Kotaku - Asked Astro About Next-Gen Gaming Headsets And The Xbox One

Game Informer - Not only won't Xbox One come with a headset, but existing devices won't work (and there won't be an adapter either).

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cl19831935d ago

Microsoft wants us to use the kinect.

HammadTheBeast1934d ago

Whoever thought of the idea needs to be fired ASAP.

Cryptcuzz1934d ago

I agree that it is a pretty stupid idea to implement and the person should be fired for suggesting this idea in the first place.

The thing is, if MS decided to go with this idea and it ends up making them a lot of money from selling the adapters separately, I am afraid that person would more then likely get a raise then be fired.

The whole idea is so backwards, they say it is because they wanted to make higher quality headsets for the Xbox One since the 360 one was Mono, but there are already high quality headsets that are stereo and even surround sound that uses the same conventional audio connector commonly found in almost every audio and smartphone devices.

Cyfyxtfg1934d ago

Microsoft support said on their twitter that they are making an adapter. this story is pointless -_- stop lying to the people!!

SITH1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Your Astro head set will work fine. The mic is what can not connect to the controller. The optical audio connects to the wireless/wired mix amp the same exact way as current gen. Kinect mic can be used as a mic in place of the non existent mic connection.

What is needed for compatibility is a simple cable coming from the mix amp or wireless hub as the article clearly states. That is like $9.99 at the most.

mxrider21991934d ago

the cable should come with the console shouldnt be an after market product you have to buy bc they decided to change the plug the reason they changed the plug is to sell you this bs and make more money...

SITH1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

You are literally stating Microsoft should anticipate that you have an Astro headset and include the necessary cables with your console. I have no idea what makes you think that is their problem, and what justifies the inclusion of a compatible cable with a non-Microsoft product that is not needed for basic console operation like the video cables. To put my point into perspective, I received multiple cables with my Astro headset to fit all ranges of devices. Yet you imply this is microsoft's problem? No it is Astros problem, as the article clearly states. And the article also states they are working to remedy the connection problem as they should.

mxrider21991934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

if this is astros problem why is microsoft working on a cord for it to be compatible.... to make more money....

Burrito26a1934d ago

You cant be using stereo surround sound headsets and also be using a mic several feet from you. There would be a lot of yelling going on.

SITH1934d ago

You obviously never used kinect. It works quite well in loud environments. Which it in fact, there is a requirement to have ambient noise from the tv operating during setup. With a head set there is no ambient noise. That is in your head set. S all kinect will pick up is button clicks and your mouth. So I fail to see what you are implying.

Burrito26a1934d ago

I dont mean it like that. Ever noticed when someone is wearing stereo headphones and they tend to yell a bit? Thinking that the person theyre talking to is hearing the same noise as them. When that mic is by your mouth you know you dont need to yell.

theWB271934d ago

Its already been stated that Micro is working for a solution to the problem. But this is news why?? Oh X1...

Skate-AK1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Game Informer didn't know they are making an adapter...?

EDIT: "You still can output game audio through Astro Gaming's mixamps and A50 transmitter. "You will definitely not be able to do voice chat," Drayer confirmed. This means that an adapter for existing devices simply won't work."

Maybe it isn't as easy as it sounds.

No_Limit1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

This is old news. MS already confirmed that an adapter will be available for current headsets.

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