Does censoring games change anything?

MWEB GameZone writer, Stephanie Duchenne, takes a look at two games that have been denied classification in Australia.

Saints Row 4, because of an “alien anal probe weapon” and State of Decay because “The game contains the option of self-administering a variety of “medications”

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plut0nash1935d ago

There's a place for personal accountability here. More importantly however, something far more important needs to be taken into account: What happens to a young mind when exposed to mature content? Does a child know the difference between the literal and figurative?

Hicken1935d ago

What "young mind" are we talking about, here? Does Australia not have a classification for adults and those with mature minds?

We've got the ESRB here in the US, and it's backed by law- moreso company policy- that says you can't sell an M rated game to someone not old enough to buy it. Of course, being of age to buy doesn't inherently mean mature enough, but drinking is the same way.

That said, this issue doesn't affect games aimed at kids, anyway. Well, not in the same way it affects those aimed at older teens and adults. But the games for more mature people are the ones being most affected.

I'm not sure I get it. It's as if they're trying to preemptively protect children from any potential to come into contact with things they're too young to handle by making it so people that CAN handle it also can't come into contact with it.

DesVader1935d ago

Australia has always been a bit of a nanny state, which I think is somewhat silly. I dont know where you draw the line, but some games are offensive and should be banned - but who gets to say what is "offensive", I guess - always going to be a subjective opinion and therefore open to criticism. Also, games should have age classifications because its the responsible thing to do.

plut0nash1935d ago

Agreed, that's the perception I see as well. It is their choice at the end of the day but they need to take into account that not everyone becomes a rampaging rapist psychotic once they play games.

HanCilliers1935d ago

This is really a difficult topic for me. One the 1 hand I belief there should be censorship, because a society without regulation is a thing to be feared. On the other hand I also believe in self regulation. The problem with the latter is that IMO self governance should be taught at home, but sadly a lot of parents have handed over that responsibility to e.g. teachers, churches etc...which comes with its own Pandoras box of problems.

plut0nash1935d ago

The lack of responsibility is a problem everywhere. Teachers are blamed for things too often, where people don't see their own faults and address things the way they should.