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Mad Max Preview | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Mad Max definitely looks like an interesting open-world game. It has the potential to have a good story, and as long as the vehicular combat, along with the hand-to-hand combat, lives up to what was shown in our hands-off demo then it could be a game that’s extremely fun to play too. There are certainly worrying factors about the title that leave me wanting to see more in order to find out if it’s a game worth picking up straight away, I want to know more about the open-world, what there is to do; I want to know about the social connectivity of the game (something which the next-generation consoles seem heavily concentrated on but nothing was mentioned regarding Mad Max) and, more importantly, I want to make sure that the wasteland isn’t just a vast expanse of nothing. Having a couple of ships dotted around make things a little interesting, but that could get very old, very quickly." (Mad Max, PS4, Xbox One)

Gamesgbkiller  +   955d ago
I'm so hyped to see or play it.

I just watched the first & the second movie because of this game.
dalibor  +   955d ago
"We want the pump"
The movies are still awesome to watch after all this time. Tells you something. Thunderdome wasn't like the first two. First half of it was great than it just went into another realm that completely wasn't Mad Max at all. Wonder if the new one is going to be any good. I doubt it but you never know, could be better than Thunderdome but damn won't be the same with out Gibson.
Heisenburger  +   955d ago
Who runs Barter Town??

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