Flash flaw leads to Vista laptop's fail

It held out as long as possible, but a Windows Vista laptop fell to a determined bunch of hackers Friday evening at the Pwn to Own contest at CanSecWest.

Since it was the third day of the contest, which saw a MacBook Air get hacked on Thursday, the TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative relaxed the rules even further. On the first day of the contest, only the operating system could be targeted, but on the second day that was expanded to include standard applications. An undisclosed Safari flaw led to the MacBook Air's downfall.

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LinuxGuru3646d ago

Flash flaw, huh?

I bet the guys over at Adobe are scrambling like hell now LOL

RecSpec3646d ago

Hacking contests huh? Wow, sounds...antisocial.

jaja14343646d ago

Actually at my school anyways, the Security Students are the most active of the whole Computer Science department. Except for me and another 7 or 8 odd balls who actually socialize.

v1c1ous3646d ago

apple loses on the first day using nothing but its own software

vista loses a cpl of days afterwards WITH 3rd party, non-microsoft software.

:/ that doesn't seem fair

LinuxGuru3646d ago

If you think about it....someone managed to hack the apple computer using BUILT-IN software....

They couldn't do that with Vista, or with Ubuntu.

Vista had to be cracked using 3rd party software with vulnerabilities, and Ubuntu didn't get cracked at all.

Bladestar3646d ago

mmmm.. where are those anti-microsoft guys on this site now? so, windows is the esiest os to hack?
they had to use flaws of a 3rd party software... while mac they used a built out of the box that comes with the system.. and vista took longer to hack.... So, this proves the obvious... Apple hacks are just relative to hackers interest do to installbase.