4 Awful Game Features (Done In The Name Of Realism)

A touch of realism can go a long way towards adding atmosphere and intensity to a game. However, sometimes developers can lay it on a little thick. Here are four examples where realism didn't do anybody any favors.

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Dr Pepper1967d ago

I disagree with the article's opinion regarding the changing of filters in the Metro series. It helps establish just how different the world of the surface is from the human dwellings below. Not only do you have to worry about the viscous creatures, you have to worry about the air itself while walking through the ruined city (which would be less emphasized if you just put on a gas mask and nothing else changed gameplay-wise).

It further immerses the player further into the game's bleak future and provides an extra challenge. By making the player scrounge for filters, it further enforces the idea that the world humans once populated is harsh, deadly, and not a place you want to casually/slowly travel through, but instead experience with a sense of urgency.