What Do You Buy the Man Who Has Everything?

"With the recent news that Sony has finally turned a profit, and that CEO Kaz Hirai has received $1.6 million in compensation for helping turn the tide of the company, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan show just how he should blow that cash." - PSLS

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doctorstrange1969d ago

OMG, I'd spend so much on a Shuhei teddy bear.

Foolsjoker1969d ago

I want two Shuhei lion statues on either side of my door to greet me when I get home. I know no matter how bad a day, his face will bring me a smile.

ftwrthtx1969d ago

Coke and hookers. That would be spent in one weekend if Sev is involved.

doctorstrange1969d ago

How's that different to a normal weekend?

Wedge191969d ago

Plane ticket for me to come visit, and the news that I am his long lost son.

knifefight1969d ago

...and that, coincidentally, I am short on cash.

MultiConsoleGamer1969d ago

He hasn't turned the tides. He sold 3.4 billion in assets and only made a $400 million dollar profit. He fired over 10,000 people in one year and killed Sony Liverpool.

The first thing I would buy him would be a clue.

theWB271969d ago

Buy an old building for next to nothing...turn it into a loft. 85 Inch tv...nice up on games and systems. Still another 900,000 at least to survive on. Life would be good.

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