Kissy Ps Vita/3DS JRPG Exstetra Gets a New Trailer, Introduces Shiho

The Ps Vita/3DS JRPG Exstetra is surely based on a peculiar concept, with the protagonist kissing his companions in order to unleash their powers. Today we get a glimpse of that with a new trailer that introduces the tsundere idol and model wannabe Shiho.

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NihonjinChick1943d ago

I want to play this so bad.

wishingW3L1943d ago

these anime archetypes and retarded clothing got old. =/

CrossingEden1943d ago

meh, absolutely nothing new, AGAIN! seriously, when i saw peculiar concept i assumed they meant it was new, turns out they just ripped off the plot of one of the most sexist animes ever conceived, sekirei -_-

Abriael1943d ago

Too bad that one of the "sekirei" here is a dude.

Oops. your ignorance has been exposed again.

CrossingEden1943d ago

its still the EXACT same premise -_- omg, changing one aspect doesn't make it a completely new or original concept!