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Building a bridge between console and PC gamers, Dust 514 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive; a free to play first person shooter that takes place within the same universe and continuity of the popular massively multiplayer sci-fi strategy game EVE Online. As one game promises to impact the other, Dust 514 has its boots firmly on the ground, as players participate in online deathmatches on behalf of their chosen faction, with repercussions that will be felt by their PC brethren in EVE Online. It’s a concept that if executed well, could redefine the structure of online gaming and radically expand on the already bustling massively multiplayer game market.

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Hellsvacancy1992d ago

I play a lot games, im not narrow minded when it comes to gaming, but you really have to have a high IQ to play DUST514, the market place is insane, I never know what im buying and the stuff I do end up buyin (NOT real money) never works

I feel really dumb for letting it beat me, I didnt feel that it was a rewarding enough game to put myself through the pain of learning how to master it

I had fun actually playing the game, its just the store, its too much

I gave up on it, ill stick with BF3

LackTrue4K1992d ago

If you don't mind asking, how much $ did you spend....?
I hurd this game/online store is expensive....

Hellsvacancy1992d ago

I didnt spend anything buddy, it was all in game credits I used

Emilio_Estevez1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Here is how it works -

Everything that can be bought with $ (AUR) has an equivalent with in game currency (ISK). The only difference is you can use the AUR gear 1 level above your current skills.

All the equipment comes in tiers, which you unlock with your skill points.


Say you've skilled into STD for any item. You can use the STD isk based item, or you can use AUR ($) and use the ADV item, which is slightly better.

You can only go up 1 level and the same thing is obtainable by skilling farther into that particular item.
Use this link to sign up and get free permanent DUST items

guitarded771992d ago

I respect your trying. You seem to really understand the purpose of the game, but ultimately said "It's not for me... too much micro managing". That's totally fair to do and not crap on the game.

That said, most people aren't as wise as you, and crap on the game because they don't understand it. I'm not saying it's a perfect game, but it is a truly unique experience, and is hella fun once a player gets the basics down. Too bad many reviewers don't understand that.

first1NFANTRY1992d ago

i played this game in open beta and have been playing since it the official launch in May BUT as of late the devs haven't improved the basic gameplay mechanics and sometimes it can get really frustrating. Not to mention the Planetary Conquest is broken and laggy.

I'm gonna take a break from the game and come back to it in a few months. I like the whole idea of EVE and DUST in the one universe (New Eden).

Hopefully develop a ps4 version and utilize it's power to improve the game.

rezzah1992d ago

A very complex system, but once you get it of course the fun increases.

It isn't for those who like everything to be simplified for them.

Tony-Red-Grave1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

where are people getting quotes like "dust is complex" or "dust is deep"? Having played it for 6 months or 7, since open beta. It's been EXACTLY THE SAME up until uprising.

Oh and uprising was just stupid very few if anyone liked the it, See the forums CCP nerfed the holy hell out of heavies, destroyed the core mechanics (see KB&M aiming and DS3 aiming(see shody hit detection), weakend tanks to stupid lows, terribad plasma cannon, UP SCR, OP flaylock, oh i could go on.... But what really pisses me, and most of the community, is the lack of communication.

apologies for the wall of text i'm just deeply disappointed by all the hype.

Edit: fixed a few errors

rezzah1992d ago

The hype the game built is disappointing, I expected more. While the game isn't great, to me it is decent.

Still prefer MAG over this.

Tony-Red-Grave1992d ago

MAG(pre 2.0) was such an amazing game. To bad zipper ended up nerfing ALOT of weapons and made the game favor CoD players and their ARs.

That's the road CCP is on instead of actually balancing weapons they over nerf them to useless (see HMG,missiles,and well almost anything).

That aside the best weapon is currently the AR since it basically does every other weapons job better. DPS it beats the HMG,range it beats the SCR, and power it's on par with the SCR if not better.

Right now it's nick named AR514

Z5011992d ago

There's nothing to do. It's just ambush & skirmish with some corporation battles thrown in. It's been that way since beta.

Mr-SellJack1992d ago

this game is seriously underrated would give it a 7 for a F2P, it's pretty decent

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