PS4 as dev-friendly as original PlayStation, claims Cerny

CVG: "The developer-led initiative to create PS4 has led to the console becoming as approachable to developers as the original PlayStation, a key system architect has claimed."

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NewMonday1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

this could make the PS4 have the largest games library in console history, the launch window library with retail and digital games being the largest in console history is a great indicator.

"time to triangle" - a phrase which essentially means how long it takes coders to create usable graphics with the hardware..

PS1 = 1-2 months
PS2 = 3-6 months
PS3 = 6-12 months
PS4 = 1-2 months

Qrphe1846d ago

If the PS4 has a good launch, then there'll be no stop to the software support it'll have. Exciting times indeed.

NewMonday1846d ago

2 of my most wanted console exclusives are actually digital PSN games the Witness and Outlast and OctoDad, innovative games you can't find in AAA productions.

I_am_Batman1846d ago

@newmonday: I can't wait to play Outlast. It's definately among my most anticipated games for the PS4. The Witness and Don't Starve look great as well.

KwietStorm1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I'm really hoping Slender The Arrival comes to PS4. Playing that on the big screen in the dark with the Pulse Elite bass impact turned up: bricks shat. It would actually make the Move controller really useful now that I think about it.

CrossingEden1846d ago

you do know that octodad is out on pc already right? and that's its not really innovative and doesn't t try to be, quirky=/=innovative

NewMonday1846d ago

I should have said unconventional.

I_am_Batman1846d ago

I found the part about the decision between a 256-bit bus and a 128-bit bus with eDRAM very interessting. They could've had 6 times the bandwidth but decided to go with the simpler architecture. It's interessting to think about what could've been if they went the 128-bit bus GDDR5 + eDRAM route but I know they made the right descision by making it simpler to develop for.

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DarkBlood1846d ago

Then Sony you should get Legend of dragoon underway *wink wink* lol

Majin-vegeta1846d ago

I would kill for a sequel hell even a HD remake of the first one.

*Rolls around on the ground kicking and screaming"I want LOD 2".

I know ill get hated for this but i preferred this game over FF VII.The additions each character had were awesome.


DarkBlood1846d ago

dont forget the famous spelling error of blossom storm lol

Parapraxis1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Here's Mark Cerny's full talk @ Gamelab
It's quite interesting btw.

madworld1846d ago


PositiveEmotions1846d ago

Wow thanks bro i watched the whooole thing.

AznGaara1846d ago

Wow... Mad respect for Mark Cerny, this is an amazing video.

Aceman181846d ago

Bubbles to you man that was a great video presentation from him. He's one of the few in the industry I love to watch and listen to.

If their English was good I would love to see sit down/audience talk with Miyamoto and Kojima to hear about their beginnings in this industry.

MWong1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

What a long and impressive history Mark Cerny has. I love the fact that we are hearing so much from Sony and it's developers. It really just makes you want to buy the console now.

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Akuma2K1846d ago

People that's worried about PS4 having a limited game library, that's all gonna change with PS4's more user friendly hardware.....i beleive the PS4's game library will fill up in it's first year alone and we're gonna see games coming out for the console like a flood, thank you sony for listening to the developers and learning from the mistakes made with the PS3 hardware.....your well on your way back to the video game throne glory like you were with the PS2.

Corpser1846d ago

Lets see why...

PS1 was their first console, of course they have to play nice and attract developers
Ps1+ps2 Sony had dominant market share and got arrogant , so in the ps2-ps3 era not so developer friendly, had $599 ps3 launch and actually said, hey people should want to work a second job to afford a ps3!
Ps3 era they lost the dominant market share, it is essentially a tie with x360 now and behind Wii
So now ps4, they want to attract developers again to regain market share

Lesson is as gamers we need to support competition

Salooh1846d ago

I looked at it this way when the ps3 released. Xbox360 two years live member ( 120$) + wifi + battery for almost everyday if you play a lot . Or just 600$ ps3. Ps3 was cheaper then xbox360 if you look at this way , That if you bought it day one..

greenlantern28141845d ago

Also ps3 was the cheapest bluray player on the market. And if you bought the Xbox hddvd add on the systems where the same price and you wasted your money.

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