Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale” Preview

Major Nelson writes:

'Next week, the Xbox Live Marketplace will kick off their “Ultimate Game Sale” and they sent over this list of upcoming titles that are scheduled to be on sale. There will be different titles on-sale at different times during the week, and while I don’t know exactly what will be on sale when or for how much, I’ll tweet out details and make a blog post each time a new groups of titles goes on sale.'

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kreate1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

i love these ultimate game sales.
got points ready to go, bring on the sales!

EDIT: looking at those games.. some of them are already on sale currently on xbox live. the other games better be really cheap cuz the type of content thats scheduled for next week's sale is kind of weak.

matrixman921872d ago

I might pick up Dragon Age and finally see what all the fuss is about. If MGR is a good price, definitely picking that up too.

theWB271872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Some decent games there..hope its a good price. Could give The Witcher 2 a try, along with Forza Horizon. Metal Gear Rising too.

matrixman921872d ago

Witcher 2 was fantastic. Probably the best RPG I have ever played

theWB271872d ago

I keep hearing that...then the Witcher 3 looks (Vince Vaughn voice) "phenomenal" I should acquainted with the world and Geralt.

AngryTypingGuy1871d ago

Yeah this game is definitely on my to do list before getting into next gen games.

NihonjinChick1872d ago

Haven't played BioShock infinite yet. Might get that when it goes on sale.

guitarded771872d ago

It's on sale at Amazon right now for $40. Don't know if that's the right price for you... just FYI. Great game and worth every penny.

patsrule3161872d ago

Bioshock Infinite is new for $29.99 on Ebay via Newegg right now.

We'll see how serious Microsoft is with this sale when they release the prices. Nothing released last year should be over $20.00

guitarded771872d ago

Still need Gears Judgement and The Witcher 2. I hope Amazon matches the prices during the sale. They're pretty good about doing so. I'd rather have the physical disc.

matrixman921872d ago

I dont think they do digital to physical price matches

guitarded771872d ago

Maybe not, but I can wait and see.

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