411: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds is a great addition to the franchise, and is a solid addition to the PS3 library. 411 have very few complaints about this game, and you will find yourself quickly becoming addicted to this game. While the lack of voice chat keeps this game from going to the next level, 411 still recommend that if you're going to pick up one sports game this year, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds be it.

The graphics and gameplay are both phenomenal, and in a sports game that's the two big areas that count. You will have a blast with your friends, and 411 will see all of you out on the course.

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boodybandit3734d ago

and not being able to quit a challenge are the only complaints I have about this completely addicting game. I haven't stopped playing it since it was released. It is one of the most fun titles I have played this past year.

I hope there is DLC for it.

resistance1003734d ago

Love this game, play it alot (well i say alot, but by that i mean when im not playing GT5:Prologue).

Lack of Voice Chat is a let down, however i can see why if theres 50 of you in one bit so i can live with it.

Best golf game of this gen IMO

picker3323734d ago

May be a dumb question but this game look's like everybodys golf,is it the same thing or?

Has it like a different name in the us or?

boodybandit3733d ago

The name is just different in the U.S.