The Last Of Us' Climactic Moments Could Have Been Very Different

Kotaku - Any story, no matter how assured the final product, goes through revisions. And The Last of Us is no different. The game's closing hours may be among gaming's most confident, but as I learned speaking to its creators, it all could have come together quite differently.

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jeeves861996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

That's kind of a spoiler image there, Mezzo. Think you could have grabbed a different one?

Killustrious1996d ago

Literally the last 10 minutes of the

DoomeDx1996d ago

Could someone of the N4G staff change the article image? This is a picture from the end of the game.

Y_51501996d ago

People wouldn't have known anything if you guys didn't say anything! ;)

Maninja1996d ago

It's a picture of someone pointing a gun at Joel carrying a passed out Ellie in a hospital gown. And someone would be able to piece together the fact that it's Marlene pointing the gun at him. So I think it's pretty obvious

deadfrag1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Learn to live with it!!Since Bioware open the ass and change the ending of Mass Effect 3 this kind of garbage journalism has been to much in vogue;reviewers are getting dumb,if you dont like it shove up your;and move on!It is what it is, developers view!

socialkarma1996d ago


Did anyone else see the girl hiding behind a garbage bin playing with a plush toy giraffe in the first quarantine zone?

Booyah1996d ago

Errr.... Serious ? I'm a check it out.

Oldman1001996d ago

Yah I noticed her too. I think she kinda looks like one of the girls in the wanted posters.

Rebo001996d ago

Yeah I did, I was just typing "is there any significance to it?" and then remembered later on in the game :p

Geovanny1996d ago

Out of everything else you chose that picture and scene. That wasn't thoughtful Mezzo.