Top 5 Real Biology Concepts in BioShock

BioShock was never meant to be a science lesson, but it contains a some jargon and ideas that would be familiar to any life science student. We got in touch with Ken Levine, the creative director at 2K games, to learn about the bits of science that he slipped into an amazing game.

"Let's be clear: BioShock is not hard science fiction. It's science fiction as metaphor," says Levine. "Yes, gene splicing exists. Yes, plasmids exist. Yes, stem cells exist, but the applications in the game are pretty fantastical. Our goal was to hand wave over the science enough that it sounded vaguely plausible but I wouldn't want to sit around with a geneticist and argue the finer points."

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decapitator3617d ago

Great read..can't wait for BioShock 2.

yanikins1113616d ago

is fantastical actually a word?