Why is The Wii U Selling Poorly?

The Wii U has been out for a while now but what has Nintendo done so wrong to cause the poor sales that it is receiving. With the unveiling of the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, is it too late for the Wii U to make a comeback?


Quick Update: Nintendo’s game development team have promised to revive the Wii U as stated in an article on Bloomberg.

So now it looks like we may be seeing even more exclusives.

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Lockhart1967d ago

I don't think people are interested in the concept anymore. It was interesting when the Wii originally came out because it was different, so everybody wanted to get their hands on one, but now most people just want to sit down with the likes of PS/XB.

Wizziokid1967d ago

It's because the Wii U didn't offer the same level of revolution that the Wii did, people saw it and though ok... a second screen, so?

Not truly amazing has been done with the gamepad, sure some nice things but nothing to say look at the Wii U it can do this and it's new and exciting. To me if they do get a chance Nintendo need to get back in the race with Sony and Ms otherwise in terms of hardware otherwise we wont be seeing any more consoles by them, maybe more handhelds but consoles. nope.

Timesplitter141967d ago

But if Nintendo became only a games developper and released their games on PS4/X1, that would be amazing (for us)

Rusty5151967d ago

It's not even that, it's just that the Wii U really has no purpose. I can play games while someone is watching TV? Yeah, that's cool. What else is its purpose?Nintendo have yet to show us why the game pad is relevant. There's no point in it.

miyamoto1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

More and More Games Less and Less Gimmicks

Timesplitter141967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

There's also the fact that they did a terrible job at marketing it. Just 2 weeks ago I revealed to two of my gamer friends that the Wii U is Nintendo's actual next-gen console. They thought it was just a portable Wii redesign.

Many people don't even know it exists

M0rz1967d ago

Yes this is very much true and is stated in the article.

JsonHenry1967d ago

A whole host of reasons. It is a marginal at best visual upgrade from the Wii. It was marketed poorly. Many people think it is just a Wii with a new controller and judging by the visuals it produces the average consumer would not be able to tell it is a whole new system. The games just are not there. How many generations can Nintendo get away with releasing one zelda game, a mario game or two, a party game/kart game, and then expect us to want to upgrade to their new systems to repeat the process. 3rd parties don't even take the WiiU seriously.

Nintendo basically tried to sell a portable device as the set-top device hoping they would achieve success like they have with their handheld market.

They need a truly next generation console without adding a gimmicky controller and saying this is our innovation, enjoy!

3-4-51966d ago


They will release and people will flock to the Wii U.

3D Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda U, Mario Kart 8 will all sell the Wii U.

Also that Xeno like RPG will sell consoles as well.

I still have a feeling they are working on a true 3D mario game that we will see in late 2014 or 2015.

Qrphe1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

People thought the same thing during the N64/GC days. The Wii U NEEDS 3rd party support to sell a lot better than it is now.

Anon19741966d ago

Talking to Wii owning families that I know, I've broached the topic of the Wii-U a number of times and have been, except for one family, been met with blank stares. The families I know simply don't know the Wii-U exists and the one that did know thought it was a tablet add on of some kind which she wrote off because they already have an iPad.

The Wii-U lacks that buzz the Wii had. The Wii was on TV talk shows, it was on commercials, it had families happily gaming with their kids and it had the motion control gimmick that appealed to kids. The Wii-U has none of that buzz going. They don't need to show the console at E3.

The people that bought the Wii don't know what E3 is. They need to get the Wii-U on Ellen or some similar show to inform the cauals that it exists if they are to have any hope. Core gamers aren't the people who caused the Wii to sell out so who does that leave to buy the product? Nintendo lost the core gamer's attention with the Wii and now the core is all ready for the PS4/XboxOne and I really don't know what Nintendo can realistically do to attract the attention of the casuals again with this product.

CrimsonStar1966d ago

I agree , but my main reason for not getting one is they're only couple of games I want for it . And with the Wii U I only want Exclusives , I'm not throwing down 300 bucks for a few games to play .

ATi_Elite1966d ago

Cause it SUCKS and has no games.

dark-hollow1966d ago

Same thing said about the 3ds in it early days, "two screens and 3d is a gimmick" and "handhelds are no longer relevant" yet when more games and a price cut hit, it sold like hot cakes.

All the Wii u needs is the big Nintendo blockbusters to release along with a price cut and better marketing campaign.

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starf1sh1967d ago

I agree, a lot of my friends were so desperate for a normal Nintendo console to return like the N64 or Gamecube but it didn't.

Wizziokid1967d ago

I so wish that's what they did however if the Wii U doesn't pick up some slack we wont be seeing another console like that.

Concertoine1966d ago

You say that as if nintendo couldn't afford a major failure in the wii u, nonetheless a minor one (which i think it might be, but even the gamecube turned a profit).

imXify1967d ago

I have one and never touched it for 6 months disappointed -_-

It will get better this holiday. But 2012 was a really bad time to buy one.

DJMarty1967d ago

Because it's underpowered compared to PS4/X1, too pricey for what hardware it offers.

Wizziokid1967d ago

Irrelevant, by that logic the Wii should have been dead on arrival as well.

NihonjinChick1967d ago

I don't know why you are getting disagrees. The Wii was the weakest console on the market this gen. Yet it still was the best selling console this gen

DaPrintz1966d ago

DJ is right. $350 for a WiiU or $400 for a PS4. When the Wii came out, no other system could match its price. That and the controller made it an attractive device. Combine that with PS3/360 getting the same games as WiiU and you have disaster. Not cutting edge enough to compete with PS4/X1, not different enough then PS3/360 at that price point.

DJMarty1966d ago

It was in my book, I skipped it and went for a PS3.

3-4-51966d ago

GBA & SNES are underpowered compared to current gen, but both systems have more good games.

It's not about power, it's what you do with whatever power you have.

bobacdigital1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I have posted this several times .. If you take into consideration what you get it actually isnt as pricey as the other systems..

Console: 500
Online Play:60
Total: 620

Value here is the Kinect and robustness of Live and exclusives from MSFT.

Console: 400
Online: 60
Game: 60
Total: 520 (add additional 60 for motion gaming)

You do get bonus value here because PSN+ will be giving you free to play games.. Also exclusives from Sony.

Wii U
Console: 350
Online: Free
Game: Free (Bundled)
Total: 350 (add 50 for 500 gig external HD)

Value here is backwards compatibility (Games and accessories), Miiverse, Built in two screen gaming, free game and internet out the box.. Obviously exclusive Nintendo titles add value as well

You do loses some value because of Hardware capabilities like hard drive size and processing power along with third party support down the line.

The reality of the situation is the X1 and PS4 will cost you 100 dollars or more on day 1 compared to the Wii U Deluxe. Everyone keeps saying the PS4 is only 50 more... it is actually more than that when you include what you are not getting..

I do agree that Nintendo still needs to drop the price 50 to 70 more so that it is in an even better position compete.. But I somewhat disagree that it is entirely too expensive when you actually look at what you are getting.

Concertoine1966d ago

Drop the exclusive model to 299.99, throw in a pro controller. That's the best plan in my eyes. gets the pro controller exposure it sorely needs

Wizziokid1967d ago

Still no games.

i own a Wii U and I haven't played it for months. I may end up picking Lego City however but I'm really just waiting for Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart etc.

Krew_921966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

That's what happened with me. I bought the Wii when it came out and I almost never played it, most of the games didn't interest me.

I think I only ever owned about 2 games overall. I was severely disappointed, then after I sold it good games started to come out.

I ended up playing them at a friend's house, and got a chance to experience all the gems.

deadeyes1966d ago

Actually l bought Lego City and it bored me to death...I picked AC 3 and love it !

bobacdigital1966d ago

Have you not downloaded any of the Indie titles that are on the eshop? Rayman challenge app keeps me pretty busy along with completing New Super Mario bros U.

I ended up buying COD the other day for 25 bux and I have to say I am impressed with how well it plays in 2 player mode with one person only using the tablet and another using the pro controller on the TV.. Online worked pretty well and had alot of active players..

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