Gamzsone V3 Reviews Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

Gamzsone V3: "I learnt alot of things this weekend. Dont have too many Kinder eggs, the smell on them afterwards in your hands smell rotten. Dont drink too much skimmed milk, you'll have a bad aftertaste. And most of all, dont believe the hype.

Sadly, all of them things happened to me with the latter been the most important. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is out and is the biggest hyped Playstation 3 exclusive to date (and will be till probably Haze is out, if not Haze, MGS4 will be). But...despite the fact its a Prologue, it somewhat lets down a little. How? Read on."

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sonarus3735d ago

he says gt4 had a lil over half a dozen tracks and gt5p has only 5 tracks.
GT4 actually features about 50 tracks and GT5P features about 7. This review gets a fail for lack of research and dishing out wrong info. There are slight jaggies in GT5P at least from the demo i got last yr but i understand it has been improved significantly sinc ethen

LSDARBY3735d ago

Jaggies in game (while racing) are more or less non-existent (except for shadows). But on "My Page" (main menu) there are quite a few jaggies on the car.

BTW, almost every game this gen has jagged shadows. How come?

thor3735d ago


I think it's because this gen they've started to do more dynamic shadows. At the moment, the only feasible way of doing that is to use shadow maps, which have to be rendered at a certain resolution. That resolution would have to be very high indeed to make the shadows non-jagged. If you look in the past, you'll see that while some of the shadows looked very crisp, they don't project onto other objects like shadow maps can produce.

As for GT5p, I notice that you get some jaggies on the fences when they are viewed from a distance (but I don't know a game that hasn't had this problem) and in replays I can see very few indeed.

Blademask3735d ago

I *wonder* if they are doing some sort of additional blur just to the shadow passes because they are pretty smooth in Uncharted. I agree that its a shadow map resolution issue, and it is very noticeable in all ps3 titles. Minus Uncharted.

yanikins1113735d ago

But.... Suzuka has two variations, As does daytona, and Fuji Speed way as well I think. personally I count that as 9.

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Utalkin2me3735d ago

I need to play the game, i wont buy it for 40 bucks thats for sure. But going buy the demo i would give it a 6 maybe a 7.

yanikins1113735d ago

Man your missing out hey. I know it might just be a demo, but personally it's the most fun I've had with a game in a long time.

P.S. Didnt click dissagree

Gandhi693735d ago

Am I missing something here?? How come review sites are not giving this title a better score in the graphics department?

The free Gran Turismo HD is already, by far, the best looking video game I have ever seen, and it seems prologue should look at least as good as that. I just don't understand how games like COD4 or even uncharted could be considered to be in the same league.

Gran Turismo looks real, there are plenty of times in the game where I catch myself in awe that it is indistinguishable from real life.

xg-ei8ht3735d ago

Graphically the only thing i can knock about the game is the trees, they are terrible.

Ok, its not a game breaker, but c'mon. Its 2008 ffs.

HardcoreGamer3735d ago

you guys have to give this a 9 out of 10, look simply because its only £20 only, go to your neareest asda n pick it up, ffs, its well worth the money, you have to review the game to value / cost

if it was 40 or 50 i would give it a 6 or even a 5, but because its online and only £20, 8 out of 10 ftw

yanikins1113735d ago

Had to dissagree sorry.

Anything under 9.5/10 is BS (imo).

Compare it to other games that get 8's and 9's. Its easily just as good.

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