Nintendo defends rapid release of new Mario games

Shack News: "Mario games used to be big events. Six years separated Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Four years separated Gamecube's lone Mario game with New Super Mario Bros for Wii. And now, with the upcoming release of Super Mario 3D World, we're on track to have three Mario games in two years. Has Nintendo diluted the brand?"

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PopRocks3591998d ago

Perhaps the brand is overused, but I wouldn't say many of the games or their gameplay are. I'd like someone try to convince me that Mario Kart, Galaxy, Sunshine and Paper Mario are all the same game.

3-4-51998d ago

They are released at the appropriate pace.

The problem is sometimes they release a game not many people are looking forward to playing.

Not many people wanted NSMB2, but almost everyone still wants Super Mario 64-2....

They have a success in SM3DL...and instead of a sequel on 3DS, they put it on Wii U.

I'm almost 100% positive that another "real" 3D mario game is in the works, and the SM3DW game was switched to Wii U a while back to help sales.

Mario Kart games are always welcome and we haven't had a Mario Golf game in a while.

The Problem isn't Mario games, it's the fact that they don't really release any new IP's.

I have probably 20+ ideas I would love to talk to Nintendo about for possible new IP' that would sell 500,000....2million and appeal to a lot of people.

I wish they would just open up their mind and apply a new Nintendo Art Style to a new IP.

PopRocks3591998d ago

I concur. I'm convinced that Nintendo knew they could make this game faster, so they opted to release this before doing a true 3D Mario game.

And Nintendo does new IPs. What about Dillon or The Wonderful 101? If people want Nintendo to do new IPs, they need to be willing to open up to the ones Nintendo actually does put out. They have to show Nintendo that there is a business for new IPs in the market.

Concertoine1998d ago

God why do people want a 64 2? It already has a sequel... 3 in fact. Sunshine and the Galaxy games ARE the sequels to 64, they follow the same formula they just don't dull it down to the basic platforming in 64. And if anyone thinks dumbing it down to 64's dated gameplay is a step forward has some pretty thick nostaligic goop in their noggins.
Otherwise, good comment. i fear that the "3D Land/World" series will develop NSMB syndrome in the sense that it gets put onto every system.

3-4-51998d ago

@concertoine - Mario 64 does not have 2 sequels.

No other mario game plays like Mario 64 does.

The levels in galaxy are no where near the same as 64. The proportion was perfect for 64.

@ poprocks - Yea but Nintendo screwed up a great idea with Wonderful 101.

They just copied the pikmin idea. It would be 10x cooler/more fun to use all of those heroes individually and have them have different abilities.

It's so generic and not appealing to form into a fist or a's beyond uncreative.

They took 4 steps forward...and 4 more right back so they stood still really.

W101 could have been an epic game but they didn't get creative enough with it.

Why create all those heroes then if your not going to showcase their differences ? There is no point really to have any more than one hero if they all do the same thing right ?

Just my opinion on that.

Qrphe1998d ago

I'm overly disappointed that the new Mario game is not a completely new Mario game and just one based on 3D Land.

Mr_Nuts1998d ago

Basically Mario 3D Land: Wii U (with co-op...that you can't play online)

Not really a spiritual successor to Galaxy is it like Galaxy was to Sunshine and Sunshine to Mario 64

LOL_WUT1998d ago

Here's hoping they make Mario 64 HD or some kind of sequel because this new one just isn't exciting and that cat suit is just cringeworthy. ;)

Mr_Nuts1998d ago

The only thing I can think they could do to top Galaxy is go back to Peach's castle like in Mario 64 but this time call it Mario 128 (which they were going to go years and years ago).

Peach's castle but much bigger, more rooms, more easter eggs, more levels. I would like this game though to feature Peach as a character as well, like she teams up with Mario to get her castle back.


They could do a massive open world Mario game, with GTA styled gameplay...and no I don't mean beat up a Toad hooker and steal his money while you high jack a Latikus cloud.

goldwyncq1998d ago

Eh, what's new? Mario is Nintendo's COD.

elhebbo161998d ago

only difference is that mario's actually fun :p

Jagsrock1998d ago

I think people are being to quick to dismiss 3d world.

NBT911998d ago

I liked it on the 3DS, I'm sure I will enjoy the sequel on Wii U.
That's pretty much my entire opinion on it...

Mr_Nuts1998d ago

Why we've played it already on the 3DS

_QQ_1998d ago

Of course you have,like that boss fight in the demo,Totally in 3D land.Or the Dino Raft Level, Transparant pipes,Cat suit and 4 player co-op were all in 3D land.So i'm Guesing you have never played a sequal right?I was going to ask what you thought of uncharted 2 and little big planet 2 but i guess you skipped those because youve "played them already on LBP1 and uncharted Drakes fortune"

live2play1997d ago

Why play uncharted 2 when you already played 1? Why play 3 when you already played 2?

why play gears of war 2 when you already played 1
why play killzone 4 on ps4 when you played killzone 3 on ps3

why play forza 4 why play need for speed 5 why play dead space 3 why play god of war 5 why play metal gear 5 why play cod 15

why even coment if you don't care?

Mr_Nuts1997d ago


Because most of them and I said most actually feel different from the past one and you can tell the developer has worked their arses off to push the games they are making

We've been waiting for a Wii U Mario game that will top can a game that looks and plays exactly like a past 3DS game do that. It's taking a step back rather then forward.

"why even coment if you don't care?"

1) It's a commenting site I can do and say what I want

2) If you don't care about my comment or like my opinion...why comment?


live2play1997d ago

Its a SEQUEL to 3d land
galaxy 2 is a SEQUEL to smg

you saw a change from style from sunshine to galaxy because it was a new game altogether

donkey kong country tropical freeze is a SEQUEL to DKCR that's why it looks the same but better.

metroid prime 3 looked like prime 1
metroid other m looked different from metroid prime BECAUSE IT WASNT A SEQUEL

get it?

and the developers themselves said they are applying everything they have learned from making 3d Mario levels into this game. How can that be halfassing it?

you've seen 5 levels max of the whole game

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