Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Celebrates 25 Years of Sneaking Success

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc, today released a trailer for Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection. Originally shown at the company’s booth at the Electronics Entertainment Expo, the brief trailer features a montage of memorable moments from the now quarter century old series.

Releasing on July 9th, the Legacy Collection chronicles the entire Metal Gear series with the exception of the Game Boy exclusive Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and the near-universally panned NES release, Snake’s Revenge. Fans who purchase the collection can expect to find these titles included in this bountiful clandestine cornucopia:

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Donnieboi1967d ago

They should have released this collection in the first place. I already spent money on the previous HD one which came out not that long ago.

And Kojima could have at least used the profits he's making from this and the previous HD collection to turn the MGO2 servers back on for MGS 4, since he found a clever way to try to pimp his game to us AGAIN for a second time.

Need4Game1966d ago

Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance is an example, why Konami needs more money.

Hopefully thanks to your investment. Konami will remake Metal Gear and make the next Rising longer.

despair1966d ago

The HD collection is already a year and a half old. That's not really recent, plus who passes up the chance to make more money.

Donnieboi1966d ago

Yeah but I pass up the chance to SPEND more if I think it shoulda been made earlier.

dead_pixels1967d ago

I agree with you, Donnie. As someone who recently purchased the HD Collection I do feel pretty burned seeing this much more robust package being released so soon afterwards.

I myself likely won't be picking this up, as I only really purchased the collection to play MGS2 and MGS3 on the go on my Vita, but for anyone showing up 15 years late to the MGS party, this is one hell of a value.

Majin-vegeta1966d ago

Sweet two days after my bday.I guess I'll ask the misses to pick it up for me as a late bday present

despair1966d ago

Wish I didn't already own all the MGS games in this collection, then I would have a legitimate excuse to buy it.

s8anicslayer1966d ago

I agree,bring on Metal Gear Solid remake already it's long overdue!

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