From Green Light to Boot-Up: Behind the Scenes of Xbox One’s Development

"If you have any voices in your head," Xbox general manager Leonardo del Castillo told us as we approached Microsoft's anechoic chamber, "you'll hear them in there." The room achieves outer-space-like absolute silence, and is one of the many places where the Xbox One evolved.

We spent three days in Redmond learning not only what the Xbox One looks like and what it can do, but how it became a reality. Every part of designing a console — from hardware engineering to industrial design — is a huge undertaking, and spending so much time behind the curtain drives that home. Whether designing hardware components in-house, 3D-printing dozens of controller mockups, or just making sure the final product delivers as promised, the Interactive Business Division spent nearly two years getting everything just right. And since were were already there, we thought some photography might be in order. Enjoy.

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IDC who your a fan of..thats cool to see. Wouldn't mind seeing what Sony did with the PS4. Or Nintendo. I want to experience that dead silence room. I could see myself in the meetings of each console.

Sony-More power?
Microsoft-More power?
Nintendo-More power...please...

PerryCaravello1039d ago

"And in THIS room---this is where we craft out anti-consumer policies"

theWB271039d ago

Kids...gather around gather around. Here you have a troll in its most natural of habitats.

Kid "Trolls live under bridges"
Instructor laughs "They have evolved and now live on the interwebz and click on articles they have no reason to be in. When you get older, it may be worse. We call this one Perry Caravello."

PerryCaravello1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

It was an anti-consumer policy. If you disagree, state why and provide a factual response.

Don't just say the word 'troll' as if you've accomplished something lol. You haven't stated why you disagree, why it's wrong... anything really.

That's fine. Think of something next time.

: )

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Troll alert, call out the troll police, there be trolls about

mahmoods261039d ago

Half of the box is a heatsink, lol.

Red ring really scared them, lol.

mahmoods261039d ago

Whats to troll. Tell me you don't see that huge fan in the picture?

tigertom531039d ago

at least their no gpu or cpu under the Blu-ray drive it should be a should piece of hardware. I cant wait to see how Sony is cooling their unit..

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