Hey, At Least It Comes With a Headset

The fact that Sony came out and fixed everything the PS3 was lacking has pleased many people. In addition of making the PS4 an easy machine to develop on, Sony shocked the gaming world by delivering a $399.99 price for the PlayStation 4. One of the many PS3 complaints was the lack of a headset included in the box; of course Sony offered a few “additional cost” options a few years later such as; the wireless Bluetooth headset and the Wireless Stereo Headset. However, the fact that the Xbox was able to fit that small part into its box still left many gamers baffled by Sony’s weird and anti-consumer friendly decisions.

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versusALL1969d ago

It comes with a headset. That's cool, so I don't have to buy one, lol.

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Godmars2901969d ago

Think its better, way better, that the headphones they put out for the PS3 work on the PS4.

PCs too.

sobekflakmonkey1969d ago

Yeah, I use the PS monitor and the PS headset for PC gaming, and sometimes the headset for my PS3 lol the monitor is fantastic and works extremely well with my PC, its a super clean monitor, the headset aint anything to complain about either. I'm glad I got them.

DarkBlood1969d ago

do you guys know if i can talk to them without needing a headset?

since im kind of hard of hearing and all lol plus i dont have a device that syncs with my implant yet anyways so best i can do is listen to them from the tv

shikamaroooo1969d ago

Ps Eye lets you hear peoples Voices straight from the TV, as well as being a Mic itself.

KwietStorm1969d ago

You can hear better from the TV than a headset?

GunsAndTheBeast1969d ago

@shikamaroooo Just like Kinect 2, minus the NSA listening to you.

DarkBlood1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

@KwietStorm im hard of hearing or "deaf" if thats easier to understand lol i wouldnt hear anything from a headset and as for my implant i dont recieve sound the same way a normal person would mine is done digitally

and i dont have the program yet to wirelessly connect to any bluetooth device

mattkelly19911968d ago

You Can Have The Audio Come From The Tv.

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abzdine1969d ago

it's a universal jack connection so we can use whatever type of headset.


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MultiConsoleGamer1969d ago

It comes with a headset and it's still $100 cheaper.

Godmars2901969d ago

Probably because its a $5 headset lol.

Thomper1969d ago

$5? That's being generous ;0)

claudionmc1968d ago

Well... then $105 cheaper ;)

maniacmayhem1969d ago

Isn't Kinect 2 one big headset with a mic?

Yes it is..

PerryCaravello1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Is it taking pictures of your penis while you sleep?

Yes it is..

shikamaroooo1969d ago

A set of headphones, typically with a microphone attached

GunsAndTheBeast1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Kinect is crap. Deal with it. How many hardcore gamers will play with kinect do you think? We're too lazy for motion controls. I'd rather sit on my fat ass all day long rather then waving my arms like a tard, and lose a couple of pounds.

Seriously though, most people won't use kinect for hardcore games, it failed last time, it'll fail this time too.

elhebbo161969d ago

@guns "Kinect is crap. Deal with it" you replied to the wrong guy.

Hicken1969d ago

Why don't you buy an XBOne and show us a picture of you with the Kinect 2 on your head, maniac?

maniacmayhem1969d ago

Why, when I can place it next to my 55 inch plasma and talk to my friends from my couch?

Mikeyy1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

While your friends and everybody else mute you because the kinect just picks up all the noise from your TV.

Kinect users are instant mutes.

Hicken1969d ago

A headset is meant to be worn, oh, I don't know, ON YOUR HEAD.

Therefore, unless Kinect 2 can be worn on your head- like every other headset in the known universe- your initial comment was wrong.

maniacmayhem1969d ago

Oooh I get it now, you actually took my comment literally. My bad...let me explain for the hard pressed and anal up tight folks.


Since the Kinect 2 comes with every Xbox 1 and since it CAN pick up and transmit voices I can only assume through investigations and worldly experience with similar tech that it functions just like a headset one would wear on their cabeza.

There ya go Hicken, I have broken it down so even toddlers, special needs and you could understand.

Hicken1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

... and you still fail to get why that doesn't work.

Namely, that it'll be RIGHT NEXT TO THE TV, so it'll pick up every sound the TV makes. Plus every other sound that happens in the room.

Oh, and you, too.

So yeah, I guess you could use the Kinect as a "headset," but it'd be a piss poor one, given that no amount of noise canceling tech it comes with could single out your voice and filter everything else away as simply noise before submitting it to the ears of others.

You'd think your "investigations and worldly experiences with similar tech" would have made that obvious to you. Apparently, though, you're not on the level of a toddler just yet.

Thanks for playing.

Edit: Has that "acoustic source localization and ambient noise suppression" been shown working in real time? Cuz it sounds to me just like more of "teh cloud!!!" PR talk. And that STILL doesn't explain how it would differentiate voices in the same room, how it would determine which voice to transmit, and which ones to cancel out.

Did you look that up while you were coming up with that ridiculous "cooked or raw" line?

Back to the drawing board for you.

maniacmayhem1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Please insert quarter to continue...


"The Kinect sensor's microphone array enables the Xbox 360 to conduct acoustic source localization and ambient noise suppression, allowing for things such as headset-free party chat over Xbox Live."

Wait, if I remember correctly you don't own an Xbox or the Kinect device. So do you know for certain that it picks up everything in your room and blasts it through the speakers? Have you experienced it first hand or are you just your old bitter self complaining about anything MS related?

You see Hicken I DID INVESTIGATE instead of just HATE. And the Kinect can cancel out other noises from around your room and others you are talking to. So it does work JUST LIKE A HEADSET.

And the point (which you so ninjaly dodged and ducked) IS that even though the X1 doesn't come with the headset there is still a device that works similar to it.
Do you like your baby food cooked or raw?

Game Over!

Angeljuice1969d ago

But it still doesn't work properly (like a 'headset' would). Noise-cancellation on kinnect was really poor IMO, you did hear 'fights and sirens' in the background.

maniacmayhem1968d ago


Wow, just wow, has reading escaped your grasp as well as reality? That link is for the FIRST Kinect. The first Kinect can cancel out background noise and ambient sounds. And since this is Kinect 2....yadda, yadda, yadda.

So yes it is the power of the Cell...OOPS, I meant the power of the cloud. Or it could be something called TECHNOLOGY! You know science? That thing we all learned that explains hocus pocus.

And again you ducked, parried and focused attacked the main point. Even with no headset the Kinect 2 will work in the same way a headset will.

Seriously, you go around N4G adding nothing to any topic even with your new found bubble powers. You have no clue yourself if it works that well with the Kinect 2. But you are definitely in full blown hate mode trolling any MS topic replying only, instead of adding. Then coming up with some lame excuse that your a "gamer" and have some new found right to be an a-hole.

Time to get the medication Hicken.

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mattkelly19911968d ago

Having A Microphone That Can Hear Everything, Including The Sound From The Tv Is Not The Same Ss Having A Headset.

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PerryCaravello1969d ago

I have the original Offical PS3 bluetooth headset. The one before the redesign. Bought it for killzone 2, also got broadband for killzone 2.

Waaaaaay back in 2009. Wow....

GunsAndTheBeast1969d ago

It's bluetooth and you can use it for PS4 yay!

KwietStorm1969d ago

I hadn't used that thing since I got the Pulse Elite headphones, but I used it the other day when the battery ran out, and I got a damn blister in my ear. I forgot how uncomfortable that thing is.

Dunpeal1969d ago

once you go pulse elite, you never go back to the weak

elhebbo161969d ago

once you put on the pulse, you start calling people with cheap headsets peasants :p

MasterCornholio1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I still have the headset that was bundled with warhawk (which i bought used)

Edit: Bought used: Warhawk with the headset.

strigoi8141969d ago

I probably gonna use this for my iphone if it works fine

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