Corsual Let's Play: Hotline Miami

Corsual's EXP writes: " only just learned this the other day, but on Steam, the soundtrack for Hotline Miami is going for more than the game itself. Which is great, because the soundtrack in Hotline Miami is one of the best in existence; a collection of pure badarsery, critically acclaimed tracks from a bunch of amazing creators, including M.O.O.N.

Though, if it were only the music that made Hotline Miami great then today's show wouldn't be half as epic as it is; no, in truth, the music is only one half of what makes Hotline Miami such an extraordinary title. The gameplay, visual style and even the twisted story make for good enough reasons to add this one to your collection; the tunes are just icing on an already gorgeous looking cake.

Check it out for yourself in today's Corsual Let's Play:"

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