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World of Tanks - Strongholds

24m ago - World of Tanks Teaser Video, Strongholds - How To Handle. | PC

Woman says Wii dancing game saved her life

30m ago - Britain's Daily Mail tabloid can usually be relied upon to run stories that are hostile to video... | Wii

Darwinia and DEFCON Dev Bringing Prison Architect to iPad

32m ago - Awesome Steam Early Access title Prison Architect is on its way to the iPad - Grab It reports. | iPad

Nintendo of America Unleashes Wii U Game Sizzle Reel

33m ago - Perhaps drawing some inspiration from the rather flashy Nintendo of Europe Wii U "Time is Now" tr... | Wii U

Access to the Best Geek Dating experience!

Now - N4G is now partner with Enjoy for free and with illimited access all the feature of this new site! Promo Code NFRUHD59 | Promoted post

Harebrained Schemes Targets October for Shadowrun: Dragonfall on iPad

34m ago - Grab It is reporting that the iOS version of Shadowrun: Dragonfall is nearing release. | iPhone