Lost Planet 3: Does EDN III Still Have Your Attention [TheGameHeadz]

Capcom is famous for their game series. Once they release a successful game, you can bet there will be sequels. Every gamer recognizes the names Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Devil May Cry, all of which have at least five installments. Now it looks like they aren’t letting go of the Lost Planet franchise, with the third installment set to release this August. Back in 2010, Lost Planet 2 failed to meet the projected sales, but still sold 1.5 million copies worldwide as of 2011.

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BATRA1967d ago

yeah lost planet 3 would have my attention if it comes too the wii u and i buy 3 of them for my friends to play

erathaol1967d ago

I don't feel like your going to miss out on much. I own Lost Planet 2, although I loved it, I always felt it needed to be streamlined in more than one way. Everything always felt clunky or unresponsive, from what I've seen of Lost Planet 3, it doesn't look like its improved any of its core gameplay functions.

BATRA1967d ago

thank you for the news

Triforce0791967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

If it hits WiiU i'll buy otherwise i'm just not interested,these publishers better start supporting WiiU or it will become a premium console for 1st and exclusive 3rd party titles,and when publishers wake up Wii won't care.

I hope that supporting xbox one and ps4 works out well because Nintendo gamers will be bitter with the likes of EA ect and any other publisher that leaves us out in the cold.

Plus within a year the indie scene will blow up on wiiu,they already are and see it as a goodtime to start supporting whilst big publishers shy away grabbing success early on thanks to blind fanboy publishers.

PerryCaravello1967d ago

I still thought the first game was lame. Not sure why, but it was just not my thing.

Never bought any of these games, never cared.


Concertoine1967d ago

to be honest the second lost planet is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. me and my friend played through it multiple times to laugh at how campy it was.
the first one i didn't like, and this looks to be like the first one

HeavenlySnipes1967d ago


The mechs were the main reason this series had potential

All they needed was a story and a center protagonist to build it around. The gameplay for the shooting could be tuned a bit more also

This new one removes what made the series noticeable in the first place

Eldyraen1967d ago

I still like the world but don't really care for the game ;)

For whatever reason I skipped part 2 (think 360 was dead at release) although I liked the first and 3 doesn't appear to be a must either. If its good though I might rent both just to catch up as I did enjoy it even if bit off at times. Doubt I would buy it though unless it comes out and critics/gamers both say its worth it--which doesn't seem too likely to be honest from early impressions and footage thus far.

I could wait and pick it up in a PC sale... could get LP2 while waiting. I do prefer to buy it even if cheap than rent and they see nothing at all. Some games though aren't worth that either unfortunately (to me at least).

The only thing that keeps me interested are the bugs, mechs and even the setting to be honest. The story and characters were never that great IMHO. As someone said LP is sort of a guilty pleasure game--it has some appeal but not much substance to it.

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