Top 25 PS2 Games Of All Time (#10-6)

GR: For many, the question as to which console is the greatest of all time has an easy, straightforward, and inarguable answer: the PlayStation 2. To honor Sony's glorious gaming machine that followed up the original PlayStation, we here at GameRevolution decided to put our heads together and craft a list that compiles the greatest experiences that the platform has to offer.

While we easily could have stretched this list out to over fifty titles, we wanted to keep it condensed and relatively digestible. As such, there are bound to be a few titles you absolutely adore that didn't make the cut, and that's what the comments section is for. Alright, no more rambling, let's get right into it.

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dbjj120881998d ago

D'awwww, my personal favorite missed the top 5 by just one spot!

And damn, Jak is f***ing pissed.

acharlez1998d ago

It happens.... GET OVER IT! :P

dbjj120881997d ago

Never! This is the internet!

Wedge191998d ago

I can't wait for the Top 5! It's killing me! Though by process of elimination, it's easy to see what's likely to show up in those 5 coveted spots.

acharlez1998d ago

But how will they be arranged??? That's the real mystery :D

dbjj120881997d ago

What do you think they're gonna be?

Wedge191997d ago

I'm betting on Psychonauts being one of them. And unless I'm mistaken, Kingdom Hearts hasn't been listed yet...

Lovable1998d ago

Persona 4 and FF X damn it!!! I seriously thought they're gonna be on top 5!!!

dbjj120881997d ago

They could have been. It's gotta be hard to narrow the entire PS2 library down to a list.

knifefight1997d ago

On a lot of other systems, they would be. The PS2 has one of (if not THE) best libraries of all time, though. Honestly, even a top 50 wouldn't have everything deserving of elite-level praise.

SquareEnixFan1998d ago

Shocked to see what i consider to be the worst Jak game in the top 10 but happy to see my 2nd favorite ps2 game made it in at #7.

Wedge191997d ago

Agreed, I disliked Jak II the most of all the J and D games (damn those stupid hover cars....).

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