Final Fantasy 7:Franchise Player

Final Fantasy VII is a misleading title. In fact, the game is about as final as a midterm, and though its title labels it the seventh game in one series, it also marks the first entry in a growing series of its own, known as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The latest addition to this ever growing library is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the story of a SOLDIER mission to the rustic town of Nibelheim.

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Harry1903762d ago

but i cherish the first version the most.
the ps3 version would be stunning,but
this one will always remain 'the special one'

meepmoopmeep3762d ago

my favorite of all the FF games but milking it too much without careful thought will hurt it.

Harry1903762d ago

down my spine whenever i hear the intro music
or see some of the game's footage.never a game has
had such an effect on me.don't know about other people,
but this game symbolizes perfection and bliss to a whole
generation of gamers.

meepmoopmeep3762d ago

yeah, it's the first game to ever hit me emotionally on all levels... the music score is absolutely amazing and i listen to it all the time. just imagine a total remake of the game with this current gen technology... it would be simply breath-taking.

gEnKiE3761d ago

wth Harry? Its like im reading a comment i made myself. lol. I feel the exact same way. FFVII is the only game that actually touched me. I know it sounds stupid, but its true and im not afraid to tell ppl that either. I even got a tattoo of FFVII's logo of the meteor. I know that may be pushing it but oh well.

Bonsai12143762d ago

just seeing that picture brings back memories of playing that on my pc at 4 in the morning... (i didn't have a psx..)

and yeah, "its just about as final as a midterm." so funny especially since i just had a midterm week..

its one of my favorite ffs, but no where my favorite. ffvi holds that spot in my heart.

kydrice3761d ago

Square knows FF7 is a big cashcow it's only a matter of time before a remake or a bona-fide sequel is announced.

thedude176553761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

for a game that hits so many people emotionally (myself included,) the only right thing to do is to bring it back and have the best story ever remade, for this generation, and put out there for more people to get as attached to it as possible so they can feel like a gamer. my goal this week is find a place that sells ps1 memory cards so i can replay this phenomenal again for the umpteenth time and still feel like i was a wee one again.

Kain813761d ago

i have played it 4 times and i invested 100h for each play.

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The story is too old to be commented.