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MWEB GameZone Review Company of Heroes 2: Frantic & Brutal Strategic Combat

MWEB GameZone reviews Company of Heroes 2. Overall it is a beautiful upgrade from its predecessor. (Company of Heroes 2, PC) 7.5/10

HanCilliers  +   736d ago
Great review! Although WW gaming has been done a zillion times, you will always have the fans
jjdoyle  +   736d ago
do yous write for the site?
HanCilliers  +   736d ago
I manage the site
GabeSA  +   736d ago
The part where you fight in the cold and have to move from place to place to find fire to keep warm is interesting and challenging.
Choc_Salties  +   736d ago
Looks shiny, and since i never played the original, this might be an interesting title to try! Good write-up!
WelshPixie  +   736d ago
Nice to see them improving with successive games. Don't get that much.

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