GDN: Teenage Zombies Review

At its most basic level, Teenage zombies is a damn fine platform game, but when the severed limbs of its wonderfully mangled corpse are stitched together, the comically gory amalgam of this uproarious Frankenstein-fest surmount to so much more. The cross and change of banter between the overly precious Alien Brain Thingys and the unintentional heroics of the decomposing champions deliver a thorough and absorbing entertainment experience.

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Mariye3673d ago

I can't wait for the teenage zombie brain-eating action!

PS360WII3670d ago

wow didn't know this game was this close to release! Already getting reviews and a nice score as well! :)

ItsDubC3670d ago

Wow that definitely is a nice score. Might have to take a good look at this one =)