Father of PS4 Mark Cerny Was Initially Denied his First PlayStation DevKit, Shuhei Yoshida Saved Him

Speaking at a conference during GameLab 2013 in Barcelona, PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny revealed an interesting and uplifting tidbit of information on his early career, explaining how he was first denied his first PlayStation devkit because he was a westerner, but Shuhei Yoshida came to the rescue.

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kratos1231967d ago

dude this is such a great video, i am a business student and this helps soo much in understanding the companies of that time. Plus this guy is a genius, he was 16 when he went to a university

Lockhart1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

And by 17 he was creating coin-in-slot games for Atari. You could probably go as far as saying that without Mark, the gaming industry would be different. He has definitely had a large impact on the industry and we should be thankful.

Now I'm looking forward to having as much fun as possible on his new masterpiece. Bring on November!

Blankolf1967d ago

The time to triangle, the time for 3rd party studios to lay the engine groundwork before they can produce usable graphics on screen is simply amazing, I think we will see amazing games, and developers can't be more happy about a console.

Blackdeath_6631967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

its amazing how much influence mark cerny and shuhei yoshida had on playstation and gaming in general and how game devs like Naughty dog and insomniac games were founded. also alot of info was revealed about how they went about making the PS3 also amazing how much it has changed since 2007

SheenuTheLegend1967d ago

yeah man, a lot to learn in this video...
im kinda attached to this like this video like steve jobs videos...
Something big is coming. get ready people

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Commandar_Shepard1967d ago

I never though I'd be able to watch the whole thing but wow, Cerny is just so great at what he does. And the fact that he admits that they had the wrong approach with the PS3....the PS4 is definitely in great hands. I'm really looking forward to it.

Donnieboi1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Lol the irony.

Now he's the father of PS4. Good thing Yoshida saved Cerny's bacon--now he returned the favor and made the best console (hardware and cost-efficient-wise) of our next generation.

Abriael1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Haha i detect a ninja edit up there :P

Donnieboi1967d ago

Yeah, guilty as charged <3

Lockhart1967d ago

He was the first English-speaking person to receive a DevKit. In fact, they didn't even have English versions, only Japanese. Luckily during his time at Sega he learnt the language.

Abriael1967d ago

An uplifting story isn't it? Cerny knows how to tell one.

Reverent1967d ago

Cerny needs his own movie.

hellzsupernova1967d ago

I love shu, he is amazing! Thank goodness for shu and mark they have made the dream console.

Majin-vegeta1967d ago

His kids and wife are lucky.Although i heard i was his missing son??:O

Commandar_Shepard1967d ago

Imagine career day lol.

"My dad's a lawyer."

"My dad owns a donut shop."

"My dad has been in the videogame industry for 31 years, is bilingual, was the first to receive a PS1 dev kit outside of Japan, was a major part in creating the PS3, and is the lead in creating the goddamn PS4!!!!!!!!"

*other kids faint*

SpinalRemains1381967d ago

Then one kid in the back starts babbling about the power of the cloud and Titanfall and no one plays with that kid.

Roper3161967d ago

Mr. Cerny a true pioneer & visionary in the gaming industry.

pabadamus11967d ago

Cool story. That is a long history and a long journey that brings us to today. I didn't know Cerny was the one to give Naughty Dog and Insomniac their breaks on PS1. It is also funny how 1 - 2 million dollars was enough to produce AAA games back then.

Gardenia1967d ago

I wish it would be like those days again. It feels like back then games were not about the money but about creativity and fun gameplay.

Coincidence, while im writing this i am listening to "The Best Is Yet To Come" from MGS on the PS1. Its like im going back in time 14 years

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