Destiny: Bungie's own ‘Halo-Killer’?

The PlayStation 4 version of Destiny looks set to be the definitive version of Bungie's latest project. Will we then finally witness a 'Halo-Killer' on Sony's console?

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Lovable1969d ago

Huh? It's multiplat bro...let's talk about exclusive man

erathaol1969d ago

I agree but I do think there had to be one guy over at 343 Studios saying "F---, that S--- is brilliant!"

AngelicIceDiamond1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Well I think he means in a general sense. Can Bungie outdo Halo. Kind of like can COD outdo Halo. Obviously not they both co-exist.

Same thing I can see happening with Destiny.

Though it is funny hes treating it like its an exclusive.

3-4-51969d ago

Bungie going against it's own former IP.......Titanfall going against it's own former IP.

competition is good.

Throw in BF4 & Killzone and we have a nice amount of potentially good FPS games.

Chaostar1969d ago

Destiny is looking great, let's not spoil it with ridiculous labels.

Crazyglues1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Yeah Destiny is looking amazing, and I think it was an awesome idea to go Multi-Platform...

I think that decision will be more successful then even their wildest dreams, as I don't know anyone who is not getting Destiny...

Don't forget to check out the Games Website - it's pretty cool - http://www.destinythegame.c...

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Pisque1969d ago

So when FFXIII and Versus (XV)/ Kingdom Hearts or Metal Gear Solid goes multiplatform it's bad, but when it's Destiny it's good.

Something is wrong with PS Fanboys it looks like.

Crazyglues1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

@ Pisque

I'm going to assume you meant that as a general statement and not at me personally because I never even played FFXII or kingdom hearts, and I never said anything about games going multi-plat.

For example Metal Gear Soild, I thought it was awesome that it's on both consoles because I personally feel MGS4 was an amazing game, and when MGS5 comes out Xbox fans will see just how amazing Konami is...

I think as gamers we are better off when we are not punished for our system choice..

So when it's possible I think it's cool..
(but that's just me personally, I don't know how others feel about that)

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Kanzes1969d ago

Bungie vs 343i

It's like Big Boss vs Solid Snake, mentor vs student

Rusty5151969d ago

Bungie vs 343?
Sounds more like a Goku vs Krillin kind of fight.

Kalowest1969d ago

And the good thing is 343i learned from their mistakes with Halo 4!

hankmoody1969d ago

I have no doubt in my mind that both Destiny and Halo 5 will both be incredible. Destiny practically has my cash already but I'm excited to see how 343i will improve on their impressive first shot on the Halo series.

Sitdown1969d ago

So does this mean Kill zone never became the Halo killer? Only reason this game could become the Halo killer, is not because it is on the ps4,but because it will be on the xbox one and could actually steal some of its sells.

shivvy241969d ago

Killzone turned out to be a Crysis killer ! Halo is just way too different to killzone ! I think Resistance Fall of Man was PS halo then 2 and 3 changed

hankmoody1969d ago

Is anyone even excited for Killzone 4? That game does nothing for me and judging from activity on the internet, no one is exactly clamoring for it.

MajorLazer1969d ago

Not really. The only thing that anyone talks about with Killzone: SF is the graphics and as Crysis has proven many times, graphics alone don't make a game.

Sevir1969d ago

Everyone who's played KZ said it's pretty darn good and more refined from it's ps3 outings which weren't bad at all to begin with. Have a seat. The market is ripe with some great games coming forward, with KZ:SF, Titan Fall, Destiny and Battlefield 4

Dlacy13g1969d ago

A multiplat title can't be the Playstation 4's Halo killer. I mean if you are trying to say that then COD was the Playstation 3's Halo killer since COD on PS3 sold better than Halo did. This article is flawed from the start.

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