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"Professor Layton's been solving cases since 2007, but the series has been relegated to Nintendo's handhelds, cutting off a wide segment of gamers from puzzle-solving bliss. The simple brain-benders and teasers match perfectly with pace and characterization that have carried the series through five releases in five years. Thankfully, the premise and mechanics are perfectly matched to mobile platforms and now millions of iOS gamers can try the formula for free." - GameRev

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dbjj120881935d ago

I'm all over free Layton puzzles.

knifefight1935d ago

Oh, it's free? Then I've changed status to: interested.
If there were a charge, I'd ignore it, but eh, when there's no cost, may as well take a dip.

ftwrthtx1935d ago

I love these puzzle games. Professor layton is awesome.