Super Mario 3D World hands-on preview [Nintendo Insider]

Nintendo Insider writes:

Having stood playing through the five separate stages of Super Mario 3D World’s E3 2013 demo build, it proves the rare gaming experience that simply comprises of joyous fun in abundance.

Whilst having fallen into the camp of those that perhaps felt that Super Mario 3D World’s reveal failed to match the stature that Super Mario Galaxy had immediately been met with, going hands-on with the Wii U exclusive demonstrated that Nintendo’s creative genius can never be disputed.

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Qrphe1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

wrong post

Realplaya1998d ago

This is the second Mario game on the Wii U and it looks and will play great. The next game is going to be bonkers!

PigPen1998d ago

It looks good and I will most likely buy it.

thomasmiller1998d ago

i am also very excited about this game!!! it is going to have some fresh elements to make the game even more fun than ever now!