Maybe Watch Dogs' Protagonist Isn't Actually The Good Guy | Kotaku

Kotaku: "In the open world game Watch Dogs, the protagonist and super hacker Aiden Pierce can indulge me: he sees all this stuff at a glance while roaming Chicago. More than that, I can see a percentage that denotes the likelihood that someone will commit a crime. If that information gives you a Minority Report vibe, you're on the money: Watch Dogs gives you a person's stats in the hopes that it will help you prevent crimes (Watch Dogs: get it?)."

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Sitdown1792d ago

Given that he runs from the cops, and messed up police cars.... I never thought of him as protagonist. And since he helped people out, did not identify him as an antagonist. He would just put me in the mind of Cole from Infamous.

rdgneoz31792d ago

That or the The Punisher.

Xof1792d ago

Protagonist/antagonist are narrative roles. They have nothing to do with morality. You're confusing them with "hero" and "villain."

The protagonist is the character through whom we experience the story. An antagonist is a character in opposition to the protagonist.

Therefore, in games, the player character is ALWAYS the protagonist.

310dodo1792d ago

thank you

I read that and went protagonist?
isnt that just the main character


Audiggity1792d ago

Bubbled you for intelligence.

Thank you

deadeyes1792d ago

This game is on my list !

ape0071792d ago

who doesn't, game looks crazy

theWB271792d ago

Morality story...that's a lot of power to have and the story only keeps us as the good guy.

Kalowest1792d ago

I've also found it weird that Heros kill the most people!!!

SpinalRemains1381792d ago

Only team America can get away with that.

RE_L_MAYER1792d ago

Of cource he is the good guy-just because he kills cops doesnt make him a bad man, sure others made him look like a bad guy but these people hurt his loved ones and he is simply want to put an end to this bastards so they wont do anything bad again=he is a hero

FrightfulActions1792d ago

I hope you don't really mean that. Lol.

'Good' people don't kill police officers. It'd be more understandable if these were corrupt cops or something but for all we know they're just normal every-day police officers doing their job, responding to a call. How is killing coppers to avoid being caught not result in being a 'bad man'?

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