Nintendo Boss Didn't Say He'd Quit, Yo


Earlier this year, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said he felt "strongly responsible" for a two-year string of Nintendo losses. Strong enough to resign? Um...

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gamer421968d ago

Kotaku will be Kotaku.

madpuppy1968d ago

apparently, this article was written by vanilla ice :P

MegaLagann1968d ago

He was playing Catherine before writing the article.

majiebeast1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I think he should step down get some fresh people into Nintendo with a different perspective especially on the hardware side of things.

The few years that Iwata has been chief, Nintendo has had enormous succes with the Wii and DS, but both of those were just lightning in a bottle, especially the Wii. The 3DS wasnt doing so great, from its games lineup in the first year, to the price and tech of the system. Even with its price cut the attach rate of the 3DS is a mere 3:1.

Then he managed to screw up the WiiU launch even worse with almost no games massive delays of said games, 1 of the worst marketing campaigns in gaming, even trumping Sony's terrible ps3 launch campaign. The pricing of the system being just 100-50$ below the PS4 just looks bad and its all because of the tablet controller. Now they have a very underpowered machine with a gimmick that doesnt attract people to the sytem.

I think he should stepdown before Nintendo forces him.

BullyMangler1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Under powered? . what is so under powered about D.K.'s new body fur in New Donkey Kong Tropical freeze for wiiU?

How is being able to play without split screen a gimmick? = wiiU game-pad (: or being able to play any game on the tablet from anywhere using cloud tech? etc etc . .

confused you sound

p.s. the ps4 does what any gaming machine would have eventually.

gamer421968d ago

Wii U uses cloud tech?

BullyMangler1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

( gamer42 )

get ready to take with you everywhere you go your very own cLoud Tech powered Wii U gaming-pad < (:

so comfy so fast so cherished .. .

Imagine Excitebike 64 online H.D. 1080p port for the wiiU gamingPad > etc etc < O.O

and or completely new excitebiKe for wiiU would be dang too :) .. .

Nintendo where can i sign up to pitch in and heLp move your business months maybe years faster ? (: please thanKs .

man i can just imagine an animator person whipping their wiiU's out and drawing or animating something so gLorious at the newly announced (Art Academy SchooL game thing download) then being able to share your piece with the Land = witchCraft < thanks

Eyeco1968d ago

He's a great guy, it's just that he seems to be really out of touch with modern gamers especially especially modern western gamers.


Yes he may have done some good in the past but then so did Ken Kutaragi but like Iwata, it got to a point where that man was completely out of touch with what gamers and developers wanted he had to leave.

Mr_Nuts1968d ago

So true

I said this before but the article was deleted

I think he should...

Sorry, he's a polite guy and all but Nintendo needs a fresh change...someone who isn't going to keep sticking to tradition and help Nintendo get back to the top, WITHOUT gimmicks. Sony was a traditional company then for the PS4 they brought in Mark Cerny and look how better the PS4 looks compared to the PS3. Iwata just seems like he's dragging Nintendo down too much, he has been given chance after chance, any other company would of made him resin by now

Prime_281968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Sony are the ones that need a fresh change. PS2 sold over 150 million consoles yet the PS3 only sold 77 million. That means Sony lost half of their user base. Who's fault is that Mr_Nuts?

Mr_Nuts1967d ago they don't

Kaz is doing a terrific job getting them back on top.

DivineAssault 1968d ago

agreed! Nintendo needs some new ppl in management. I think the older cats should stick around to supervise projects but they need ppl with modern ideas working with them.. Theyre so far behind with their hardware that cellphones might be able to outperform their home consoles..

The 1st party studios can make some really excellent software.. Puzzles, platforming, action, etc are all top notch in the games but they need to get with the program as far as hardware & networking goes.. Who knows what lies ahead for them? But since they merged their handheld & console divisions, they might just make a hybrid type handheld device that plugs into the tv after this gen passes.. I really believe that they would do MUCH better if they did that & or go segas route..

Like i said earlier, their games are awesome by being for casuals & kids yet challenging enough for hardcore gamers. Very few devs can achieve that in their games.. But when it comes to hardware, its in a level of its own & devs cant make multiplats for them without creating it from the ground up (which 99% of the time, they wont).. Their network is also a gen behind.. Theyre at where sony was when PS3 1st launched with bare bones functionality.. Oh well, maybe they will learn their lesson with this horrific console launch they had with wii u & start gettting serious about getting 3rd party on board, making some new IPs, & upgrade their network functionality.. Or they will just continue drifting along nx gen with very few sales & games..

Prime_281968d ago

Gimmick? The only gimmick I can think of this generation is that 2 inch touchpad on the DS4.

Nintendo has been in the business longer than anyone else. I think they know what they're doing.

Mr_Nuts1967d ago

So your saying a small touch pad that won't be forced as much into games is more gimmicky then a massive games pad really hate Sony don't you.

n4f1967d ago

Sony's_nutz its fit you well

mediate-this1967d ago

The tablet is not a gimmick, I do agree with some things like the horrible launch, and I think Nintendo are to comfortable catering to just the young crowd and alienating a lot of third party devs.

they need to get some innovative thinkers in there, they have 3ds to keep them afloat, and once the first party games release in the next year or so it will be fun, but how long after those release will we be waiting for more to play?

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Deividas1968d ago

What Nintendo needs is new IP's. They rely on Mario, Samus, Yoshi and the gang for every game. Dont get me wrong love those guys, but I also love cake...doesnt mean I want to eat it every single day...

Sgt_Slaughter1968d ago

Why do people keep saying they need new IP's? They have made a lot of new IP's in the last 2-3 years, but the majority of people overlook them, and complain that there aren't any new IP's... it is an endless cycle.

meganick1968d ago

Quite true. Nintendo actually introduces new IP's pretty frequently, especially on their portables. But the consoles get new IP's every generation. Even so, I'm pretty cool with Nintendo focusing mainly on established IP's with Wii U, at least just for the fact that they'll all be in HD for the first time. That's a pretty big deal.

CrescentFang1968d ago

A successful IP is one that can keep making money for years and years... just how does Nintendo keep making money off of the same IPs? I don't know, but I seem to enjoy their games anyway.

mediate-this1967d ago

they are called franchise icons, every dev has them. you think Nintendo yu think Mario.

AJBACK2FRAG1968d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Are you serious? Hard core Nintendo fans buy Nintendo hardware specifically for Mario, Zelda, Yoshi etc. Don't you know that? I've repeated this before. When video game developers at Nintendo come up with new gameplay ideas they usually utilize their stable of highly recognizable chracters to express them. I personally like Iwata seems like a good guy. Some one you could trust. Before Satoru worked for Nintendo he worked at Hal and worked on Balloon Fight, Kirby oh yeah another game you might have heard of called Earthbound.

Deividas1967d ago

Making a different variation of the same character, i dont call that a new IP. Super Mario Galaxy (most consider a new IP) is not. Same damn character, in space. Yay. They dont take risks. they stick to the same stuff that they have been doing for decades.

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Donnieboi1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Yamouchi did 3 consoles (nes, snes, n64) and now Iwata has done 3 (Gamecube, wii, wii u). I'll let u guys decide who was the better prez. But anyway, maybe it's time for a new prez. He had his run. Frankly I think Yamouchi did it far better. But whatever. 3 consoles, time for a presidential rotation.

If only Yamouchi wasn't so darn old...

LOL_WUT1968d ago

Bummer I doubt we'll ever see Nintendo make any big changes with Iwata still around ;)

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