DarkZero's Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Impressions

DarkZero writes: But when all is said and done it is easy to see that DICE have once again laid the groundwork for an excellent game with what's on show in the Bad Company beta. The gameplay is still as deep as it ever was, but crucially more welcoming to outsiders, with teamwork and tactics still highly important to succeed. If you enter the game coming straight from the likes of Halo 3, and arguably COD4, then the initial joys may be sparse as you learn how to play, but once you know how to approach different aspect of the game, understand different classes, and crucially learning how to re-supply, you'll start to have loads of fun.

In its current form the game still boasts some problems that need to be ironed out before release, but that is after all what a beta test is for.

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