No Quarters Required Episode 30 – Microsoft Listens

As the summer heats up so does Episode 30 of The No Quarters Required! Gaming Podcast. That’s because we are talking about Microsoft’s decision to reverse their policies on DRM, used games, online connectivity and family sharing. Staying with the summer theme, Naughty Dog’s red hot epic game The Last of Us has been released and we finally get to talk about this fantastic game. We also chat about Fuze, Dead Island and Remember Me as well. In usual fashion we also dive into the latest news from the gaming world, you can expect to hear our opinions on Gran Turismo 6′s preorder offers, Sony announces they have 30 exclusives coming, and the big issue of the last week, the PS3 4.45 firmware bricking some PS3′s.

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pompombrum1969d ago

I think "Microsoft reacts" is a far more accurate assessment of the Xbox 180 than "Microsoft listens" to be fair.