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Will Apple Disrupt the Gaming Console Market?

Between the upcoming release of iOS 7, which introduces third-party gaming controller standards, and a new generation of Wi-Fi, Apple will have the necessary tools to full-on compete against Sony and Microsoft in the console gaming market. The timing couldn't be better for Apple, considering Sony and Microsoft won't be releasing their next generation consoles until the holiday season – right after iOS 7 goes live. (IOS, iPad, iPhone)

Mikefizzled  +   693d ago
This rumour has been circulating for so long with such little basis I am bored at the thought of it.
Aery  +   693d ago
"Apple will have the necessary tools to full-on compete against Sony and Microsoft in the console gaming market"

Consoles are doomed ....

theWB27  +   693d ago
The author AppleTV-99 bucks then an Idevice which costs as much as a system with the games we know n love. HHmm..no
trenso1  +   693d ago
How long have people been asking this question still nothing is shown to back it up. Ios doesn't have good enough games to take over any console market not even mobile imo. Also Ios 7 takes a lot of things from android and is behind too me. Also with the new key lime pie android coming out soon IOS 7 won't even be a big deal as much as apple makes it out be.
chito1016d  +   693d ago
These games are popular because they are convenient and simple. No way I would but when I could simply swipe on my phone. Next gen console is the only systems I want on my tv.
Allsystemgamer  +   693d ago
I can see it now. A 1200$ console. 200$ controllers. 90$ per game. $100 online fee. $100 needed cables that don't come with the console to connect to the tv applecrap-hdmi. Etc.
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Khordchange  +   693d ago
How many times have we heard this? how many times? its just getting annoying at this point
DigitallyAfflicted  +   693d ago
And for future reference: NO! It won't.
grimmweisse  +   693d ago
Even with third party controllers, no. Most of it's games will be too gimmicky, and the amount of shovelware is enough for it to not be taken seriously. The amount of rubbish titles far outweigh the quality ones. Smartphones and tablets are bought primarily as communication devices, not gaming devices.
Magnus  +   693d ago
If you want a 4th console to enter the gaming market get Sega to build a Dreamcast 2. It would sell alot better than an Apple IBox. And it would be cheaper to buy than an Apple IBox. And with a Sega Dreamcast 2 I wouldn't have to worry about stupid in game purchases like most games on the Iphone.
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level 360  +   693d ago
Would be good to see Apple get in the game industry for a couple of things:

1) Good for competition.

2) Could maybe bring price of games and consoles even lower.

3) Will help a lot of up and coming CG/artists', fresh writers'.
Auron  +   692d ago
$1000 game system that's as powerful as the wii u? No thanks.

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