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Why is The Wii U Selling Poorly?

The Wii U has been out for a while now but what has Nintendo done so wrong to cause the poor sales that it is receiving. With the unveiling of the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, is it too late for the Wii U to make a comeback? (Nintendo, Wii U)

Update Quick Update: Nintendo’s game development team have promised to revive the Wii U as stated in an article on Bloomberg.

So now it looks like we may be seeing even more exclusives.

Lockhart  +   763d ago
I don't think people are interested in the concept anymore. It was interesting when the Wii originally came out because it was different, so everybody wanted to get their hands on one, but now most people just want to sit down with the likes of PS/XB.
Wizziokid  +   762d ago
It's because the Wii U didn't offer the same level of revolution that the Wii did, people saw it and though ok... a second screen, so?

Not truly amazing has been done with the gamepad, sure some nice things but nothing to say look at the Wii U it can do this and it's new and exciting. To me if they do get a chance Nintendo need to get back in the race with Sony and Ms otherwise in terms of hardware otherwise we wont be seeing any more consoles by them, maybe more handhelds but consoles. nope.
Timesplitter14  +   762d ago
But if Nintendo became only a games developper and released their games on PS4/X1, that would be amazing (for us)
Rusty515  +   762d ago
It's not even that, it's just that the Wii U really has no purpose. I can play games while someone is watching TV? Yeah, that's cool. What else is its purpose?Nintendo have yet to show us why the game pad is relevant. There's no point in it.
miyamoto  +   762d ago
More and More Games Less and Less Gimmicks
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Timesplitter14  +   762d ago
There's also the fact that they did a terrible job at marketing it. Just 2 weeks ago I revealed to two of my gamer friends that the Wii U is Nintendo's actual next-gen console. They thought it was just a portable Wii redesign.

Many people don't even know it exists
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M0rz  +   762d ago
Yes this is very much true and is stated in the article.
JsonHenry  +   762d ago
A whole host of reasons. It is a marginal at best visual upgrade from the Wii. It was marketed poorly. Many people think it is just a Wii with a new controller and judging by the visuals it produces the average consumer would not be able to tell it is a whole new system. The games just are not there. How many generations can Nintendo get away with releasing one zelda game, a mario game or two, a party game/kart game, and then expect us to want to upgrade to their new systems to repeat the process. 3rd parties don't even take the WiiU seriously.

Nintendo basically tried to sell a portable device as the set-top device hoping they would achieve success like they have with their handheld market.

They need a truly next generation console without adding a gimmicky controller and saying this is our innovation, enjoy!
3-4-5  +   762d ago

They will release and people will flock to the Wii U.

3D Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda U, Mario Kart 8 will all sell the Wii U.

Also that Xeno like RPG will sell consoles as well.

I still have a feeling they are working on a true 3D mario game that we will see in late 2014 or 2015.
Qrphe  +   762d ago
People thought the same thing during the N64/GC days. The Wii U NEEDS 3rd party support to sell a lot better than it is now.
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Anon1974  +   762d ago
Talking to Wii owning families that I know, I've broached the topic of the Wii-U a number of times and have been, except for one family, been met with blank stares. The families I know simply don't know the Wii-U exists and the one that did know thought it was a tablet add on of some kind which she wrote off because they already have an iPad.

The Wii-U lacks that buzz the Wii had. The Wii was on TV talk shows, it was on commercials, it had families happily gaming with their kids and it had the motion control gimmick that appealed to kids. The Wii-U has none of that buzz going. They don't need to show the console at E3.

The people that bought the Wii don't know what E3 is. They need to get the Wii-U on Ellen or some similar show to inform the cauals that it exists if they are to have any hope. Core gamers aren't the people who caused the Wii to sell out so who does that leave to buy the product? Nintendo lost the core gamer's attention with the Wii and now the core is all ready for the PS4/XboxOne and I really don't know what Nintendo can realistically do to attract the attention of the casuals again with this product.
CrimsonStar  +   762d ago
I agree , but my main reason for not getting one is they're only couple of games I want for it . And with the Wii U I only want Exclusives , I'm not throwing down 300 bucks for a few games to play .
ATi_Elite  +   762d ago
Why is The Wii U Selling Poorly?
Cause it SUCKS and has no games.
dark-hollow  +   762d ago
Same thing said about the 3ds in it early days, "two screens and 3d is a gimmick" and "handhelds are no longer relevant" yet when more games and a price cut hit, it sold like hot cakes.

All the Wii u needs is the big Nintendo blockbusters to release along with a price cut and better marketing campaign.
starf1sh  +   763d ago
I agree, a lot of my friends were so desperate for a normal Nintendo console to return like the N64 or Gamecube but it didn't.
Wizziokid  +   762d ago
I so wish that's what they did however if the Wii U doesn't pick up some slack we wont be seeing another console like that.
Concertoine  +   762d ago
You say that as if nintendo couldn't afford a major failure in the wii u, nonetheless a minor one (which i think it might be, but even the gamecube turned a profit).
imXify  +   763d ago
I have one and never touched it for 6 months now...so disappointed -_-

It will get better this holiday. But 2012 was a really bad time to buy one.
DJMarty  +   763d ago
Because it's underpowered compared to PS4/X1, too pricey for what hardware it offers.
Wizziokid  +   762d ago
Irrelevant, by that logic the Wii should have been dead on arrival as well.
NihonjinChick  +   762d ago
I don't know why you are getting disagrees. The Wii was the weakest console on the market this gen. Yet it still was the best selling console this gen
DaPrintz  +   762d ago
DJ is right. $350 for a WiiU or $400 for a PS4. When the Wii came out, no other system could match its price. That and the controller made it an attractive device. Combine that with PS3/360 getting the same games as WiiU and you have disaster. Not cutting edge enough to compete with PS4/X1, not different enough then PS3/360 at that price point.
DJMarty  +   762d ago
It was in my book, I skipped it and went for a PS3.
3-4-5  +   762d ago
GBA & SNES are underpowered compared to current gen, but both systems have more good games.

It's not about power, it's what you do with whatever power you have.
bobacdigital  +   762d ago
I have posted this several times .. If you take into consideration what you get it actually isnt as pricey as the other systems..

Console: 500
Online Play:60
Total: 620

Value here is the Kinect and robustness of Live and exclusives from MSFT.

Console: 400
Online: 60
Game: 60
Total: 520 (add additional 60 for motion gaming)

You do get bonus value here because PSN+ will be giving you free to play games.. Also exclusives from Sony.

Wii U
Console: 350
Online: Free
Game: Free (Bundled)
Total: 350 (add 50 for 500 gig external HD)

Value here is backwards compatibility (Games and accessories), Miiverse, Built in two screen gaming, free game and internet out the box.. Obviously exclusive Nintendo titles add value as well

You do loses some value because of Hardware capabilities like hard drive size and processing power along with third party support down the line.

The reality of the situation is the X1 and PS4 will cost you 100 dollars or more on day 1 compared to the Wii U Deluxe. Everyone keeps saying the PS4 is only 50 more... it is actually more than that when you include what you are not getting..

I do agree that Nintendo still needs to drop the price 50 to 70 more so that it is in an even better position compete.. But I somewhat disagree that it is entirely too expensive when you actually look at what you are getting.
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Concertoine  +   762d ago
Drop the exclusive model to 299.99, throw in a pro controller. That's the best plan in my eyes. gets the pro controller exposure it sorely needs
Wizziokid  +   762d ago
Still no games.

i own a Wii U and I haven't played it for months. I may end up picking Lego City however but I'm really just waiting for Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart etc.
Krew_92  +   762d ago
That's what happened with me. I bought the Wii when it came out and I almost never played it, most of the games didn't interest me.

I think I only ever owned about 2 games overall. I was severely disappointed, then after I sold it good games started to come out.

I ended up playing them at a friend's house, and got a chance to experience all the gems.
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deadeyes  +   762d ago
Actually l bought Lego City and it bored me to death...I picked AC 3 and love it !
bobacdigital  +   762d ago
Have you not downloaded any of the Indie titles that are on the eshop? Rayman challenge app keeps me pretty busy along with completing New Super Mario bros U.

I ended up buying COD the other day for 25 bux and I have to say I am impressed with how well it plays in 2 player mode with one person only using the tablet and another using the pro controller on the TV.. Online worked pretty well and had alot of active players..
o-Sunny-o  +   762d ago
No games as usual the answer. I do wish the Game pad was useful but its just an big controller. So far I didn't use it like I did with the Wiimote. I need something to play that makes the Gamepad useful and fun. I'm keep drawing every now and again till games arrive.
M0rz  +   762d ago
I don't think they are taking advantage of the potential the gamepad really has, it can definitely be optimized brilliantly into the gaming experience but it just hasn't happened yet.
ninjagoat  +   762d ago
Imo the system as a lot off potential but Nintendo needs to get there finger out and start rolling out there big games.

They need to start listening to the games people want. Wheres the Zelda and wheres the Mario that people want not the 2d/3d converts.

Starfox Donkey Kong etc there's a wealth off big hits there that done right will bring in the sales and bring back the interest.

I think Nintendo marketing hasn't helped this time round. The Wii U isn't a PS4 are a X1 but it still has a hell of a lot more juice than the Wii and it can make games that we know and love look stunning.

First party Nintendo should be shining now and it just isn't that's where they are failing and imo that's a shock for me.

It isn't the games are not fun. Its more there not living up to the Hardware they have at hand imo.
tigertron  +   762d ago
1. Lack of games, particularly from third parties.
2. The name. Wii U sounds like an add on to the Wii.
3. No adverts.
4. Lack of online gaming compared to the PSN and XBL.
5. 2006 tech.
6. Pricey for what it is.
7. No HDD.
8. Optical discs, no Blu-ray.

What Nintendo really needs to do is market the hell out of this thing, get those first party titles out there and encourage AAA developers/publishers and indies to make games for it.
MadMen  +   762d ago
General interest in the WiiU is gone.

1 No HDD
1 3rd party support has dried up
3 No Blu Ray
4 The Wii has more games and is a better value
5 Online network is years behind
6 To many rehashed Franchises

Nintendo needs to smarten up, Hardware has never been their strong suit, software has, they need to go all software. If their games went across Xbox, PS4, Mobiles etc.

They would be LOADED in cash.
bass4g  +   762d ago
No they wouldn't. Most people if they want nintendo games they'll buy a nintendo console. Some people would buy them maybe but the majority would avoid. Nintendo stands to lose a lot more from going third party. First of all, nintendo software and hardware are inherently linked. Like it or not nintendo makes their hardware the way they want to. They make it based on ideas they have during software development. Without that a lot of their games could become stale. Also without access to hardware during the development process the quality of nintendo games would reduce at the very least graphically which would tarnish nintendo's reputation. Without a revenue stream from the hardware side and without the guarantee that people will buy their games (because they're now just another third party), they will havee to be more conservative with how they make games and again the quality of their games will go down. They will also lose relavency, nintendo is still somewhat of a talking point because they still make consoles without that as I said before they're just another third party publisher. Look at what happened to sega. Love or hate them you can hardly argue that the sega of today is just as relevant and makes just as good games as the sega of yesteryear.

People have made statements like this since before the snes was released and nintendo are still here today and still releasing top quality games.

Also to counter some of your other points. No blu ray isnt really a problem as some of us already have blu ray players, likelyhood being if you want one you'll already have one by now. Wii u has backwards compatability so it has all the games wii has bar the gamecube games and will keep getting games in the future. The online network is for the most part better than other networks, with the only real problem being not being able to transfer accounts but I assume that's coming in the summer update or whatever. No achievements is hit or miss. I personally don't like them as I see them as a bit pointless and I think they are one of many reasons why videogames cant be taken seriously as an art form. Finally I'd like to point out that you say they have "too many rehashed franchises" (the only ones I would argue are in this category is the new super mario games and the "wii" range) so why would you want them to go third party as you obviously don't like their games. I'll give you the 3rd party thing that's always been a problem on nintendo systems and the harddrive is a bit of an issue but I would have got an external harddrive anyway.

Point is. Nintendo still makes hardware because ultimately that's who they are. A nintendo that doesn't make hardware isnt nintendo.
StraightedgeSES  +   762d ago
The reason the Wii U is not selling well is because instead of releasing new games on the Wii U developers decided it would be ok to port old games that people already have.
M0rz  +   762d ago
^ Spot on, couldn't agree more.
Styxoric  +   762d ago
I want to get one, but right now the amount of AAA content available does not justify the price.

If i get one now i'll just get bored of it in two weeks time.

Give me new, awesome and lengthy Marios, Zeldas, Metroids. Then you definately have my money.
Broburger  +   762d ago
- lack of games
- barely any 3rd party support
- same old franchises, no new ips
- poor marketing (some ppl don't even know it exists)
- the gamepad is a turn off for some
- it's too expensive
- it's considered "lame" by some gamers
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gedden7  +   762d ago
People People People

It's not about the novelty of motion controls, tech or graphics.. It's all about the games. The more GAMES the Wii U has under its belt the better the system will sale. Nintendo is doing what it can LOGICALLY and BUSINESS wise to change the sale of the Wii U...

1. Mario Kart 8
2. Pikmin 3
3. Zelda WW HD
4. DK TF
5. Wonderful 101
6. Mario World 3d
7. 3rd party games (the little that is coming are actually really good games)

All those games are good/great games or are great Nintendo salers or BOTH. The 3ds went through the same thing. The Wii U will be fine. The only thing that has me worried is direct 11 support for the Wii U.. Nintendo needs to bend over backwards to get that running on the system so how some way...

BTW I love my Wii U and I'm waiting on the games for this year and next.. ONLINE Smash bros is gonna be the SHYT!!!!
mudmax  +   762d ago
"Lack of online gaming"? In what way? Because they don't have a trophy system? Online gaming on WiiU is virtually lag free compared ps360. So what else is it lacking besides a trophy system or achievements. you guys have a right to your opinions, but there just dumb and sensless. PS4One will have the same problems when they launch but more so. You guys are setting yourselves up for a major disappointment just like last time but you will deny it just like last time too. Didn't your moms ever tell you if you got nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all? I guess not.
The problem is just a lack of games!

Fast forward 12-16 months and this conversation will be mute.

PS4/XB1 will undoubtedly be most gamers console of choice, but the Wii U is a pretty traditional type of console and I think it'll warrant a purchase as a 2nd console once a price drop and Nintendo AAA's finally start coming out.
Xof  +   762d ago
Moot. "Mute" means no sound, "moot" means it's not an issue.

And yes, by this time next year it will be a moot point. As is virtually always the case with a new gaming platform (see the 3DS and PS3 for recent examples) Gamers in both the community and media declare the platform to be absolutely and irredeemably dead and without hope when the inevitable post-launch drought hits... and are then completely blindsided when things turn out differently.

I mean, hell, it wasn't until this past year or so that some gamers were -finally- able to accept that the PS3 was not, in fact, bereft of games.
kaozgamer  +   762d ago
I don't see the point of the gamepad.
Xof  +   762d ago
Neither did I.
Then I bought a WiiU.

It's really something you can't understand until you have it in your hands and can see how it works for yourself. Honestly, it's pretty damn cool in practice.
tweet75  +   762d ago
its because most of the games so far for it are old ports even with enhanced features there not worth buying the games again.
josephayal  +   762d ago
poorly? 4million?
greenlantern2814  +   762d ago
Well Nintendo themselves have said it is not doing well and retailers in Europe and other places have given pretty heavy discounts to try and move them.
And I heard closer to 3.2 million
thomasmiller  +   762d ago
Yeah the XBOX ONE IS DEAD!!! with all the bad things going on with microsoft, not being able to play 3rd party accessories, indie developers dumping them by the hordes, Yeah Nintendo has nothing to worry about, with micro soft, the wii u will pick up in sales this holiday season, with mario 3d, zelda, donkey kong. the wonderful 101, pikmin 3.. nintendo has nothing to worry about, it's micro soft that better be looking at becoming a 3rd party... NINTENDO FANS ARE VERY HAPPY WITH the current announcements for the wii u, ARE MICROSOFT FANS HAPPY ABOUT XBOX ONE ANNOUNCEMENTS??

the media better take off their microsoft glasses, and starti looking at the real picture, MICRO SOFT IS IN BIG TROUBLE, and the vdieogame media thinks nintendo is doomed?
I'd take a second look if I were them.
nzbleach  +   762d ago
Sadly a tech store here in NZ has sold them off cheap due to poor sales and has said they aren't selling them no more and are making room for PS4 and Xbox One. I'm keeping my Wii U since I've never owned a Nintendo game console.
thebudgetgamer  +   762d ago
Because this is what happens when you put most of your eggs in the casual basket.
CrimsonStar  +   762d ago
Not enough games yet .
BATRA  +   762d ago
thats good to no hope its battalion wars 3 for the wii u
BATRA  +   762d ago
im going to say this ones gamepad is made for mmo-rpg,fps,shooting games,tbs games,some adventure games,multiplayer online battle games like league of legends rts games like starcraft games or command and conquer games would be very good to have but no one is doing them so wii u is doing very bad because no one as any ideal how to make games with the gamepad so i am telling you what to do nintendo make these games and wii u will sale very good
BosSSyndrome  +   762d ago
Sigh. Why do they even bother? The games will come, and Wii U will begin to soar, and all of us will be eating our hats. Either that, or they will pull a gamecube and profit anyway with huge software sales.
greenlantern2814  +   762d ago
No marketing.
Remember before Wii launched you could go almost anywhere and play it see people playing it, they had commercials for it.
People have asked me still to this day 2questions that Nintendo should worry about.
1: when does wiiu come out/ or is Nintendo making a new console?
2:why would I pay 350$ for an accessory for the Wii I paid 150$ for?
And their Nintendo direct stuff on the web is seen by people who already know about it and are die hard Nintendo fans so it is not getting information to people who aren't actively looking for it.
Also not worth the price IMO
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assdan  +   762d ago
You can't update games because it has no HDD.
There is no third party support because nintendo completely alienated them.
At a price point $100 higher than the PS3 and 360, it is barely stronger than either (some estimates put it at only 50%). Then if comes with no features, so it is solely a game console.
The wiiU is in the unselllable valley. If it were a little weaker and costed $50-75 less, then people would buy it. If they invested a little bit more money into it and made it actually worth what you were buying, people would want it. To get a PC that's the same power as a PS4, it would cost $700-800 I believe, to make a PC as strong as a wiiU, it costs a little less than the wiiU itself. That's pathetic.
bobacdigital  +   762d ago
I currently own a 32 gig model and have several games that have updated.. I also have downloaded most all the demos available on the eshop to test games... ALSO I have downloadable titles like Tank Tank, Trine, and Nano assault and I have 0 issues with space at this point (not using an external harddrive at all)... The cost of a 500 gig external harddrive is the price of about 1 game (50 to 60$ on newegg)

And how are you going to tell me it comes with NO features.. Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Amazon.. MIIVERSE, an actual FAST web browser that works well with HTML5, Videochat, Eshop, TVii, download games while playing, BACKWARDS compatability with games and peripherals of the Wii... Virtual Console, included tablet...

I could keep listing stuff off but it makes no sense to say "Then if comes with no features, so it is solely a game console. "...

The Wii U is not selling because of bad marketing and limited games .. it is simple as that.. Once the marketing steps up a bit and Nintendo gets out all the titles it listed off in its direct the system will start to take off.. The 3DS was in this position over a year ago and it TOOK OFF and is currently outselling the VITA 31M to 5m with the exact same short comings the Wii U has to all its competitors.
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greenlantern2814  +   762d ago
That is a good list, you should get a job at Nintendo. because in all the time the wiiu has been out they have not made as strong of an argument for the wiiu as you just did.
And that is their problem.
otter26  +   762d ago
I'm married with kids they dont play video games...having a controller that plays games off tv. With the gamepad is a god send.....thank you nintendo!

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