5 Rules to Better XBLTrash Talking

Craveonline writes:

"I've heard you running your mouth on Xbox Live. You're not funny. In fact, you're stupid as hell. But that's okay. Help has arrived. Put down your controller and mic and listen to me for a few minutes. I'm going to tell you how to be a better trash-talker."

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decapitator3763d ago

Well this article is aimed directly at 360 owners but why would anyone want more trash talking when a lot of people hate it though ?

toughNAME3763d ago

mild trash talk from both sides can greatly benefit a game :D

decapitator3763d ago

Ahh.. I see. Am not a big online gamer so I wouldn't know...:(

v1c1ous3763d ago

you know the kind.

the one that evolves into dissing people's mamas, cursing, n-word being spewed out etc.

but then there's goof trash talking. the kind where you rip on the other team when they are down, play it down when you are getting beat, and when everyone is just talking jazz for fun and everyone is laughing at the comments.

OC Shock Value3763d ago

I love every second of trash talkin of any kind over xbox live.. and i have most definately done my share of it.. and if i re buy an xbox i will absolutely be at it again.. bring on the emotions hurt feelings and tissue 2 stop the rivers

marioporter3763d ago

That article was lame... How about you just shut up and play.

ReBurn3763d ago

Trash talking during gameplay and being flamed by idiots is two different things.

Breakfast3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

If anyone calls me a 'noob' or says i got 'pwned' or any other stupid computer game word, ill tear a friggn hole in them. Nothing pisses me off more then people who think theyre cool using those words online.

I am a champion smack talker, but ill only use it if someone does it to me in excess, or if you use computer words.

Breakfast3763d ago

lol...just dont say it to me in your real voice...type it on the internet all you want.

Percy3763d ago

damn i wanted to get smacked up. lol

Breakfast3763d ago

lol...wasnt expecting Maybe next time.

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The story is too old to be commented.