Project Spark Preview - E3 2013 (NGN)

New Game Network: "Coming out of the E3 press conferences, one of the games I was most curious to get my hands on was, unexpectedly, Project Spark. The creation tool stuck me as Microsoft's answer to Sony's Little Big Planet, an inventive and charming way to show off the new console's processing power."

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PFFT1997d ago

This is gonna be good! Cant wait to play this.

whoyouwit041997d ago

yea it is and this game deserves a lot more hype then it's getting.

Muerte24941997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Modnation racers? I mean Project Spark slogan is " Play, Build, Share". That sounds closely similar to " Play, Create, Share" copyrighted by Sony.

"Whatever you may think of the Xbox One, there's no denying that the Microsoft console has a selection of great games coming, including its take on Sony's Little Big Planet, Project Spark."

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joefrost001997d ago

Dont really see the LBP reference maybe cause you can create so many different types of games where in LBP it was basically different themes on the same type of game

abradley1997d ago

LBP2 could be used to create several different types of games, including racing and third person shooters.

It had a lot of adaptability if you knew how to use it. Spark does remind me a lot of LBP but it also looks very different in a 3D Black and White way. Should be fun.

FrigidDARKNESS1997d ago

I cant wait to create an action type role play game.

SockeyBoy1997d ago

I can't wait to play your action type role play game.
(this is one game I'm excited for)

Supermax1997d ago

The fact that its a free to play makes it more spelling and I'm looking forward to it.