Vista, MacBook Hacked in Contest - Only Linux Left Standing

The MacBook Air went first; a tiny Fujitsu laptop running Vista was hacked on the last day of the contest; but it was Linux, running on a Sony Vaio, that remained undefeated as conference organizers ended a three-way computer hacking challenge Friday at the CanSecWest conference.

Earlier this week, contest sponsors had put three laptops up for grabs to anyone who could hack into one of the systems and run their own software. A US$20,000 cash prize sweetened the deal, but the payout was halved each day as contest rules were relaxed and it became easier to penetrate the computers.

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decapitator3707d ago

Impressive stuff. The least used one seems to be the most safe out of the bunch.

Rikitatsu3707d ago

Anyway , the contest doesn't prove anything

maybe the guys who Tried to hack linux were noobs

verb3k3706d ago

The noobs are those who don't know Linux.
Windows is bloatware.
Mac is better but living in isolation plus it is never secure.

Linux is the king of OSs :)

Rikitatsu3706d ago

I tried Ubuntu on my PC and i was amazed on how Slow it it , PLUS its so messy and not user friendly (everything designed to work via Command line) ... Don't say its the OS King anymore

thats an insult for Windows XP ;)

Kazuo Hirai3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

sony are like...godly and stuff

edit: omg that bunny is sooooooooooo cute!

jaja14343707d ago

Umm that had nothing to do with Sony but everything to do with Linux.

Spinner3707d ago

jaja doesn't get the joke

jaja14343706d ago

^^^ On this site you can never be sure about who is or is not joking with these kind of things.

And thanks, it is a cute bunny. :)

RecSpec3707d ago

Hi I'm a mac.

And I'm a PC


gw4k3707d ago

I think it is time some of you all tried Linux! I love it!
Safe, faster than lightning!

You will love it as well!

rosebowl233707d ago

Linux is horse crap. Saying Linux is better because it wasn't hacked into is like saying a Car Parts are better than an actual Car because a thief can't hope into the Car Parts and drive away.

DarkArcani3707d ago

You could if you had duct tape. lol

Great analogy man.

tfur3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Obviously you have never spent any time in an corporate/commercial enterprise data center. Linux is used everywhere.

Just because you do not know how to use something, doesn't mean its crap.

verb3k3706d ago

You are wrong, because finding a security vulnerability in a Linux system means that you've managed to hack 90% of the world servers, and that's a Godsend for a hacker.

DarkArcani3706d ago

I just like the analogy.

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