Xbox One exec says Sony PS4 tech specs are "meaningless", games more important

OXM: Xbox product planning boss Albert Penello has downplayed technical comparisons between Xbox One and PS4, saying that hardware analysis is "meaningless" when "our games and experiences are going to be every bit as good as, if not better" than those you'll find on competing consoles.

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How convenient that specs don't matter when your consoles specs are inferior.

And please microsoft, don't try to talk to me about games like you've been giving me GOTY winners for years straight.

moparful991966d ago

Lol it's ironic how games are suddenly important now that they have an expensive new console to support.. Think about it, we know they have been working on the ONE since 2010. Isn't that roughly the same time that the 360 exclusive train began to derail?? Meanwhile I'm playing one of the best games I have ever honestly played in The Last of US.....

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Exactly,, no support, no support, now GAMES. -fake as hell people at M$... Put up or shut up, like L.o.U.

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keep talking like that and you'll lose bubble.

Sony makes a system that is strong. Like the ps3 was before it.

Microsoft makes a system that's capable of running any game without breakdown.

this Gen will be the same. Sony brags about the strength of their system while games will be superior on Xbox like they were this Gen. Think about this, MS will most likely win north America, which means that any big budget game or games with meaning will be made on the Xbox. Sony can have those boring exclusives they like to deliver. Their games do nothing for me. Only games I like from sonys studios are god of war and infamous. God of war hasn't been entertaining since 2. Ascension and 3 was slow paced and dragging because they love Dem graphics so much they sacrificed anything else

ThatCanadianGuy5141966d ago

"Microsoft makes a system that's capable of running any game without breakdown."

Xbox fans.They never cease to amaze me.

Pumbli1966d ago

snipab8t - Well, before 2010 that "shithouse" was the sole way to play games like Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 1 and 2, Killzone 2, Infamous, etc. etc.

Resistance was a decent launch title, you calling it 'shit' doesn't change that.

trouble_bubble1966d ago

Lmao, between albert penello, don mattrick, major "no switch" nelson and fan comments like this, it truly is the blind leading the blond in ms country these days.

Fyi mgs4, infamous, littlebigplanet, heavy rain, gow3, uncharted1+2, heavenly sword, ratchet n clank future, valkyria chronicles, demons souls, gt5, motorstorm, killzone2, resistance1+2, warhawk etc all came out 2010 or earlier. All successes.

You namedrop forza4 and halo4 in your 2010 benchmark spiel yet fail to realise those games came out in 2011 and 2012. I don't even...

tristanwerbe1966d ago

I don't consider a lot of the games like the Last of Us games there cinematic experiences but there good just I honestly don't think the games like The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Uncharted are games

Ezz20131966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

let's destroy MS claim once and for all:

********"So this article at the top of /r/games sounds pretty rosy. They're claiming the esram on the XBO can actually push 192.0 GB/s. That sounds really great...

Except if we read the actual statement, it is this.

However, with near-final production silicon, Microsoft techs have found that the hardware is capable of reading and writing simultaneously. Apparently, there are spare processing cycle "holes" that can be utilised for additional operations.

No, they didn't wake up one morning and realize there was an extra data line in their memory module, so lets drill down to what that actually means.

Apparently, there are spare processing cycle "holes" that can be utilised for additional operations.

In other words, no, it isn't capable of bidirectional data transfer. Their trying to push through a few extra memory operations, but the it's still strictly read or write.
Now, look at the actual numbers. I have to give credit to R_K_M and Boreras for pointing this out. I'm just aggregating, so I'm going to direct quote.

If I am not mistaken, that just means that they lowered the clock from 800 to 750 and are using the bi-directonal bandwith number for marketing when everyone else is using the bandwith number in one direction. - R_K_M

you're right the numbers do match up perfectly for that (750 (GPU clock) * 128 (bus width)*2(read&write during same cycle) = 192.0 GB/s --- if it were 800 MHz you would get 204.8 GB/s) - Boreras

So we can basically confirm that cboat was correct. The numbers tell the truth. The esram has been downclocked, and Microsoft's PR department is trying to spin it as an increase in total bandwidth based on some cycle tricks that are probably being exaggerated."*********

keep the DC going MS ...keep it going

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“The problem is that Sony decided to go out and publish a bunch of numbers, which are in some ways meaningless”

cyberninja1966d ago

The Last Of Us is hands down the best game I've ever played.

Ol_G1966d ago

@snipab8t wow true fanboy comment xbox is always better except in real life stop spacing

awi59511966d ago


The problem is at that point Microsoft had like what 20 games that had sold over 2 million copies and ps3 had nothing like that in sales. The 360 games actually sold and people bought them not just trolled on forums all day.

morganfell1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Specs aren't meaningless and attempts to slip by the public won't work:

The sources DF had for the previous article were simply MS PR.

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miyamoto1966d ago

I know when a dog is tucking its tail between his legs in fear ....they talk that specs don't matter, right Nintendogs?

MoveTheGlow1966d ago

Right! If Microsoft developed one decent game I actually enjoyed, maybe I'd take that comment from them seriously. Oh, specs don't matter at all, because we have a Roman game which ran out of ideas, made another awful Normandy scene, and added QTE's when Kinect didn't work! It's a bloody exclusive! Also, if you weren't tired of Call of Duty, we have Call of Duty With Some Robots and no single-player! Games, man!

Seriously, only Nintendo earned the right to say specs don't matter, as they've outclassed the Xbone games with the past half-year of 3DS games. And even they're in the crapper because of the WiiUShouldRenameThisThing.

Meanwhile, Sony just brings out Cerny, asks him to talk, and they outclass everyone immediately. Because there's a smart person behind that system. I wish MS knew who their smart people were, because none have spoken up in years.

tigertom531966d ago

maybe the custom GPU that has DirectX 11.2 will make that system have advantages over Sony or make games look very much the same time will tell

blanket141966d ago

open gl is just as efficient they both get many updates as time goes on. plus ps4 has 2gig video ram x1 has 1 so do the math pal....

tigertom531966d ago

software will work but not as effective as hardware. the video talked about. only difference between ps4 and X1 would be ps4 has GDDR5 vs X1 DDDR3. with a custom GPU that would support and enhance the DirectX 11.2...

tigertom531966d ago

Microsoft has confirmed that DirectX 11.2, the next-generation version of its application programming interface (API) and hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for multimedia devices will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 and its Xbox One console. word is hardware and devices that support...

jmac531966d ago

People on here really need to look at what the specs really mean. The Xbox has 12 CUs compared to 18 CUs in the PS4 on the GPU. This is combined with a unified pool of RAM its undeniable that the PS4 will perform better and is easier to develop for. All the mumbo jumbo about the cloud is marketing speak that fanboys have been eagerly spoon fed. It comes down to the games and how well they are optimized and at this point the PS4 has the lead.

awi59511965d ago


Hes talking about effects because crysis 1 looked way better on vista than it did on XP when they did this crap before. But thanks to some hackers they found a fix that forced most of the direct x10 effects onto XP but some effects like the improved water and lighting didnt look up to par to the vista version.

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Mr Tretton1966d ago

"PS3 was shithouse until about 2010. It had pretty much no noteworthy games at all. Just crappy exclusives like HAZE and Resistance."

That's complete BS and you know it.

MoveTheGlow1966d ago

Eh, most of the games I've really loved and kept around for the system are past 2010, but the PSN games from earlier were great! I mean, they launched with Everyday Shooter, I still love to play that!

But late 2009 was when they started blasting the competition. Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls in the same holiday was awesome to behold!

Picnic1966d ago

Actually I'd say it's about correct.

For, it was only the launch of Uncharted 2 in late 2009 that started to see the PS3 in a new light. I mean, Little Big Planet's nice as an art statement but it's not everyone cup of tea as a game. And the FPS games that weren't Sony exclusives tended to be no better than the Xbox360 ones.

Sony exclusive indies like The Unfinished Swan and Papo and Yo only came out in 2012.

Still, for about half its life the PS3 was the cool one to own. But not the first half massively.

awi59511965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

No hes right Ps2 and i had both didnt have as many hits or exclusives as microsoft those first 2 years it was bad. All games media was ridding sony hard about a 600 dollar console with nothing to play on it. They had resistance and like rachet and clank i think. Xbox first 2 years these are the games i had just my self.

Dead rising

Elders scrolls oblivion


Ghost recon advanced warfighter 1 xbox only

Project Gotham racing xbox only

Burnout revenge

Battlefield modern combat pretty good game for MP

Call of duty 2 console exclusive

Condemned criminal origins great horror game xbox only.

Perfect dark / yeah but the multiplayer was fun at the time.

Kameo was a great kids game i played it like mad.

NBA 2k6 was just a great game.

Amped 3 was a great funny snowboard game that needs to come back xbox exclusive

Geometry wars 1 best xbox arcade game of all time.

These mostly year one games that i bought i have no idea what came out year 2.

awi59511965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

The games below are just the games i know of in the first year the xbox had lots of games first year. You guys are just fooling yourselves. The 360 had one of the best year of games of all time and they sold millions of copies. And thats why 3rd parties was flocking to xbox.

awi59511965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Complete first year of games for xbox 360

Dead rising

Elders scrolls oblivion

Ghost recon advanced warfighter 1 xbox only

Project Gotham racing xbox only

Burnout revenge

Battlefield modern combat pretty good game for MP

Call of duty 2 console exclusive

Condemned criminal origins great horror game xbox only.

Perfect dark / yeah but the multiplayer was fun at the time.

Kameo was a great kids game i played it like mad.

NBA 2k6 was just a great game.

Amped 3 was a great funny snowboard game that needs to come back xbox exclusive

Geometry wars 1 best xbox arcade game of all time.

forza 2

Lost planet

gears of war

Hitman blood money

Test drive

Over lord

Just cause

Blue dragon

Mass effect

Too human

99 knights

Crack down


Rockstar table tenis

Chrome hounds that game kicked but online reminded me of old mechwarriors days.

Siants row

Rainbow 6 vegas

Splintercell double agent


Viva pinata

Fight night 3

Lego star wars

Tony hawk project 8

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ThatCanadianGuy5141966d ago

Resistance, Motorstorm, Folklore, Uncharted all came in 2007.Was an amazing year.

2008 absolutely killed it with MGS4 AND LBP.GOTY awards were flying at PS3's left and right.

2008 was when the dominance started and never stopped.Don't know what the heck you're actually talking about man.

Picnic1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Yes but none of those nailed it as maintstream games in the way that later games did. Resistance was more or less a grey shooter. Motorstorm was brown mud tracks. Folklore was a PS2 style game in terms of concept. Uncharted Drake's Fortune had some great moments later on but many of them even now go unspoken of like the lovely M Escher painting inspired puzzle level - all that stood to many seems to have been 'too many waves of enemies'.

ThatCanadianGuy5141966d ago

With the exception of folklore they all sold millions and made numerous sequels.

What are you talking about?

timl2411966d ago

Seriously, this website needs to be renamed

Specs do not and will not matter this generation. Is it true the PS4 is more powerful in terms of graphics? Yes, but with Cloud it won't be as much of a difference as people think. Besides, GDDR5 RAM is very powerful, but it is also slow. GDDR3 may not be as crisp but it will still be very good graphic wise and a lot quicker. All of the other specs are essentially the same.

So he's right, specs do not matter anymore. It's just like the iPhone and Galaxy S4. The S4 crushes the specs of the iPhone 5, but people still love the 5 because of the way it's optimized. Same thing here.

cyclindk1966d ago

Gddr5 = slow

You = slow

Sy_Wolf1966d ago

@timl241 You can't do anything cool with offsite servers because of how slow the internet is. Even with a 1Gb/s fiber connection it would be too slow to do anything. Consoles move hundreds of gigabytes a second around. GDDR5 RAM isn't slow at all, that's what makes it good. "Powerful" isn't really a term used to describe RAM... like ever. With the phone comparison you're looking at it wrong. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are like the iPhone, static hardware with a heavily optimized operating system. So since the PS4 has superior hardware with a smaller RAM footprint the specifications actually translate to more power. On top of that, should bandwidth magically not be a huge limiting factor while these consoles are relevant Sony can do the exact same thing with Gaikai.

HeyYouGuyz1966d ago

Here's how powerful your cloud is.

The average US internet speed is 7.4 Megabit per second according to a 2013 survey. The speed of the GPUs in these consoles are measured in GigaBYTE per second. So convert 7.4 Mb to GB, and you get a whopping 0.0009033A GB/s added to the current speed of the Xbox One(Eighty)'s GPU.

Even if you had a 1 Gb/s internet connection, that's only .125 GB/s added to the GPU.

My God that's impressive...

andibandit1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


Im not a big believer in this Cloud tech, but your example is the worst example of all.

The following example is not a RL scenario, but it serves to prove my point:

Lets say i was to send you something to compute like this string

"find billionth decimal of PI"

Now that string is only 28 characters long, and is going to require very little bandwidth to send, but the actual calculation is going to take your Xbox/PS4/PC days, if not weeks or months to calculate.

What you are doing is purely looking at the speed at which traffic can flow back and forth, without looking at what kind of traffic it is.

Also "GB/s" is not a represention of "powerfulness"

Funnymonkey0131966d ago

That's where u r wrong yo ps4 being more powerful means a better future 4 amazing games that can't be done on the shitty x1 look at ps3 and 360 games ps3 absolutely crushesd 360 games in terms of graphics gameplay al. And sounds like uncharted wich by the way easily is 100 times better then any 360 games to date. There also GOW killzone 2 & 3 heavy rain the last of us wich again is an amazing game that can only be done on ps3 so no ur wrong it's always good to have more power as it can make really amazing games plus what's sad is ps4 this time is far easer to develope then the stupid x1 I find it funny that a weaker system is harder to develop then the more powerful one. O and anything x1 has ps4 can do it better Xbox fanboy:)

Redempteur1966d ago

"Seriously, this website needs to be renamed"

Really , so what do you want to say?

" Yes, but with Cloud it won't be as much of a difference as people think."


The cloud is a joke. The cloud is a service Microsoft want to force on you , but it won't matter in term of raw power. It was a decoy to present to everyone because they knew they couldn't be on par with the PS4.

If the cloud was working , we'd see some examples of it at E3...there was none of it. Heck all the Xbone one games were running on Pcs.

The cloud is a joke , it doesn't work as a helper for graphical power, anyone who believe otherwise is misinformed or a fanboy.

tigertom531965d ago

something yes your not going to see cloud do graphics processing that is very silly... and of course you don't need a lot of bandwidth either. best way to look at it as a math problem of tons of number and all you need is the answer AI in game is a good example of that...

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wastedcells1966d ago

They need to go silent. They just keep digging themselves deeper into this hole of non sense.

RedHawkX1966d ago

wheres the games for x360 because i havent seen any.

meaNwhile on ps3 god of war acsension, pupeteer, the last of us, beyond 2 souls, gt6, plus more and multiplats. anyone that agrees with ms right here better own a ps3 if not then shut up

showtimefolks1966d ago

Ok so where were the games for last 3 years on xbox360?

How many GOTY exclusives did you develop?

How many new IP's

MS wants us to buy their console now and in 3-4 years they will move on to entertainment and casuals again and forget about core base. Time to prove you can support your core fan base for an entire console

Also just because ps4 has better specs and is more powerful all of the sudden specs don't matter

UNGR1966d ago

Ironic that the PS2 was poop chute in terms of hardware in comparison to it's competition but has 50+ games on it that I've never stopped playing due to how good they are. The PS2 was proof that games are what matters, getting your balls in a knot because it's Microsoft is a little sad. I could smell the stupid fanboy remarks a before I got here. You should be happy Microsoft is putting a focus on games for a change, but leave it to a devote fanboy to never give credit where it's due.

T21966d ago

Ya except they always seem to say whatever suits them best and rarely come through... I have no doubt ms will pump out games to lure gamers initially but Wat a kick in the sack to own a 360 right now .. Mines for netflix lol

moparful991966d ago

@joecanada Netflix on the PS3, is better not only do you not have to have a SUB to PSN to use Netflix but it seems to load and run better on the PS3.. I have both consoles and I don't use Netflix on my 360 hardly at all.. Only reason I have a 360 right now is Minecraft...

Funnymonkey0131965d ago

Lol yeah 4 now but how many years u thing they going to keep making new ips every year I'm guessing 2 years max and that's it. I can tell u u well be seeing many halo gears of war and forza games in its life time while Sony the king in gaming keeps making new fresh ips every few years heck they have like 25 more games they haven't shown on e3 more then 15. And I can say that some of the games that r only on x1 well come to ps4 if not better like DR3 and the that mecha FPS game to to ps4.

BallsEye1966d ago

he has a point. People like you see some numbers and automatically assume they know everything. Architecture and software matters more than you think. XO was build for DX 11.2 and when DX 11.2 , with move engines, esram and hypervisor, can render a scene using 16MB ram when normally it would use 3 GB of ram then YES specs are meaningless. Please research, you're making gaming community look stupid.

Epic_Troy1966d ago

Inferior in what way? ????? They got the same chipset you playstation fanboys are the worst no wonder no one likes u guys

Funnymonkey0131965d ago

Moron it's not talking about the chipset really how about reading y the ps4 is 50% more powerful then x1 o and just to tell u Xbox r the ones that r the lamest cause all I hear is halo gow forza when it comes to games and really live is a ripoff cause its not any better then PS plus hell pluse beats live by far with free full awesome games avatars and huge savings on games dlc avatars and more so yeah PS beats shitty Xbox.

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Syntax-Error1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

When they are released we will see you dominates the market. Until then all fanboys need to STFU. PS fanboys were spouting the same crap back in 2006 and their ass got handed to them, so lets not get ahead of ourselves. If you compare the N4G community to the rest of the world, your opinions in these forums mean squat. Your sales don't matter just like your support for PS Exclusives. No matter how many of you go out and buy them, a large percentage of them always come up below average on sales.

SIX1966d ago

I know right? So I guess this is confirmation that The One isn't as powerful as the PS4.

ZombieKiller1966d ago

Xbox One exec says "meaningless", games more important


Mithan1966d ago

The Xbox360 was inferior to the PS3.

Did it make a difference?

Why are people like you so stupid?

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MrSwankSinatra1967d ago

LOL i find that highly ironic coming from microsoft.

Cueil1966d ago

if they back this up with games that's all the matters yo

MrSwankSinatra1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

dude microsoft is the same company blatantly said they don't care about exclusives. every year at E3 fans were asking for GAMES GAMES GAMES but they never did. they'd show like one big exclusive, bunch third party stuff, casual crap and timed DLC every year . but now the tables have turned sony has the upper hand and now microsoft is trying to appeal to the hardcore gamer that they shunned. whats to stop them from doing the exact same thing from this gen if they get the gamers back. have a bunch of exclusives at beginning and and then just piggyback on third party the rest of the gen. screw that i'm not falling for micosofts bullcrap tactics.

Themba761966d ago

like sony won't lets not forget this years goty The Last of Us. you know made by Naughty Dog. that studio has more talent on it's pinky than all of M$ studios combined. and btw Halo sux now.

mxrider21991966d ago

@themba ya halo started to fall off during halo 3 let alone during odst (worst fucking game ever besides the horde mode they copied) reach(beta was fucking awesome actual game blew balls) halo 4(first week i could like this, nvm this game is almost as bad as reach) and now there is going to be a 5th one pls id have more fun playing halo wars than the campaign let alone multiplayer on the 5th one

Knushwood Butt1966d ago

Considering they've already abandoned the 360, I sincerely hope they do back this up with games.

Hercules1891966d ago

@mxrider2199 u do realize bungie created that mode in marathon, just so u know. and the worst halo game is way better than the best killzone game, just bcus u disagree doesnt mean its not true, numbers are truth and killzone doesnt have anyone online

T21966d ago

@Hercules - nope I just played kz3 last night could play any map full ... Just admit you never even tried it. And he had a point , halo has gotten stale and also worse

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BuLLDoG9091966d ago

Powah of the cLouD! and 50 million transistors ;]

GenericNameHere1966d ago

Haha yeah. Sony just released The Last of Us. They still have 3 more PS3 exclusives before the PS4 comes out: Rain, The Puppeteer, and Beyond: Two Souls.

Where are the Xbox 360 exclusives?? No more? I guess Microsoft already abandoned the X360, just like they did the original Xbox.
Even Nintendo's doing the same. They've already abandoned the Wii.

Microsoft and Nintendo will always abandon their old consoles. Sony, however, you can trust on for continued support even after their new console is out. And Sony will definitely not be short on awesome games, as evident for the last 3 generations.

Narutone661966d ago

Don't forget GT6, which is also on the PS3.

RavageX1966d ago

Now that I think about it, what was the last Xbox exclusive released?

Hellsvacancy1967d ago

Do you think Sony doesnt already know that, dumbasses