Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshot (6/27/13)

Take a look at the daily Smash Bros. screenshot (for Wii U) - June 27.

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ABizzel11994d ago

Graphically I thought it would look better, but it's the gameplay that matters most in this game and I'm hoping they capture the magic of Melee vs. Brawl (something about Brawl was off for me, I think it was the physics & controls, even with the Gamecube controller).

BullyMangler1994d ago

Brawl mechanics run deep thats why . .i still havent mastered my mains been playing brawl ever since it launched . ive seen stuff i cant even perform requires deep skill and deep understandment to pull off.

Dacapn1994d ago

Brawl mechanics run deep? Maybe skin deep.

BullyMangler1994d ago


yur having trouble in brawl too eh

ABizzel11994d ago

It's not the mechanics, there's just something off about Brawl.

I don't know what it is exactly, but jumping feels weird, and the balance is completely off for the entire game, and there are too many 1-hot kill options with all items on.

I don't know I just liked Melee more.

chadboban1994d ago

Well Sakurai has said that the game's visuals aren't final, seeing that it's still in development. I like the character models (they nailed megaman's look), I'm hoping for some improved lighting and textures in the final version though.

PopRocks3591994d ago

Brawl already looked pretty great in all fairness (particularly when emulated). This takes that and makes it even more detailed. Plus I like the broadened color spectrum. With some luck it will also be rendered in native 1080p.

BullyMangler1994d ago


you: It's not the mechanics, there's just something off about Brawl.

Me: you say jumping feels wierd, well every character jumps different also falls diff according to their weight so i don't getchu.

Items are for kids, you can turn those off for a real match . .

and brawl is not unbalanced because you can dodge, block, roll, parry, jump, and or attack = choose wisely.

Jagsrock1994d ago

I think it looks great, brawl looked good but up close textures were jaggy and grainy. this looks very smooth and has vibrant colors.

trenso11994d ago

I know what you mean brawl was fun but I prefer melee i don't know why, i think it was cause the characters felt a little more floaty, especially lucario who was one of my mains.

AJBACK2FRAG1994d ago

I think the graphics looked insane already. I can't wait to see it finished!

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Jagsrock1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I think they finally nailed pikachu's design, looks just like the cartoon.