functioned just like the 360 would with retail games.
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MaverickStar7  +   956d ago
The adoption of new tech comes as the choice of the consumer. Digital music, movies, books, were gradually adopted by people. They were given as an option, they did not try to replace physical media. On one hand Microsoft was trying to get ahead in the digital gaming world. But they wanted it to be the only option. There were some benefits to their system, but some drawbacks. When more people have consistent high speed internet, without any bandwith caps, and can easily download 10-30 GB games they the change will happen. As long as people still pay $60 for digital games and physical games, the adoption will be slow.
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Supermax  +   956d ago
People weren't ready when it went from 56 k modems to broadband Internet it all worked out in the end
InTheLab  +   956d ago
No. 360 gamers were ready for the 360 Two, not Xbox One. A console mostly about gaming, but that other s*** is there if you want it.

Instead of that, MS served up a bunch of restrictions and the magic cloud and mandatory Kinect in a box.

Hell, even after the back tracking, you still need to connect at least one to remove the nonsense...

No one was ready for that.
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